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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
What is
What is The DME Token
Why ag4.0? A Short History of Agriculture
Understanding & The DME Token
User Case Study - A Real Example
From One to Many - Moving Forward
Bringing Agricultural Revolution - ag4.0 - to The World
Target Markets & Phases of Development
Phase 1 - Undisclosed Pilot project:
Phase 2 - Asia
Phase 3 - Europe
Phase 4 - USA/North America
Phase 5 - Africa
Phase 6 - Worldwide
The Roadmap
The DME Token
Our Mission
Our Values
The Team

is the name of the Ancient Greek god of agriculture, the symbol of life and the
cycle of nature. This old spirit and the strong commitment to make life better for everyone is
what encouraged us to start the project.
The human body is one of the most fascinating organisms known in our universe. While we
don’t understand it’s full capability - we do know it requires careful treatment and performs
best when it’s fed the best source of energy available: organic food.
Unfortunately within the last few decades, humans have prioritized optimal supply chains and
mass-production for food in favor of clean farming. This move has has replaced small farms.
Large corporate wholesalers that focus on profit at the expense of trust or quality have
become standard worldwide.
But now there’s a growing global pushback. Recent market studies are forecasting that the
organic market will reach a volume of 500 billion USD by the end of 2025. And this is only a

What is
is the only decentralized platform worldwide that offers an entire ecosystem for
farmers and consumers. We ensure fair trade and 100% quality products.
If for example, you wanted to secure a portion of a farmer's land - your own mico-farm - and
grow your own tomatoes and lettuce, you’d be able to connect on the platform with a local
farmer to do so. You’d leverage the community guidelines for producing organic products -
and communicate with your farmer for details of growing, picking and delivery. This way
you’d not only select exactly what you wanted to grow, but you’d also know exactly how it
was grown - ensuring organic quality through every step of the process.
But if, for example, securing your own mico-farm was too complicated - well you’d still be
able to use the platform. Local farms would be able to sell their produce to you - directly on
the site. You could select what, when and how you wanted your produce delivered - knowing
exactly ho...

Why ag4.0? A Short History of Agriculture
Back in time, our ancient sisters and brothers had to struggle with
many difficulties and burdens. Permanent food supplies as we know
them today were unimaginable - as hunting and gathering was the
primary way of securing food.
But as communities grew it became harder and harder to maintain
this way of life. The desire of mankind shifted, moving towards
settlements and encourage brilliant minds to establish new ways of
living. Agriculture was born and people started to form small
villages that had a sustainable food supply.
As villages grew into cities - innovation and the advancement of
technology lead to rapid growth in possibility. In the last century new
innovations were created that revolutionized both food supply and
storage. As access to food via grocery stores became larger - so too did
farms. Technology such as fridges, microwaves and freezers led to vast
improvements in food storage - which increased our appetites for a

Understanding & The DME Token
One essential key factor to reach our dream is the usage of DME, an
ERC20 token based on the successful Ethereum blockchain.
DME is the soil of the entire ecosystem and ensures 100% secure,
fast and cheap transaction from you to anybody else on this planet.
As it is based on Ethereum you keep the full freedom to store DME
in various types of different wallets.
Now you don’t have to worry about banking fees or other bank &
government institutions. You can be or go anywhere in the world,
and easily find, buy and eat the healthy food you want.
Price Fairness:
Customers will enjoy quality and organic food for a fraction of the
price they are paying today.
And farmers all over the world will be able to directly connect with
customers - cutting out middlemen - and receiving fair value for their
We want to interrupt the cycle of exploitation led by large

Ratings &
help to the community - the food products and possibilities are
Almost every well-known certificate in the food industry nowadays
is under the strong influence of lobbyists, governmental and none-
governmental organizations. The unfortunate reality is that often they
act in their own interests - putting consumers and farms in distant
second and third spots.
Our platform aims to return power to the community.
Having a healthy mixture of onside quality audits and using smart
software algorithms ensures the best quality throughout the
ecosystem. At the same time this decentralized, automated and
community based structure will minimize the risk of manipulation
and avoid centralized power.
Everybody has a part of the certificate and any attempt to scam,
cheat or bend the rules to an individual's favor will simply not be
Since we believe that trust is based on transparency and

User Case Study - A Real Example
The farm of Enrico Poli is a family owned property and has been for generations. At the time
Enrico inherited the farm from his grandfather it was common that friends and neighbors
would come by on weekends to buy fruits and vegetables for their families. They came
because, beyond the trust they had in him producing great food - they simply loved his
wonderful tomatoes. The taste, the size and the freshness were simply amazing.
But that was a long time ago. People have since left the village and moved to the big cities.
The relationship between him and his customers has become impersonal. It’s been lost. Enrico
has been forced by market makers to practice extremely intensive farming - using genetically
modified seeds and harsh pesticide chemicals to improve his harvest.
The market makers provide large bulk purchases - but at a heavily discounted rate. As a
result, he has very low margins, receive pennies for his work and is constantly struggling to
survive as inde...

As Enrico and many farmers in the world have experienced - there are strong market forces
that push them to use aggressive farming practices. With middlemen and large corporate
chains it makes it difficult to survive - especially in underdeveloped countries. and the DME Token aim to solve this issue. By allowing farmers to get fair
value for their produce - by connecting directly with customers - farmers can retain more
And as mentioned before consumers benefit tremendously from this as well. Customers like
George - not only get quality produce from local farmers like Enrico - but also pay less for the
higher quality food. It’s a win-win situation.
Bringing Agricultural Revolution - ag4.0 - to The World
Target Markets & Phases of Development
Phase 1 – Pilot project in a undisclosed Country team already signed a couple of MOU with possible partners for pilot projects,
due the current state and the presence of confidentialy clausules no more informatio...

Demeter Roadmap

Q4 2016
Q1 2017
Feasibility study
Q3 2017
Platform and team preparation
Q4 2017
Contracts with farmers and partners signed
Q2 2018
DME Airdrop
Q3 2018
Release of web platform
Release of mobile platform
Begin pilot projects In a undisclosed Country
Q4 2019
Release of improved web and mobile platforms
Q1 2021
Expansion to other countries
Marco Mettimano
Marco Mettimano CEO & Co-founder

Nando Dessena
Nando Dessena Blockchain Developer

Arianna Vulpiani
Arianna Vulpiani Business Development Italy

Lorenzo Liberatore
Lorenzo Liberatore Full Stack Developer

Claudio Vernarelli
Claudio Vernarelli SMM Manager

Simon Choi
Advisors Simon Choi

Luigi Tonti
Advisors Luigi Tonti

Stefano Sedola
Advisors Stefano Sedola

Simon Choi
Simon Choi
Fintech & ICO Lawyer
Financial Legal Advisor
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