Token: GNC

The Next Generation Cryptocurrency

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-10-25
End date: 2018-06-25

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Garnet categories
Cryptocurrency Investment Platform
Garnet token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 30000000 USD
Hard cap 50000000 USD
Price 1 GNC = 0.10 - 0.60 USD
Acceppting BTC
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About GARNET Coin:
GARNET Coin is the first venture fund
formed entirely of cryptocurrency and managed by experts
in classic venture market.
ICO Days:
90 Days, Last Day : 25 Jan 2018
min CAP $30 000 000, max CAP $50 000 000
United States
Main advantages:

Our team has been working on the investments market
since 2007

Simple and time-proved revenue model: venture
investments in REAL ESTATE startups

Expected annual income is very high


High liquidity of the coins: it can be sold on exchanges or
it can bring its owner dividends

Complied with SEC and MAS
’ requirements
If you want to take part in our ICO, follow the instructions
on our official website
Please do not trust any other sources of information in
order to avoid frauds!

How it all began:
In the beginning of 2017 our team of professional
investors from a classic venture market were looking into a
possibility of investing in Blockchain projects. We found
out that there are a lot of promising projects, and yet few
experts from the venture market. That
’s when we decided
to set up a new fund with the help of ICO. We called it
With GARNET Coin anyone can become an investor in the
professional venture fund with large income.
Our fund is based on three pillars:

Classic venture funds usually greet only those investors
who have at least $500 000. While our investors will have
an opportunity to work with a professional venture fund,
enjoy all the benefits and invest any sum of money, even if
they have only $1 in their wallet.

Every day hundreds of new projects, technologies and
companies appear on the Blockchain market and seek
funding. Most of the projects are legit, but still there is ...

When you invest in classic venture funds or directly in
startups (angel investments), you have to wait for profits
for several years, because you simply can
’t get money for
your share until the project is grown and sold. As for
GARNET Coin, you will be able to sell them on exchanges
any time you want. Or, of course, you could wait for the
’s realization and get maximum profits. We provide all
of our portfolio startups with professional guidance, thus
ensuring these profits.
The Blockchain market is growing rapidly. At the beginning
of the year 2017 capitalization of the global cryptocurrency
market was only 18.2 billion dollars. In August 2017 it was
160 billion dollars. And it continues to grow.
Aggregate value of digital assets is significantly higher
than Tesla
’s capitalization, it’s even hig
her than several
’ GDP. This is how vast the cryptocurrency
market is.
In 2016 tec...

bubble effect). That
’s why if you invest to
gether with the
venture fund, you reduce the risk of making ineffective
investments in Blockchain startups.
Venture Investments Market:
Venture investments have become an entrenched part of
market relations. In 2016 more than 70 billion dollars were
invested in the venture market in the USA alone. 5571
REAL ESTATE projects were funded with this money.
Blockchain projects are in high demand and they present
the fastest growing sector. Their market growth is 59%
comparing to the previous year.
Most of the groundbreaking projects from this sector
appear in Asia, Europe and FSU Region. We have offices
in all of these regions, so there is no way we can miss a
promising Blockchain startup.
Most of the countries are not regulating cryptocurrency
turnover and ICO in any way. Some of the countries are
just starting to frame legislation in this sphere. Therefore,
all of the investors mus...

There is a risk of any of this countries introducing
regulations that might lead to significant changes and
restrictions in the conditions under which the partner
invests or receives the profits. The investor must monitor
the occurrence of such changes by himself, and should
they appear must take all the risks associated with it.
Cryptocurrency is currently formally recognized as one of
the liquid means of payment only in Japan. Such countries
as the USA, Canada, Switzerland and UK only have some
recommendations and warnings for the investors, not full-
fledged regulation.
The fund is officially located in UK, so it is working in
compliance with the laws of this country. In case the
country introduces any specifications or changes in the
regulations over ICO or cryptocurrency, that might affect
the fund
’s work in any way, we will notify all of our
investors immediately.
’s token
is a security; it implies (not

For some countries residents, like the USA and Canada, it
is obligatory to confirm that they have an
” status.
And all of the investors will also have to go through KYC
and ALM identification procedures.
GARNET Coin is trying to provide all of its investors with
the required information, but we strongly recommend that
each of our partners must study his country of residence
laws regarding cryptocurrency and hire a professional
lawyer that can help you make the most informed decision
about investing in the fund.
GARNET Coin was founded in 2017 by professional
investors of the global venture market from BLACK FOX
Ventures venture fund and a group of Asian venture
investors Asian LP.
The investment company BLACK FOX Ventures has been
operating since 2007 and has offices in UK , Cyprus and
Moscow. Over the past years our team has learnt how to
choose the right project for funding and has ac...

of different manufacturing and service companies in the
’s portfolio over the past 10 years
(oil and gas
industry, logistics, construction). But now the team is
focused on REAL ESTATE projects. BLACK FOX
Ventures is a partner of most of the innovative companies
(IIDF, Skolkovo, RVC, Rusnano, etc) and works together
with strategic infrastructural companies.
Our second fund, BLACK FOX Ventures Grows Venture
Fund II was formed to invest in projects on A and B
rounds. It contains 100 million dollars, with which our team
funds only those projects, that have proved their business
model to work and captured clients
’ demand.
Ventures prefers to invest in projects from: E-commerce &
Mobile, Marketplace & Aggregators, Social media, SaaS &
Smart Cloud, Advert technology.
Summarizing results of the previous periods, the total
return of BLACK FOX Ventures is more than 122% per
annum. Our experience, reputation and p...

Around 60% of the raised funds will be spent on short-
term investments in carefully selected projects that are
planning to launch their own ICOs. Up to 30% will go to
long-term investments and no more than 10% will be left
for classic venture investments. Such portfolio allocation
assures balance between the risks of short-term and long-
term investments. The strategy might be changed by the
management whenever there is a need to do so.

Participation in the portfolio company
’s follow
-up is

The unused raised funds will be temporarily invested in
four different lower risk securities (conservative investing).

Making co-investments is possible for the purpose of
minimizing risks.

’s profits will be recalculated after each exit. The
’s total profits will
be calculated after its realization.
In the end of August GARNET Coin was monitoring more
than 70 di...

Garnet Roadmap

Quarter 3, 2017
Concept Planning & Product Design
Quarter 4, 2017
Product White Papers & Token Sale Event
Quarter 1, 2018
End Of Token Sale & Launch Of Garnet Coin & Listing On Exchanges
Launch Of Mobile Wallets & Investment Portal
Quarter 2, 2018
Opening Law Offices World Wide