Token: DOV

Blockchain Powered Mobility

PreICO dates
Start date: 4th Sep 2017
End date: 29th Sep 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-10-03
End date: 2017-10-17

Registrated in: UK

Platform: Ethereum

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1. DOVU’s Vision
Executive Summary
Global Vision
Mobility Inefficiencies & Fiat Limitations
Circular Economy for Mobility
DOVU Ecosystem
Mobility Sector Experts
2. Token Dynamics
DOVU Protocol
DOVU API Marketplace
DOV Token
Commercialisation Strategy
3. Why Now?
Lack of Trust
Non-compatible Data
Non-uniform Quality
4. DOVU Use Cases
DOVU API Marketplace
Trust & Smart Contracts
API Management & Developer Benefits
Quality & Tokens
Transport & Mobility Data
Enabling Mobility Transactions
Powering Decentralised Business Models
5. Team
Core Team
Advisory Board
Strategic Partners
6. Token Distri...

The transport sector knows where it wants to go with real time data and smart technology but
doesn’t know how to get there. DOVU is the missing piece of the puzzle - a circular economy
for the transport and mobility sector by creating an unprecedented value exchange between
regular consumers and those that benefit from their data.
The DOVU Protocol empowers ‘data owners’ (individuals, organisations, IoT devices – any
source of data) to control access to the data shared, whilst receiving value of the use of that
data in return – in the form of DOV Tokens. These tokens then feed back into the ecosystem
through mobility related transactions, be that offsetting the cost of a car, fuel for that car,
paying for a flight, or just riding the bus.
Our Protocol facilitates and encourages development of an infinite number of mobility
related dApps, detailing data interchange and attribution of value. Based on Ethereum, the
DOV token is used for transactions within these dApps. The ...

DOVU is shaping the crypto model for the mobility ecosystem. Introducing a transport
focused protocol to accelerate the development of mobility related decentralised applications
(dApps), the DOV token powers new business models in the transportation sector.
Fluid mobility is burdened by market inefficiencies and fiat limitations. Currently, there is
no reward mechanism for an individual to contribute value back into the ecosystem, such as
sharing data with service providers, or sending electricity back to the grid from their EV. In
essence, this means that an important well of value is left untapped, needlessly slowing down
the process of innovation. As it stands, we’re facing a world with self-driving cars, where
you still need to fill out paperwork for insurance, pay per fixed units of an hour, and you
don’t control your own driving data. Thankfully, blockchain is exceptionally well suited to solve
these p...

Companies such as Uber or Airbnb are often cited as examples of the sharing economy,
but it could be argued that they are not exactly because they are centralised. A true sharing
economy is one in which individuals and companies are empowered by technology to share
their data and — if they wish — receive payment for it.
Because blockchain can verify value contributed independently, whether you are a corporate
or an individual, the DOVU Protocol empowers everybody to be fairly rewarded for their
contribution to the mobility ecosystem. This transforms 1:1 relationships to many:many.
Imagine your car paying you to drive it. Imagine being rewarded for all the data you create
and share. Imagine being able to use those rewards for travel, services, and transport globally.
Imagine this data being used to further improve mobility services, working towards fluid
movement of goods and people in our cities. Applying this technology will transform our
thinking about da...

Marketplace is the first dApp built on our protocol, providing a vital component in our
platform – tying together the data exchange and discovery elements to our payment and
attribution model. The Marketplace is an incredibly exciting and transformative prospect by
itself but is also just a glimpse of the potential open to developers.
Using the DOVU API Marketplace as an example of how the circular economy works. The
Marketplace simplifies access to transport related data and accelerates the integration of
multiple data points via APIs. The DOV token reinforces the quality of transport focused
dApps, such as the DOVU API Marketplace. Contributing to the quality of the ecosystem
can earn you DOV Tokens. Similar to in-game currency, contributors are rewarded with
tokens based on the quality of their input. This introduces a self-reinforcing and peer reviewed
feedback loop continuously enhancing the quality of the ecosystem.

The DOVU Protocol, APIs and open source code libraries will make it possible to harness
the power of Smart Contracts and Blockchain to put control of data back in the hands of the
data owners. Fairly rewarding them for it, and thus encouraging greater sharing of data, whilst
automatically reprimanding or blocking if there is a breach of agreed terms.
Imagine the ability to be rewarded for sharing your travel data, with total control and an
infallible guarantee over which data you are willing to share, and the kinds of organisations you
are willing to share it with, when, how and so on. The DOVU Protocol offers that. It’s similar
to collecting reward points for your supermarket shopping, but on a much larger scale, with
flexible controls and a remuneration with far greater utility – the DOV token.
The first example of the open data economy (where data owners are rewarded for their data)
is the DOVU marketplace, allowing data providers to easily and honestly deliver data to a
market of data consumers in...

well as the Smart Contract infrastructure. The DOVU Protocol will provide a layer on top
of this to retain a ‘ledger of value’ – a log of data flows to facilitate DOV token payments
to data owners Wallets based on the value agreed in the Smart Contracts. For example
Smart Contracts facilitate granular charging of data accessed via APIs in the DOVU API
Marketplace, incurring far less transaction fees by only moving the DOV Tokens between
Wallets on the Ethereum blockchain when significant value is ready to transfer.
The DOVU API Marketplace platform will provide data providers with the tools to list and sell
data to consumers, and also to define costs and terms in Smart Contracts to be executed on
the blockchain. Developers can contribute to APIs, Smart Contract and app developments
and be rewarded in DOV tokens – this will organically grow the DOVU powered transport
API ecosystem.
Data Owner
- An individual or organisation that ‘owns’ some data. Data is pass...

The DOV token is central to our ecosystem. It’s the unit of value that allows us to create this
new circular economy linking consumers to data providers (and vice versa) and also rewarding
those sharing data.
For our ecosystem to flourish in the transport sector we encourage use of the DOV token
within it, ultimately building more value for customers as adoption and utility grows.
The DOV token is the only unit of value used across DOVU platform. Every purchase, sale,
exchange or any other transaction on the platform will require the use of DOV tokens.
A decentralised global ledger combined with a token that’s required to use that ledger aligns
incentives and creates more intense product engagement. Blockchain uniquely rewards early
Irfon Watkins
Irfon Watkins Founder and CEO

Arwen Smit
Arwen Smit Co-Founder and CMO

Krasina Mileva
Krasina Mileva Co-Founder and COO

Alex Morris
Alex Morris Head of Product

James Guest
James Guest Head of Blockchain Production

Alex Morris
Alex Morris
Head of Product
Head of Product
Arwen Smit
Arwen Smit
Co-Founder and CMO
Co-Founder and CMO
Irfon Watkins
Irfon Watkins
Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO
James Guest
James Guest
Head of Blockchain Production
Head of Blockchain Production
Krasina Mileva
Krasina Mileva
Co-Founder and COO
Co-Founder and COO
Tom Holder
Tom Holder