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The New OS of Healthcare

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Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Health Platform
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 20,000 ETH
Hard cap 66,667 ETH
Tokens for sale 100,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 1000 HEAL
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 1250 HEAL
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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The information set forth in this White Paper may not be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual
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at any time before, during and after the sale of HEAL










This Whi...

Executive Summary
1. Opportunity
2. Challenges of patients: difficulty finding trusted and affordable care providers when prices are increasing
rapidly, inability to find the appropriate treatment for a symptom, and three-month long waiting lists
2.1. Difficulty finding trusted and affordable care providers in a new city or abroad, who will either accept Peter’s
insurance or whom he can afford to pay out of pocket. This is made more difficult by dramatically rising prices,
eg. in two years, the cost of a hip replacement has risen from $28k to $78k.
2.2. Inability to find the appropriate specialist to successfully treat a given symptom or illness
2.3. Three-month long waiting list for a treatment you know you need.
3. Challenges of care providers: reaching relevant patients and building trust is hard and expensive, they
don’t own their reputation, they can’t transfer it, and they can’t keep up with and utilize technological

5.3.2. Universal review system: smart contract driven, transparent, translatable, transferable and seamlessly
embeddable healthcare trust and review system
34 Transferable reviews handled by Smart Contracts and Blockchain
34 PoC Translatable reviews to any language
35 Embeddable reviews
36 Workflows of reviews and content moderation
5.3.3. Open decentralized health platform: UX friendly global blockchain-based distributed platform, where
anonymously reaching patients and healthcare providers will be 8x cheaper and 14,400x faster
39 Doklist
40 Medical Tourism App
40 Information
41 Promotion
41 Risk, Trust, Reviews
41 AI-driven self-learning chatbot for Practice Management
43 Pharmaceutical Surveys, Communication Research and Advertisement App
44 Healthcare Fundraising Platform <...

Executive Summary
We are pursuing the opportunity to become the “, Steemit and Salesforce
of Healthcare

”, with a model capable of generating $100B+ of potential revenue.
Global healthcare expenditure is projected to reach $8,700 billion by 2020 [11], growing
more than $300 billion annually. Additionally, according to Visa and Oxford Economics,
medical tourism is expected to grow to $540 billion by 2025 with a staggering 25%
CAGR [42].
Despite the meteoric growth of the healthcare market, key players still face fundamental
Peter is like you or me. Eventually he has to go to
see a medical professional - even though he would
like to avoid it.
Prices are increasing rapidly and finding an affordable and trusted care
provider is hard

: while settling in a new city or abroad it is challenging for Peter
to find a care provider, who can either accept his insurance or is affordable

making an appointment is straight out of the 90s, forcing Peter call through a
GSM or landline phone network.
Not knowing who could treat a symptom or perform a specific treatment

. Even though Peter knows his symptoms, there is no easy way to
find a specialist who has successfully treated that symptom in the past. Peter has
to manually search through endless pages of Google search results and hope
that he can find a clue towards solving his issue in some obscure forum.

his wife is endangered pregnant with twins

, he won’t settle for just any
gynecologist; he will want

a highly recommended gynecologist with a deep
expertise in managing endangered pregnancies with twins

Three months-long waiting list for a treatment that Peter knows he needs

Peter has called the Sheba Medical Center - the Middle East’s largest hospital,
located near Tel Aviv, Isr...

Building trust is exhausting, takes a lot of time and money, and the
reputation isn’t transferrable. Dr. Parker has no upfront knowledge about
his patients.

If Dr. Parker registers into a centralized online medical profile
provider, and the website goes bankrupt, or John stops paying for the profile, he
loses all the reviews and trust he has collected.
Moreover, using such a platform, Dr. Parker will have no upfront knowledge
about his patients and their appointment history. For example he won’t know
whether they will show up on time or not, and as there are no ‘late fees’ or
‘no-show fees,’ these delays bear a high economic cost in lost revenue.
Technology is advancing rapidly; it is impossible to utilize it entirely while
working full-time as a practicing dentist

. Dr. Parker has no technical means to
use new advancements like blockchains, chatbots, and AI, to dynamically open
up new time slots in his calendar in times of incr...

Niche markets fragmented by state borders are not served

. If Kate wants to
address a global Orphan or Rare disease (which affects fewer than 200,000
people), where patients aren’t concentrated in one geographical region, she will
have a tough time collecting information about affected patients [32].
Usually Kate would order a local research firm to conduct surveys, interviews,
and communication research to support a business case for the new drug before
any of the traditional R&D budget is spent [33]. Now she would need to involve
10+ research companies, with a subsequent increase in cost and project
management resources that would render these projects infeasible. As a result,
thousands of people are left suffering, even though theoretically Kate’s company
has the competency to develop the new drug.
Etheal Ecosystem
Etheal (pronounce əthi
l, like at-heal) comes from the word “


,” which means “ ...

specific wallet address upvotes important and popular content and how much
HEAL token the address owns.
The idea for ETS is based on the “believability score” from Bridgewater
Associates - the biggest and most successful hedge fund in the world. Compared
to a democracy where the majority decides, or autocracy where a selected
minority decides, the believability score fosters idea meritocracy by weighing the
votes of how believable the voter is [41]. ETS will be used to weigh upvotes when
calculating stakes for the Weekly Contribution Endowment Fund.

Etheal Rank Score (ERS)

will reflect how much total value a user has
generated in the ecosystem by, for example, writing useful content, showing up
for appointments on time, or getting good reviews. The Etheal Rank will
determine what special features an account has access to, like moderating
Each transaction will be recorded in the blockchain with the address of the
service provider ...

Etheal Roadmap

2013 goes live
Medical service comparison website. Instant success with patients.
2014 Rapid development of
Listing 40000 physicians with more than 88000 medical services. 2 acquisition offers from competitors.
2015-2016 Business model R&D, Awards winning projects
Deloitte, Tech Fast 50 CEE #1 Award Golden Effie award (the Oscar of advertising effectiveness)
2017 Expansion to Brazil
2.5M visits per year. Capacity to reach 230M people in Brazil and Hungary
Q4 2017
Token sale round one
$3M mid 2018
Expansion to 3 new countries, marketing. HEAL payment contract to buy discounted medical screenings. Content management beta: only doctors can write and edit content
$10M late 2018
Expansion to 5 new countries. Incentive fund contract. Etheal reviews contract. Content management public
$20M 2019
Expansion to 30 countries, marketing. Review embedding widget and API. Incentive fund share for charities. Paid physician highlight rank
Mihaly Kertesz
Mihaly Kertesz Co-Founder, Operations

Viktor Tabori
Viktor Tabori Co-Founder, CTO

Levente Toth
Levente Toth Senior Backend Developer

Gabriel Cseri
Gabriel Cseri Senior Frontend Developer

Dorina Pardi
Dorina Pardi Communications

Janka Bauer
Janka Bauer Experience Designer

Benjamin Benko
Benjamin Benko Marketing

Laszlo Marai
Laszlo Marai Tech Lead

Barnabas Debreczeni
Advisors Barnabas Debreczeni Blockchain Technology Advisor

Gyorgy Cseh
Advisors Gyorgy Cseh Compliance and Asset Management Advisor

Tibor Bartha
Advisors Tibor Bartha Advisor of Research and High-profile University Relations

Marcell Toth
Advisors Marcell Toth Senior Account Manager, Negotiation Trainer, Sales Coach @ Google

Biro Roland
Advisors Biro Roland Operations Advisor

Norbert Lesko
Advisors Norbert Lesko Tech Advisor

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David Orban
David Orban
Singularity University, Network Society Ventures
Managing Partner, Network Society Ventures
Managing Partner @ Network Venture Society
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Dorina Pardi
Michael Terpin
Michael Terpin
Transform Group, CoinAgenda
CEO of Transform Group, chairman BitAngels
PR advisor
Blockchain Adviser, CEO, Transform Group; Chairman, BitAngels / USA
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