Token: EMN

The Mother Of All Apps

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-06-27
End date:

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: ERC20
Type: Ethereum


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 31,250,000 USD
Tokens for sale 112,228,260
Acceppting ETH, Fiat
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EMINENT Token White Paper
tokens are not securities as defined under Singapore’s Securities and Futures
Act (Cap. 289) (“
”). Accordingly, the SFA does not apply to the issuance of the EMN tokens. For
the avoidance of doubt, the offering of EMN tokens need not be accompanied by any prospectus or
profile statement and no prospectus or profile statement needs to be lodged with the Monetary
Authority of Singapore (“
This White Paper does not constitute an offer of, or an invitation to purchase, the EMN tokens in any
jurisdiction in which such offer or sale would be unlawful. No regulatory authority in Singapore,
including the MAS, has reviewed or approved or disapproved of the EMN tokens or this White Paper.
This White Paper and any part hereof may not be distributed or otherwise disseminated in any
jurisdiction where offering tokens in the manner set out this White Paper is regulated or prohibited.

EMINENT Token White Paper
Regulatory risks
The regulation of tokens such as the EMN tokens is still in a very nascent stage of development in
Singapore. A high degree of uncertainty as to how tokens and token-related activities are to be
treated exists. The applicable legal and regulatory framework may change subsequent to the date of
issuance of this White Paper. Such change may be very rapid and it is not possible to anticipate with
any degree of certainty the nature of such regulatory evolution. Amazing Appventures Pte. Ltd. does
not, in any way, represent that the regulatory status of the EMN tokens will remain unaffected by any
regulatory changes that arise at any point in time before, during, and after this offering.
No regulatory supervision
None of Amazing Appventures Pte. Ltd. or its affiliates is currently regulated or subject to the
supervision of any regulatory body in Singapore. In particular, Amazing Appventures Pte. Ltd. and its
affiliates are not registered with ...

EMINENT Token White Paper
Risks in receiving the EMN tokens
Amazing Appventures Pte. Ltd. cannot and does not guarantee or otherwise assure that there are no
risks in relation to the issuance of the EMN tokens. The EMN tokens may, depending on the manner in
which the relevant issuance is effected, involve third parties or external platforms (e.g., wallets). The
involvement of such parties or platforms may introduce risks that would not otherwise be present, such
as misconduct or fraud by the third party, or your failure to receive the EMN tokens upon duly making
payment because of a third-party wallet’s incompatibility with the EMN tokens. Amazing Appventures
Pte. Ltd. is not responsible for any risks arising due to the involvement of third parties, including the
risk of not receiving (or subsequently losing) any or all EMN tokens issued to you.

EMINENT Token White Paper
1. Executive Summary
2. Market Overview
3. Decentralised Helping Economy
4. BeepBeep Nation Helper: Motivation
5. Business Model
6. BeepBeep Nation Potential Partnerships
7. Token Utility
8. Token Ecosystem
9. Reward Engine
10. Token Sale
11. Use of Proceeds
12. Roadmap
13. Team
14. Advisors

Executive Summary
EMINENT Token White Paper
BeepBeep Nation merchandise can be bought at
after the BeepBeep Nation app is launched.
The BeepBeep Nation mobile app for both iOS and Android provides an
for our users to solve their daily problems very quickly, by enabling them to help each other
out when help is urgently required.

EMINENT Token White Paper
It does this by facilitating the connection between a person needing help (“requestor”) and
the person providing the help (“helper”). From getting the latest, freshest information from
real people in specific locations, to getting rides or places to stay in from people in specific
locations who don’t mind helping out their fellow users, to getting quick help in cases of
distress including people with a medical emergency or those who are missing a family
member or pet at that moment and needing help to find them quickly,
and more
BeepBeep Nation makes the requesting and provision of any type of help the most efficient
and effective they can be.
Requestors can opt to reward helpers with a
Gratitude Tip
after the requested help is
rendered. However the requestor is
not compelled
to offer any tip at all, but if one is
offered, the helper is likewise
not compelled
to accept it.
Both requestors and helpe...

Market Overview
EMINENT Token White Paper
The modus operandi of today’s internet giants - such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber or
Airbnb - rely on the contributions of users as a means to generate value within their own
However, over the past 20 years the economy has progressively moved away from the
traditional model of centralized organizations, where large operators, often with a dominant
position, were responsible for providing a service to a group of passive consumers.
The Bank of America Merril Lynch predicts enormous growth in the global sharing economy
from $250 billion to $1,930 billion; a growth of $785 billion in the US, $645 billion in Europe
and $500 billion in China.
The problem with this model is that, in most cases, the value produced by the crowd is not
equally redistributed amongst those who have contributed to the value production; resulting
in an
efficiency loss
, which is the problem that this model was trying to address initially.

EMINENT Token White Paper


Q3 2018
Beta launch of BeepBeep Nation app
Optimising Ul/UX based on users' feedback
Launch of BeepBeep Nation app in US Appstore/Google Playstore
Q4 2018
Development of token and wallet
Integration of token and wallet with the BeepBeep Nation app
Development of fiat-token exchange engine to calculate payment in tokens for users to pay to use BeepBeep Nation app functions
Q1 2019
Enabling token payment between users
Enabling token payment by users for using BeepBeep Nation app functions
Q2 2019
Development of token staking system for using certain categories with BeepBeep Nation app
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app
Q3 2019
Development of token staking system for reporting disputes
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app
Development of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard
Q4 2019
Development of system for rewarding top performing users
Development of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app
Q1 2020
Development of Level 2 users paying with token system
Launch of BeepBeep Nation Level 2 users Dashboard
Development of additional categories/functions within BeepBeep Nation app
Sen Ze
Sen Ze CEO & Co-founder

Samuel Sham
Samuel Sham CFO & Co-Founder

Thomason Chan
Advisors Thomason Chan

Nizam Ismail
Advisors Nizam Ismail

Charles Wong
Charles Wong
Chief Marketing Officer
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee
Branding & Community
Head of PR, Sapien Network
Head of Marketing
Nizam Ismail
Nizam Ismail
Co-Founder, RHT Compliance
Partner & Head of Financial Services, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing
Regulatory Advisor
Legal Counsel
Singapore Legal Advisor
Legal Advisor
Legal & Compliance
Legal Counsel, Advisor
Legal Advisor