Token: ECHO


ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-06
End date: 2018-05-03

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


EvoChain categories
Banking Cryptocurrency Smart Contract
EvoChain token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 80,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 322,500,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 4000 ECHO = 1 ETH
Price in PreICO 4000 ECHO = 1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Cryptocurrency has grown from humble beginnings. From once being sco ed at and
largely ignored, to raising eyebrows, to now attracting heavy attention from large financial
institutions and governments, Cryptocurrency has earned its stripes. There remains room for
improvement nonetheless. Problems exist with no good solutions. And opportunities are rife
for existing institutions to take advantage of. Mutual gain is the philosophy of EvoChain's
development process. Rather than a design model centered around an antagonistic mindset
that puts crypto in the crosshairs of big banks, we've decided through careful reasoning that
the best approach moving forward for all cryptocurrency is one that incorporates everyone's
interests and presents a mutual benefit to all parties involved.
EvoChain is a blockchain technological innovation that o ers businesses and institutions the
ability to benefit from blockchain technology, by applying it to smart invoices, and instant
issue Visa Debit Card Numbers, ...

1. Introduction
A. Blockchain overview
A1- Blockchains
Since January 2009, when Bitcoin was first introduced, the world has been inundated with
blockchains. Hundreds of blockchains currently exist amounting to a market cap of nearly 300
billion dollars. Total automation of finance has been a great promise of blockchain. Ethereum
's blockchain and is notable for its having accomplished “Turing equivalence”, allowing for
smart contracts to be initiated on-chain, without trust as a necessary element (because the
contract is enforced regardless). Business can be carried out securely, and safely. Bitcoins
built-in smart contract abilities are quite limited in contrast, using o chain contracts to fulfill
such needs. An example of this is the Lightning Network , a popular solution to Bitcoin's scal-
ing issues.
A2- Banking's Proposed Solutions
With finance changing rapidly, banks are having di iculty maintaining pace with cryptocur-
rency, and this problem is compounded by the numerous i...

1. Introduction
VISA Debit Gi Card Swaps
EvoChain plans to implement instant VISA Debit Gi Card issuance in exchange for crypto-
currency. A flat rate low fee will be charged, and VISA guidelines and rules will be applied,
which is beyond our control. This involves EvoChain to attain a certain high level of Capital,
as laid out in our ICO. Once we have achieved this, we will have the ability to set in motion
the steps necessary to become a VISA Debit Gi Card Issuer, which will enable users to sell us
their Crypto in exchange for a VISA Debit Gi Card number, with the balance sold to us in US
This will enable users to purchase anywhere VISA is accepted as a payment method. This
goes along with our philosophy of avoiding antagonistic contradictions with existing finan-
cial institutions, and instead creating harmony and mutual benefit between us and financial
institutions, to eliminate incentives to create barriers and hardships for Crypto. This will work
in the traditional way VISA de...

2. EvoChain
B1 Towards a mutually beneficial relationship between crypto and financial institututions
Given the centralized nature of modern banking, and the threat crypto seemingly poses in the minds
of some major institutions, crypto's future is thought to be antagonistic to the banking world's path
to success. Many crypto enthusiasts have proposed a radical disconnect, where banks cannot benefit
from the crypto-currencry rise, and where the relationship between finance and crypto grows more
antagonistic by the day. The real goal here should not be to declare war on banking, but to make
peace with it, and propose solutions that benefit both. EvoChain is such a proposal. EvoChain is com-
patible between blockchains as well as between
financial institutions. as such, an incentive begins to arise where crypto is protected by existing finan-
cial insitutions, rather than threatened by it. Currently, multiple blockchains exist and are incompati-
ble with one another, EvoChain resolves this without interferin...

2. EvoChain
Currently, crypto transactions can take several minutes, to several hours. Lightning Network and
other proposed solutions like Raiden enable instant transactions. If certain conditions are met, there
is no limit to the number of transactions that can take place instantly without delay. What crypto
needs now is a 'go-between', such as EvoChain, to enable inter-chain communication. This will
enable super-rapid trading, with infinite transactions at any given time, as well as very low transaction
fees. Bitcoin, for example, can be sent through the EvoChain blockchain to save on transaction fees in
certain circumstances. What this means is crypto can become extremely easy to use for day-to-day
purchases, trading, investing, smart invoicing, etc.
What we get is the dream of crypto realized: instant inter-chain transactions, as well as transactions
between blockchains and financial institutions and businesses. So what does this all mean in the
end? Smart invoices will usher in an era of error-proof ...

3. Compatibility
C1. Compatibility requirements?
We all know how blockchain technology works. Below is an overview of why EvoChain is
di erent, but not overly unfamiliar. No learning curve necessary.
Below outlines some compatability requirements for EvoChain function and use
C2 Compatibility needed with a blockchain to work with EvoChain
1. A simple hash, and Transaction-guards to move between chains and to enable refunds
where banks or businesses are involved.
2. A Time-Renumeration Feature as outlined below
C3 Multisig
Multi-sigs enable easy and secure transactions between chains. This is a common standard in
existing blockchains, meaning EvoChain is compatible with all of them.
Figure ‘A’
1 Echo
1 Echo

C4 Transaction-Guard
Transaction guards enable refunds to be issues when one party is a bank or a business. trans-
action-guards ensure customers feel protected when using crypto to deal with businesses or
banks, or even unknown person to person transactions (such as eBay or Amazon, hypotheti-
1 Echo
1 Echo
C5 Encryption
X amount of
time must pass
before ‘Joe’ can
use Echo
Encryption via hash functions are commonly used mean to safeguard transactions before
they are received and confirmed. They work in one direction only, from sender to receiver,
and prevent interception by unauthorized parties. They safeguard transactions from being
read or stolen by other parties. Only authorized parties can receive the transactions using this
1 Echo
1 Echo
User needs a

C6 Building Blocks for EvoChain
C7 Timed Refunds
A timed refund is nothing more than a transaction guard combined with the features of a
hashlock, for refund purposes.
1 Echo
1 Echo
Timed Refunds in EvoChain can be used to initiate refunds and safeguard transactions, as
demonstrated below:
1 Echo
1 Echo
1 Echo
1 Echo
User with same
access can
retrieve funds

EvoChain Roadmap

June 2017
Start of the project
Goals definition
Concept development
Team formation
Technical infrastructure creation
Platform logic development
Develop Business Plan
January 2018
A. The Evochain protocol
c.Transaction Guard / Refunds

Publish WhitePaper
April 2018
PR campaign. Pre-sale preparation and launch
June 2018
2. Frontend
a. User interface

ICO Token Sale begins and Smart Contract minting continues.
July 2018
Token Sale completes. Investment rounds close. Non-sold tokens burned.
August 2018
Product development and improvement
Platform audit and processing of results

B. Inter-chain currency exchange features built-in to blockchain

Token listing on cryptoecxhanges
June 2019-November 2019
C. Exchanging cryptocurrency for Visa gift cards.
a. Audit security of site and wallet applications, mobile and web
b. Performance evaluation and audit.
c. Launch VISA eGift Debit Card swap for crypto service.
December 2019 - ongoing
Annual Report
Continual support of wallet on desktop and mobile
Continued customer support
Matthew Long
Matthew Long Smart Contract Programmer

Raja Challagulla
Raja Challagulla Software Engineer

Leyou Hong
https://github.com/Bytom/bytom Leyou Hong Software Engineer

Jiaqi Duan
https://github.com/djq99 Jiaqi Duan Software Engineer

Ning Cui
https://github.com/quitz Ning Cui Software Engineer

Sarkis Chouldjian
https://github.com/sarkisc/ Sarkis Chouldjian Software Engineer

Spencer Lee
www.github.com/slee163 Spencer Lee Software Engineer