Token: ECT

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-29
End date: 2018-05-31

Registrated in: Russia, China, USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


EtherCom categories
Cryptocurrency Platform Software
EtherCom token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 65,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
60 %
60 %
Price 1 ECT = 0.0047 ETH
Minimal investment 1000 ECT
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

2017 is destined to be the year of Bitcoin, the year of cryptocurrency. The price of Bitcoin has
accomplished almost a 2,000% rise from less than 1,000 USD at the beginning of 2017, to
20,000 USD recently. The rise is underpinned by the market’s strong approval and need for its
functions and nature. 10% of the Russian billionaires are investing cryptocurrency. Venezuela
is issuing the national cryptocurrency.
Petro. Apple and Google have supported Bitcoin’s API in their browsers. Japan, Korea and
Philippines have established the laws for cryptocurrency. The U.S Congress has established
the blockchain policy - making committee and opened the future market for Bitcoin.
From “10,000 Bitcoin for a pizza” to a Bitcoin worth more than 10,000 USD, Bitcoin has risen
22 million times in the past 8 years. Numerous people have invested in the cryptocurrency, and
most of them have earned a lot. Under such a frenzy market, the investors have developed a
huge need for market ana...

EtherCom aims to facilitate ordinary people to utilize the most professional automated trade
system from Wall Street and let the successful and experienced investors lead others to share
the benefits of the new world. The open, fair and impartial high-frequency trading interface
ensures the automated programs can support the investors’ operations in milliseconds.
Our team members have working experiences in Wall Street, famous securities companies
and institutions as well as the big data and AI fields. We devote ourselves in the
cryptocurrency market because we believe that we can achieve the most sharing and fair
programmed software for the blockchain residents.
With the popularization and application of blockchain, cryptocurrency trading has expanded.
Numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms in the global market appear to be unsystematic
and disconnected. Our project aims to build a quotation exchange platform for
cryptocurrencies that connect the whole n...

High requirements for market access:
Now the requirements for market access are higher than normal securities trading. In China,
most trade are conducted between virtual currency and USDT which is exchanged by legal
tender. But most platforms set requirements for USDT trading, so the price of USDT is unstable
and the quantity is restricted. The market needs a more stable USDT supply and lower
Low quality of current quotation software:
The quotation software on the market are poor at interface layout, not user-friendly, and in
lack of comprehensive function, quotation information and necessary data. The web-clients
also have problems at slow page refresh and too many bugs. These problems increase the
understanding costs for new investors.
Difficulties in choosing quality virtual currency to conduct value investing:
The varieties of virtual currencies are already large and are expected to expand in the future.
While the current quotation exchange platform can’t provide sufficie...

Lack of program trading:
Cryptocurrency can be consecutively traded for 7*24 hours without restrictions from the price
limiting mechanism. In the future, most trade will be program-based automated trading. So,
excelling at program trading will enable market players to take control of the cryptocurrency
trading market.
Professional financial team:
top traders and bankers from global traditional secondary markets.
Big data analysis:
data process experience at PB level and process ability above T level.
AI technology:
managing large accounts in traditional stock future markets and creating various high-yield
investment models.
Various traffic entrance:
utilizing rich experience in Internet products operation to better attract users.
High-frequency trading system:
fully self-designed system from the network driver to hardware alteration.
Solid experience in products:
top security and product architecture experts with years of experience in high c...

- Centralized Exchange:
EtherCom team has cooperated with the domestic and overseas mainstream exchange
platforms in an in- depth manner. We have access to all mainstream platforms’ quotation and
exchange interfaces, and integrate these interfaces to enable a cross-platform centralized
trading for the investors. Investors can trade digital assets in real time, seamlessly through our
system no matter where their assets are.
- Quotation System with Special Features:
Based on the currency type, the location, sectoral distribution, market influence, risk level and
trading volume, etc. of the ICO issuers (companies), we will select a group of representative
cryptocurrency samples and get the weighted average price. And then we will use effective
algorithms to calculate various cryptocurrency indexes that can serve as valuable references
for investments. Our calculation methods will adjust the index values with reference to the
quotation fluctuations, which makes the indexes highly sensitive to the cha...

researched on and offer various indicators and graphics to help investors identify the features
of certain currency quickly.
- Trading Analysis Assistance:
The system presents complex exchange data in the form of graphics and tables so that the
users can easily grasp the frequency, relative strength, feature of the currency trading. And
detailed illustrations on the comparison between different currencies and calculations enable
investors to master the powerful trading analysis tools on our platform.
Financial Derivatives
At present, most exchange platforms only support single form of currency trading. There are
huge gaps in the research and applications of the financial derivatives. With many years’
experience in the traditional financial industry and a professional team, EtherCom team boasts
various cryptocurrency derivatives for the investors to choose from. The investors can also
use ECTs to trade the derivatives.
- Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ICO Token’s Options:
We will offe...

10,000 USD. A buys a put option from B at 10,000 USD by paying him 500 ECTs and the put is
set to expire after 2 months. On Feb. 1th, the price of Bitcoin drops to 5000 USD. Then A can
buy Bitcoins from the market at the price of 5000 USD and sell it to B at the price of 10,000
Therefore, Option is like a valuation adjustment mechanism (VAM). The profit of the buyer is
determined by the gap between the market price and the contracted price; the profit of the
seller is the premium paid by the buyer when the market trends are not as expected and he
gives up exercising the option. As such, option is a super leverage without risk for a margin
call or a bust account. It is also a perfect hedge tool, by which the participants can customize
and choose the deal by themselves.
- C2C margin trading platform:
EtherCom will launch a token margin trading platform with effective and consistent interest
algorithms and a margin management system for all kinds of ICO tokens, which will make the
token ma...

of cryptocurrencies and divides it into shares, which means its exchange price and the net
asset value (NAV) per share basically mirror the tracked benchmark index. Therefore, if the
investors want to buy a number of related cryptocurrencies, they can buy or sell an ETF with
ECT, which has the same effect of buying or selling the index it tracks and the basket of the
cryptocurrencies included in the index, and thus yields basically the same returns of the index.
Program Trading and Data Service
Program Trading System:
The system automates trading strategies by using programs developed by strategy
designers. All of the strategies have gone through long-term trials, and the program trading
has proven to be a truly effective and efficient way of investment. Our program trading system
aims to provide professional “Wall-Street level” trading strategies for non-professionals. The
strategies are accessible to all registered users. Our platform will categorize strategies by their
features and highlight...

EtherCom Roadmap

2017 july
Initial fund raising Launching EtherCom platform prototype, team building, first testing of system and protocol.
2017 september
Releasing the system interface, configuring and testing cloud-based servers, identify errors in the Protocol code, testing system architecture for vulnerabilities, and many more...
2018 march
2018 july
Marketing effort to attract 1 million users. Entering U.S. and European markets. Development of the EtherCom blockchain system to tokenize feelings and emotions begins.
2018 december
4 million users.
Launching an E-Commerce solution.
Development of a browser extension begins.
Development of Knowledgebase for the Internet of Things (IoT) begins.
ECT enters cryptocurrency exchanges.
Entering the local markets of India and China.
Entering the markets of Africa and Latin America. Localization and scaling in the countries of presence.
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