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Technologies Studies Big Data and AI

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-21
End date:

Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Artificial Intelligence Big Data
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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 50,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 1,200,000,000
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Price 1 GANA = 0.025 USD
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1.0 Abstract
2.0 Background
3.0 Introduction
4.0 Goals
5.0 Problem Statement
Problems captured from the characteristic of cannabis and AI
Problems captured from building industrial big data
Problems captured from personalization data collection
6.0 Solution
GANA AI Data management by blockchain
Big data building solution - Ecosystem development for data collection
Solution for personalized data collection limitation - GANA mobile application
7.0 Conceptual Design
GANA AI platform structure
GANA mobile application
8.0 GANA project direction
9.0 Use Case
GANA mobile application
10.0 GANA
Using GANA in Dispensaries through ...

1.0 Abstract
We no longer advance through the intellect.
By gathering experience, Artificial Intelligence (AI),
the new technology with deep learning, reveals a new world to us.
GANA Technologies studies Big Data and AI.
We project that every industrial development will finalize the grafting of AI.
The medical and IT industries have already proven this by applying Watson from IBM and AlphaGo from Google.
The apprehensions of applying AI are wide and involve drawing manipulated results from particular individuals and
groups to applying social responsibility and ethics when AI endangers humankind after its application to the field of
health and life.
The resolution of the above mentioned social issues shall be achieved by applying blockchain technology to AI.
GANA Technologies would like to achieve a solution to this social disquiet through applying blockchain technology
to AI.
GANA Technologies would like to make an innovative transformation of the cannabis industry where its technology

2.0 Background
The concept of AI was initially suggested in 1956. However AI only recently attracted public interest. This took effect
with the emergence of massive amount of data, advancement in hardware and the appearance of new algorithms.
AI has been perceived by the public as humanlike robots because the idea was initially released to the public
through sci-fi movies and novels.
AI take shape not only in humanoid form. The original AI came into existence in 1950 through artificial neural
network which signify finding an algorithm that connects input and output in certain conditions. The advancement
of hardware and algorithm manage to bring out the training of AI through deep learning in various fields and
Renowned theoretical physicist Steven Hawking said “Every aspect of our lives will be transformed by AI, and it could
be the biggest event in the history of our civilization.”
Sundar Pichai, the chief executive officer of Google Inc. also mentioned “AI is more important than...

3.0 Introduction
The emergence of AI which could replace the work of humans in intellectual areas caused a high anticipation of the
generation of great convenience. However, there are suspicions regarding the outcome of AI which are generally
accepted as objective, if the results could be managed without the manipulation of a specific individual or group.
Since a close relationship exists between cannabis consumption and the human body, the determination of AI
should be meticulously verified. Verification is required for the trained data of AI, and management and publicity
should be transparent for service results, such as the information and recommendations offered to users.
Blockchain technology with the advantage of decentralization, integrity, reliability, security, transparency and
anonymity shall be the proper management method to retain the good intentions of AI. A blockchain guarantees
the reliability of study data and verifies no errors in AI training results that are transpired by design. It could also

5.0 Problem Statement
5.1 Problems captured from the characteristics of cannabis and AI
As AI technology evolves, a constant debate prevails on its ethical responsibilities when decision-making. Fields such
as the medical industry must undertake a thorough management of such AI’s.
Cannabis is also considered as part of the medical industry nowadays, and thus recommendations and analysis must
be based on objective data; moreover, the ethical consciousness of the developers must also be managed.
In particular, the development team must fulfill its social responsibilities as an AI operating agency by giving the best
effort. This is to achieve high quality big data for accurate recommendations and optimized solutions.

The data collected for GANA AI learning should be managed so that it is not intentionally modified for any

The performance of GANA AI must be transparently monitored in real time and must be prevented from being
manipulated by one particular organization.

6.0 Solution
6.1 GANA AI Data management by blockchain
High expectations exist on the development of AI for bringing better efficiencies to our lives. However, the concerns
arising from ethical responsibilities of operating agencies have remained as an unsolved task. The negative
perception as it was recognized as a drug and is consumed by smoking led the team to recognize the sensitiveness
of users when it comes to recommendations through AI.
GANA Technologies will exhaustively analyze individuals through its mobile application and will collect reliable data
through the ecosystem to gain confidence with users. Moreover, the recommendation, research, and learning results
will be managed by the blockchain technology in order to maintain trust with users by transparently disclosing all the
procedures related to developments.
The most important feature is the ethical awareness of all researchers, developers, and data providers involved in
GANA AI development. Thus, the project team has established the princi...

Online Community
User analysis requires a large amount of qualitative and quantitative personalization data. Thus, GANA
Technologies will lead the participation of communities to the ecosystem that such data generated during
communication can be studied.
Each community can share expertise and anonymous user activity information and by doing so will be
rewarded GANA (the primary means of exchange for the GANA ecosystem). Users will be able to
communicate with various experts from different communities by using the GANA mobile application. GANA
will be rewarded based on an evaluation rule for the users activity performance.

One of the most essential data in the industry is users product consumption pattern data. However,
investigated result indicate that cannabis sales are generally made by cash that causes more delay and owners
cannot collect data competently.
In addition, there are numerous limitations with online sales and delivery, this makes data collection not <...

6.3 Solution for personalized data collection limitation - GANA mobile application
The GANA mobile application will connect users to the GANA AI. All the services provided to the users from GANA
AI will be processed through the GANA mobile application. We will collect data such as user content consumption,
mobile payments, community activities, and inquiries answers to let GANA AI study each user’s taste. Each
suggestion or bit of information given to the user will be recorded in the blockchain and uses their feedback to verify
its learning.
The GANA mobile application recommends random contents based on the popularity of the contents at the early
stages of meeting the user. GANA AI analyzes users based on three features: adoption, rejection, and retention that
is selected by the user himself. GANA AI optimizes the user data based on the following three categories and are
classified based on these three features stated above.
User data optimization based on three categories

Lifestyle: Those w...

GANA Roadmap

2016 Q2
Business model establishment for AI implementation in the cannabis industry.

2016 Q4
Expert team making and verification of technique and business model.

2017 Q2
Proceed ICO / Team making.

2017 Q4
Cannabis industry partner and contract making.

2018 Q1
Proceed ICO.

2018 Q2
Technical Partner, Team Advisor, Organization expansion.

2019 Q1
Expansion of participants of the GANA ecosystem.

2019 Q3
Operating AI beta version and data learning.

2020 Q2
Launch GANA 1.0 Service.

Gapseong Noh
Gapseong Noh Chief Executive Officer

Ken Tachibana
Ken Tachibana Chief Financial Officer

Yongjun Choi
Yongjun Choi Creative Director

Sean Lee
Sean Lee Chief Marketing Officer

Hojin Lee
Hojin Lee Chief Technical Officer

Paul Jeong
Paul Jeong Technical Adviser

Yongho Ko
Yongho Ko Data Analyst

Pradip Pau
Pradip Pau Head of R&D, India

Sebastian Solano
Advisor Sebastian Solano CEO of Dreamfields

Lukaz Tracz
Advisor Lukaz Tracz President of Dreamfields

Clinton Pyatt
Advisor Clinton Pyatt CRO of Dreamfields

Greta Carter
Advisor Greta Carter Principal of Highroad consulting group

Roger Mason Jr.
Advisor Roger Mason Jr. Co-Founder of Vaunt

Mark Bradley
Advisor Mark Bradley CEO of Player's Network, Inc.

Darren Cherry
Advisor Darren Cherry CEO of Advantis Corp.

Chris Wood
Advisor Chris Wood Founder of The Blockchain Committee of CCF

Ken Tachibana
Ken Tachibana
Chief Financial Officer
Advisor of LENDO
Technical & Finance Specialist PLUS Advisor on Advisory Board
Executive Advisor, Far East and Japan
Marketing Advisor, Asia
Advisor, London, United Kingdom
Sean Lee
Sean Lee
Chief Marketing Officer
Digital Transformation Strategist and Investor
Vice President
Strategic Advisor