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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-01
End date:

Registrated in: Korea

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, China, Iran
Tokens for sale 400,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 EDN = 0.06 USD
Minimal investment 100,000 USD
Acceppting ETH
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Eden: Programmable Economy Platform
Do not take any action before reading the following disclaimers. This document contains
information about the R&D and businesses of EdenChain. If you have any doubts, please consult other
experts in law, finance and tax for advice. Furthermore, you should not contribute to the funding and
development of EdenChain.
EdenChain's technical whitepaper and the information posted on its homepage are not guidelines
or solicitation documents to attract investments. The token issued by EdenChain is neither a security nor
an equivalent one used in any jurisdiction. If you have decided to contribute to the development of
EdenChain, your donation to EdenChain does not include the sale nor exchange of cryptographic money
in the form of securities, investment units, or stocks of EdenChain. EdenChain token holders do not
receive dividends or any other income.
US residents and permanent residents cannot donate to EdenChain and receive tokens ...

Eden: Programmable Economy Platform
No information contained in this document should be considered as business, legal, financial, or
tax-related advice.
All information contained within EdenChain's homepage, whitepaper, and other related
documents is suggested as a model case and is neither binding and nor wil be executed unless explicitly
stated in the funders' terms and conditions.
You may not reproduce or distribute any kind of information or documentation provided by
EdenChain without including this disclaimer.
Technical Paper

Eden: Programmable Economy Platform
EdenChain is a blockchain platform technology that can capitalize and trade all types of assets
with the programmable Economy Platform technology. By using the blockchain Smart Contract, you can
capitalize all tangible and intangible asset value into a Token (Tokenization). We use smart contracts to
integrate real and virtual economies, creating a new and enormous economic system and programmable
economy. Programmable Economy: 1) It can lower transaction costs because there is no middle man. 2) It
can redistribute the profits that the middle man has monopolized. 3) It creates a new market that has never
existed through the capitalization of domestic and foreign materials, which potentially can enrich many
peoples’ lives by returning the economic benefits back to them.
Currently, there are two major technical problems in achieving programmable economics in
blockchain technology. They are 1) Performance, 2) No Secured Connectivity. EdenChain solves thes...

Eden: Programmable Economy Platform
EdenChain can be applied to a variety of industries and services, such as Initial Coin Offerings
(ICO), IoT, Shared Economy, Gaming, Finance and so on, as it can capitalize valuable assets and execute
transactions fast, securely and at a reasonable cost.
blockchain, programmable economy, tokenization, smart contract, secured
Technical Paper

Eden: Programmable Economy Platform
Programmable Economy
The Internet, smart phones, Big Data, cloud, and artificial intelligence technologies have had a
major impact on the way in which we live. Since technologies such as smart phones have become a daily
part of our lives, they have become indispensable. Similarly, blockchain technology will soon become
deeply embedded in our lives and dramatically change the way we interact with technology.
The Programmable Economy is born when the blockchain and the economic system meets.
Programmable Economy is a new economic system that capitalizes intangible and tangible values, with
blockchain technology, and freely trades through the Internet without a middle man.
In the existing system, the middle-man provides services to buyers and sellers so as to make
transactions safe and fast, and the middle-man is compensated for it. In such an economic system, the
general public cannot participate in the network, so the middle-man monopolizes t...

Eden: Programmable Economy Platform
Figure 1 Programmable Economy and EdenChain
Tokenization is the process of converting certain types of assets into blockchain tokens.
(Cameron-Huff, n.d.) In the world we live, there are all kinds of assets such as stocks, real estate, rice,
automobiles, and gold, and people buy and sell them for their own purposes.
As technology has developed, different types of assets have begun to emerge, such as copyrights,
insurance policies, and derivatives, and have a tradeable value when certain conditions are met.
With blockchain technology, existing assets can be replaced with blockchain tokens and their
ownership can be registered, and the necessary conditions can be specified as a smart contract according
to the characteristics of the asset.
It is also possible to create new assets by combining them with other assets. Assetization is the
process of assigning ownership to intangibles such as game items, credit card points, or even ...

Eden: Programmable Economy Platform
Figure 2 Tokenization
Smart Contract
Nick Szabo explained the smart contracts as follows:
“A set of promises, specified in digital form, including protocols within which the parties
perform on these promises.” (Szabo, Smart Contracts: Building Blocks for Digital Markets,
In short, it refers to an 'automated trade agreement' that automatically runs without human
intervention if the conditions specified in the contract are programmed.
(Alliance, 2016) described Szabo's concept of smart contract as four elements: Model of Smart
Contract, Automation, Data Processing Protocol and Software Code, furthermore, such smart contract
was composed of six steps in total:
1) Identify Agreement
2) Set Conditions
3) Code the Business Logic
4) Encrypt & Blockchain Technology
Technical Paper

Eden: Programmable Economy Platform
5) Execution & Processing
6) Network Updates
(Morabito, 2017) divided smart contracts into two types: 1) deterministic and 2) nondeterministic.
1) A deterministic smart contract is a type that does not have any data from the outside in its execution,
while 2) Non-deterministic smart contract is a form that requires external data in its execution.
Non-deterministic Smart contracts are vulnerable to security compared to deterministic smart
contracts, with no need for external data because they need to retrieve data from external systems rather
than from blockchain networks. Non-deterministic smart contracts, however, can be integrated with
external systems to create various types of smart contracts and automation implemented, a very important
element of smart contracts.
Figure 3 Smart Contract
Bitcoin Smart Contract
Bitcoin provides a programming language named 'Script'. Script is a bytecode stack-based
language similar to Forth, and it i...

EdenChain Roadmap

2018 Q2
EdenChain ICO; Alliance Program; 1st Developers meet-up; HelloEden ICO Platform Alpha Version Open; Partnership with potential clients. HelloEden(ICO Platform) launch; EdenChain Alpha version; Wallet Alpha Version; EdenCoin Issuance.
2018 Q3
2nd Developers meet-up; Financial investment consortium; Partnership with major blockchain network. EdenChain Service Launch; EdenChain Beta Version; EdenExchange Alpha Version; Web Wallet Launch.
2018 Q4
CO on EdenChain; 3rd Developers meet-up; CleanDeal Service Open; EdenChain Real Service PoC; Partnership with major blockchain network. Testnet OpenEdenChain Platform Open; Custom Coin Issuance Service Open; EdenChain API Service Open; Mobile Wallet.
2019 Q1
ICO on EdenChain; Blockchain Conference; 4th Developers meet-up; Partnership with major blockchain network. Platform migration to Cloud; E-Oracle Network Launch; EdenChain Optimization; Mainnet Open.
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