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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-20
End date: 2018-05-05

Registrated in: Australia

Platform: POS
Type: POS


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FOP Coin token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 6,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 25,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
10 %
10 %
Price 1 FOP = 0.25 USD
Minimal investment 200 FOP
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Table of Contents
Abstract -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
Introduction of Bitcoin and Motivation ------------------------------------------------------------------ 6
Challenges in Online Payments ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
Anatomy of a Payment Card Transaction
Batching and Clearing
Merchants Fees
About FOP Coin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
Why FOP Coin
FOP Coin Vision and Mission ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14
FOP Coin Economy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16
Early Adopters
Launch Partners
Third Parties Extension Services and Products

The Technology --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
FOP Mobile Wallet
FOP Coin SDK and API
Proof of Stake ICO Funds Allocation
FOP Coin ICO Details and Pricing ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21
Funds Allocation
FOP GOALS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22
E-Commerce Market
FOP Coin Roadmap ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23
Expected Exchanges ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24
Resources ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26

Global e-Commerce is a Necessity
Shoppers today no longer simply go to the nearest store; they grab the nearest digital
device. The online retail ecosystem is fast evolving. Digital analytics firm eMarketer
projects that online retail sales will more than double between 2015 and 2019 and
account for more than 12% of global sales by 2019. Retail therapy is giving way to e-tail
And it’s not just purchasing habits that are going digital: The whole retail experience is changing. Today’s
shoppers are incorporating digital touch points along the entire path to purchase, from reviewing products
online at home to using smartphones as personal shopping assistants in the store. In fact, in some countries,
such as China, consumers are using mobile devices to purchase selected categories at high rates.
Omnichannel shoppers seamlessly switch between on and offline channels with ease.
As technology adoption and infrastructure improvements bring more consumers online and familiarity and

The FOP Coin will be promoted through
partnerships with businesses that have
significant turnovers, by encouraging
them to adopt the FOP Coin ecosystem
from the onset. Through our Launch
Partners, the FOP Coin will plug into
industries with tens of thousands of daily
customers throughout numerous
markets. FOP Coin brings an incredible
amount of users into the crypto space by
connecting the blockchain to the real
world. Through this economic strategy,
FOP Coin will grow its network and
improve its functionality.
There are a limited number of FOP Coins
available, and it is advised that you take
advantage of the ICO discounts
The earliest you invest the

Introduction of Bitcoin and Motivation
The introduction of Bitcoin as an electronic
cash system
in 2009
was the
first step towards a modern online
payment solution
. Bitcoin was originally designed to
address trust issues and to optimize security; but at the
expense of scalability, speed, and cost. As a result,
Bitcoin in its current construct is unable to offer flexible
processing solutions for most of the current online
billing methodologies. None of the cryptocurrencies
that were introduced over the past few years has
provided a comprehensive payment solution that allows
crypto holders to utilize their cryptocurrencies as a
means of payment.
Cryptocurrencies are far too underdeveloped to compete at scale with payment cards, they suffer from poor acceptance
by merchants mostly due to their complexity of usage and they do not support transactions that are more sophisticated
than a simple ‘push’ transaction.
There is a real need for a p...

Challenges in Online Payments
Online merchants and consumers alike expect online buying and selling to be easy, efficient, and safe. Ecommerce
transactions trigger complex automated processes that involve downstream players: banks and payment processors to
name just two. In addition, technological advances in smartphones and e-wallets, shifting purchase patterns, and
demand for cross-border, multi-currency electronic payments have fueled PSP competition to maintain and increase
market share.
New technologies have already simplified and smoothed business-to-business and business-to-customer experiences
with mobile payments, e-wallets, and contactless cards. As the online payment processing market grows, user demands
for additional payment features and options lead growth in multiple directions.
Providers are under pressure to provide peer-to-peer payments beyond traditional banking models, and to facilitate a
cashless society that can enable any purchase, even mechanical transactions such as parking meters or ven...

There are three stages of payment card processing and each player outlined above is involved in one of them. We shall
demonstrate the complicated structure of the payment card ecosystem using a simple example of a customer making a
100 USD purchase:
Here is the journey of a $100.00 transaction, and the fees the merchant pays for the privilege of accepting credit cards.
Example: A consumer decides to make a 100 USD purchase and swipes her card to begin the transaction. The payment
terminal reads the card and sends its information to the acquiring bank. The acquiring bank requests authorization for
the transaction from the card network, which in turn communicates with the cardholder’s issuing bank to make sure
there are sufficient funds available to cover the transaction. It also checks that the card isn’t stolen and that there are no
other red flags that would interfere with the transaction.
Once the issuing bank ensures the transaction can take place, it shares an authorization code with the ca...

Only when the issuing bank receives a request for funds does money start to change hands. The issuing bank passes the
requested amount to the acquiring bank through the card network, after deducting an interchange fee. The card
network also deducts an additional fee as an assessment fee, and passes the remaining funds to the acquirer to
complete the process. In this last stage, the acquirer subtracts what’s known as a “Markup fee” and deposits the
remainder in the merchant’s account. This process can take days and sometimes even weeks to complete.

There are other types of transactions such as closed loop transactions, debit card transactions, etc. but the basic
mechanics illustrated above are enough for the understanding of the complexity of the transaction.

Transactions can be settled in real time as well, not in batches. This approach has the advantage of being faster,
but it also carries more risk and is costlier for merchants. It’s usually used by e-commerce p...

FOP Coin Roadmap

November 2017
FOP Concept Design.Jordan Souter Reveal the Concept of FOP Coin.
December 2017
Team Formation. FOP Team is formed with many Skilled Professionals.
January 2018
Website Development.
March 2018
Initial Coin Offering. 20th March 2018 ICO opens and is set to run until 5th May 2018. FOP Priced at $0.25c.
June 2018
Desktop Wallet. We will release Desktop Wallet with Staking Function.
June 2018
Mobile & Web Wallet. We will release mobile and web wallets for receiving and sending fop coins.
July 2018
Exchange Listing. FOP Coin will be available to trade on some exchanges with good starting price. We are expecting minimum price of FOP $1.
August 2018
Merchant Services. Merchant Services will be started and FOP Coin will list as payment method at many e-commerce websites.
September 2018
FOP Coin Exchange. FOP Coin will launch HongKong Based Cryptocurrency Exchange with all major trading pairs and at this moment FOP Coin price will be around $5.
October 2018
e-Commerce API's. e-Commerce API’s will be released and FOP Coin will introduce as payment method at many e-commerce websites.
December 2018
FOP Seminar. FOP Coin Seminar will be held in December 2018 at Global Head Office (Hong Kong).
1 Million Global Users. Enhance app Capabilities. Reach up to 10,000 Merchants. $500 Million Market Cap. FOP Coin Price will be $10 with circulating supply of 50 Million FOP Coins (20% of the Total Supply).
On T'ang
On T'ang Lead Programmer

Zachary Kennedy
Zachary Kennedy Software Developer

Joel Roberts
Joel Roberts Blockchain Engineer

Kang Lung
Kang Lung Marketing Manager

Leo Oliver
Leo Oliver Blockchain Engineer

Jin Lai
Jin Lai Assistant Programmer

Gang Mao
Gang Mao Web Analyst

Kazuyasu Yokoyama
Kazuyasu Yokoyama Software Developer

Yul Tsui
Yul Tsui UX/UI Web Designer

Elliot Quinn
Elliot Quinn Marketing specialist

Harvey Donnelly
Harvey Donnelly Legal Advisor