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Real-World Payment Solution for Crypto

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-23
End date: 2018-05-31

Registrated in: Ireland

Platform: Waves
Type: Waves


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, China, Canada, Korea
Tokens for sale 120,166,666
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Price 1 EPAY = 0.3 USD
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Eterbank: A B2B2C decentralised cryptocurrency / crypto-asset to FIAT currency
exchanger and payment processor, fully focused on enabling cryptocurrency
holders (consumers) to purchase goods and services in retail.
EterPOS: Eterbank’s Point-of-Sale mobile application and a robust business
intelligence solution that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments
and acts as a full fledged business management solution for small, medium and
large scale retailers.
Eterwallet: Eterbanks cryptocurrency wallet and mobile application that allows
uses to make payments at participating EterPOS retailers.
Retailers/Merchants: Business users who sign up to use the EterPOS system in
order to process payments from their clients/customers and optionally use the
POsS as a business management system.
Clients/Customers: Users of the EterWallet mobile applicatio...

The idea behind Eterbank was conceived in late 2016 out of the founders
necessity for an efficient way to use bitcoins and altcoins for their intended
purpose, as currency, without long lasting exchanges, conversions and hefty ATM
or debit card fees.
On the 2.5.2017 the domain has been registered and our team
decided to transform this idea into a real solution.
Our goal and our focus is fully directed towards the final products and we see this
ICO as an opportunity to create the work of our lifetime, impacting payments as we
know them today.
The Eterbank whitepaper
The purpose of this document is to provide information regarding Eterbank, its
products & components, market purpose, opportunity and business model.
Furthermore we provide technical outlines of the workings of Eterbanks payment
processing underlining concept as well as blockchain technology implementation
and security features clearly indicating Eterbanks core payment system is far

Why the the world needs Eterbank and why you probably need it too.
In the last year alone the cryptocurrency market cap has grown over ten-fold and
even taking into consideration “bubble-effects” of hype speculation, the fact
remains that since the inception of bitcoin the cryptocurrency market cap is
following a exponential growth curve, amounting today to over $150Bn and various
expert opinions estimates its future growth in the next 5-10y in trillions of dollars.
Therefore the question arrises:
With over $150Bn of cryptocurrency in circulation why can’t we pay for coffee or
pizza with crypto?
The business owner perspective
On a general basis there are three main key problems impeding retailers from
accepting cryptocurrencies and therefore staggering general adoption.
1.Cryptocurrency fluctuation
Every business operates with clear margins, purchase prices, etc. and therefore on a
general basis accepting cryptocurrencies is a risk that could potentially lead to <...

In the real world, simplicity is key
Eterbank allows retailers to charge cryptocurrency users through a simple Point-
of-Sale mobile application for smartphones and tablets, by however creating
charges and settling payment in their desired currency avoiding so any problems
connected to cryptocurrency and retail.
Resulting in:
1. Zero volatility risk
The merchant / retailer is settled directly in his chosen currency avoiding so any risks
related to holding or even exchanging cryptocurrency himself.
2. Zero crypto knowledge required
Since the merchant has no contact with cryptocurrency any related technical knowledge
or required know-how become redundant. Furthermore the simplicity of creating a charge
with EterPOS is directly comparable to creating a charge with the Square POS application
and even easier then doing so on a hardware Point-of-sale for credit/debit cards.
3. Zero Cryptocurrency related regulatory risks
The merchants payment is processed by Eterbank,...

The Point-of-Sale mobile app for retailers and
businesses enabling charging cryptocurrency while
creating charges and settling in the desired FIAT
• Create charges in your home currency as simply as on any Credit
Card Point-of-Sale
• Allow customers to pay swiftly and safely with cryptocurrencies
through their EterWallet app
• Payments are confirmed instantly and settled in your home
• No on-boarding cost
• No monthly fees
• No dedicated hardware required
• Only 1% Fee on transactions

The multi-currency crypto wallet app enabling
payments for goods and services at EterPOS
participating merchants.
• Pay directly with crypto, no FIAT
exchanges, no debit cards or bank
• Select the desired payment
cryptocurrency after scanning the QR

Immediate payment confirmation
• 0% fee on payments towards EterPOS
• 0% Eterbank fee for transfers /
exchanges (network fees apply)
• Buy / hold / sell EterPay instantly

EterPay is Eterbank’s token, giving token holders monetary
benefits in the form of meaningful subsidies and discounts
on goods and services of their choosing.
• 1% of each transaction is allocated for
token holder benefits
• Hold EterPay and receive bonus
• Spend EterPay and receive further
individual discounts for activity
• EterPay will be available as a payment
method in EterWallet for goods and
services at EterPOS participating
Extreme Benefits
As mentioned earlier, during each transaction between
EterWallet and EterPOS a fee of 1% will be charged to the
business / retailer. Such fees will be converted into EterPay
tokens and used to subsidise costs of goods and services for
EterPay token holders.
POD: Proof of Demand
By converting 1% of each transaction regardless of the
cryptocurrency used into EterPay, the Eterbank system has
effectively designed a system for creating ...

Alternatives in crypto to fiat payments
When it comes to spending cryptocurrency in the real world, there are very few
alternative options especially if we focus on merchants / retailers receiving FIAT
currency as payment, where the only viable alternatives are crypto debit cards.
Bitcoin debit cards
Cryptocurrency debit cards refer to Visa or Mastercard debit cards linked to
cryptocurrency wallets of such service providers (ex: WirexApp, CryptoPay, etc.)
where the main advantage is the ability to swiftly load the debit card directly from
the users bitcoin address in his cryptocurrency wallet, enabling so a quick
conversion from bitcoins to eur, usd or gbp to be spent on any POS terminal
accepting Visa and Mastercard or used at any ATM.
Problem: fees & hidden fees
Most debit cards providers we have dealt with operate in a similar manner, almost
exclusively get cards issued from the same bank (WaveCrest Holdings) and
generate revenue from a high number of fees described below

Eterbank Roadmap

July 2018
EterPOS beta
August 2018
EterWallet App beta
EterWallet & EterPos payment API
September 2018
Payment Private Beta
October 2018
Public Beta
November 2018
Eterbank Ecosystem launch
Ecommerce API
December 2018
Package tracking
Loyalty & Cashback
January 2019
Ecommerce Inventory
April 2019
Advanced Analytics
June 2019
Utility payment
August 2019
Credit Rating
December 2019
EterPay Lending
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