Forever Has Fallen
Forever Has Fallen
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Forever Fallen powered by Forever Coin

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-08
End date:

Registrated in: Australia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 2,800 ETH
Hard cap 35,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 350,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 10,000 FC
Acceppting ETH
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This document is a marketing white paper setting out the
current and future developments of the Forever Has Fallen
game and transmedia story by Mihell & Lycos Pty Ltd. This
paper is for information purposes only. Mihell & Lycos makes no
warranties or representations as to the successful development
or implementation of such technologies and innovations, or
achievement of any other activities noted in the paper, and
disclaims any warranties implied by law or otherwise, to the
extent permitted by law.
No person is entitled to rely on the contents of this paper or any
inferences drawn from it, including in relation to any interactions
with Mihell & Lycos or the technologies mentioned in this paper.
Mihell & Lycos disclaims all liability for any loss or damage of
whatsoever kind (whether foreseeable or not) which may arise
from any person acting on any information and opinions relating
to Mihell & Lycos, or Forever Has Fallen contained in this ...

Overview of Forever Coin utility
token sale event
Market opportunities to create
a unique global online/offline
economy and game community
post token sale
Partners 7
Summary 8
Advantages of the Forever Coin token sale 9
Highlights of strategy & business model
Forever Has Fallen synopsis
Purpose of the token sale
Utilising & exploiting significant
entertainment and digital
marketing mediums
Interacting directly with characters
across different media
Blockchain gamification 13
Understanding the basics
Innovative use of blockchain
Forever Coin ecosystem
Market & brand strategy
Benefits of the strategy
Strategy development 14
Strategy summation for the token sale
Business model 18
Post initial t...

Overview of Forever Coin utility token sale event
Forever Has Fallen is a global transmedia game, with an online/offline economy to utilise Forever Coin game tokens,
underpinned by a business model for generating multiple sources of revenues, including FIAT currencies. Blockchain
technologies provide value to game play and gamers alike. The strategic use of the total game token supply enables
funding to complete the game and to provide support for the Forever Coin game token long into the future.
Why buy Forever Coin game tokens now?
You can buy the Forever Coin game token at a super low introductory retail price – as a thank you for being an early
The world-class team has proven and verifiable capabilities to make Forever Has Fallen a global smash-hit for
3. The team also has proven commercialisation experience for globalising companies and has blockchain technical
skills for enterprise grade solutions, so you know the experience will be awesome and sustainable

Strategic use of Forever Coin game token sale supply
35% of total token supply
to complete a global experience-game.
1ETH = 10,000FC
Game token sale and business plan
Hard cap: 35,000ETH
1 ETH = 10,000FC
Business requirement:
1 ETH = AUD$275 for funding of $9,600,000
45% of total token supply
to grow the game economy/community with
rewards, and incentives for participation
Fuels the game economy,
providing the token with online/offline utility
complete with own marketplace and purchases.
Business model and strategy
designed to create own uncontested market space.
Competitive business model with revenues from
advertisers, players, partners and services.
10 million players
Founders are locked-in for 2 years
Impact of ETH value to AUD:
• $275 (Budgeted): All systems go! Game released in 12
• < $275: Less percentage to marketing, more to game/
production/platform development, and/or HODL until the ...

Market opportunities to create a unique global online/offline
economy and game community post token sale
Forever Has Fallen draws upon three established global markets to create its own uncontested market space. This
uncontested market space is derived from the combination of our blockbuster story driving an experience-based game,
which is played using transmedia storytelling and blockchain gamification.
Market 1:
Minimum total potential market for gaming
model as of 2017 is 2.2 billion gamers
. Studies indicate
they purchase US$94.4 billion of digital goods annually.
Blockchain is taking the digital goods market to a whole
new level.
Blockchain provides immutable verification over ownership of digital
goods and status, for trust to exist in a trustless environment.
Market 2:
Minimum total potential market for transmedia
model as of 2019 is 3 billion users. We have a range
of established media choices including, but not limited
to, websites, Twit...

42 Entertainment
Located in Los Angeles, 42 Entertainment is an award winning transmedia
production company, renowned for creating unique, immersive
experiences. Their body of global work includes the innovative alternate
reality game for the Warner Bros. release, The Dark Knight, a mix of
entertainment, gaming and technology. They produced the groundbreaking
ilovebees campaign for Microsoft's marketing launch of Halo 2. Other
projects include Last Call Poker (Activision), Dead Man's Tale (Disney and
MSN) and The Vanishing Point. 42 Entertainment has also worked with the
music industry, producing the alternate reality experience Year Zero for the
launch of Nine Inch Nail's album by the same name.
Mighty Kingdom
Transitions consumers from a product to a gaming experience to broaden
their experience with brands, as well as forging positive bonds and lasting
relationships. Mighty Kingdom has completed global projects for Disney
and LEGO, using their expertise in co...

Blockchain gamification using transmedia and a
blockbuster story. Giving rise to an engaged global
online/offline economy; powered by Forever Coin.
The business model is designed to encourage global
mass adoption to increase the popularity and utilisation
of the game currency Forever Coin. Blockchain delivers
a new gaming experience and becomes a ledger for
player status, achievements and digital goods. Smart
Contracts enable rewards for players who contribute,
build and recruit for the game, which in turn offers
exceptional levels of scalability for creating game
experiences and marketing.
This paper is not to be used for any type of investment
advice. The Forever Coin enhances game play and offers
unique advantages for the owners of the token in the
Forever Has Fallen game. No warranties are provided
either for/or against speculation which may or may not
occur on exchanges and as such the purchase of these
utility tokens are provided for bu...

Advantages of the Forever Coin
token sale
Highlights of strategy
and business model
The Forever Has Fallen experience uses Forever Coin
tokens to create, grow and participate in a global
community, captivated by a game utilising its own token,
with a stake in ensuring the stability and growth of the
The advantages include:
• The model is easy to understand. A thrilling story,
told across multiple platforms (streaming content,
web, social, email, SMS) for total player immersion
creates a community who buy, earn and use tokens
underpinned by blockchain.
• Being entertainment/game based, the risks are
very low and can be judged quickly by prospective
buyers, simply by reviewing the existing materials and
marketing strategy.
• Minimal technology risks. There are no complex
technologies or large development teams required.
The innovation lies in the model.
• Protection against aggressive speculation because

Forever Has Fallen Roadmap

Q1 2017
FHF concept created
Q2 2017
Concept market tested
Q3 2017
Blockchain gamification and game economics developed
Q4 2017
Business model and strategy finalised. IP secured
Q1 2018
Soft launch
Q2 2018
Token Sale - hard cap reached
Q2 2018
Systems/Platform/Game Development
Q3 2018
Systems/Platform/Game check and upgrades
Q3 2018
Early adopter marketing - gamers
Q3 2018
Pilot game and market verification
Q4 2018
Systems/Platform/Game Audit (Go, No Go)
Q2 2019
Game/Content Launch
2019+ (10,000,000 players)
Story/Game Development; Growing community; Multiple seasons; Diversification for continued community growth
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Pier Stamatogiannis
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Aditi Mohan
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Michael Ziersch
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