Token: FORK

Research, Recommendation and Booking of Restaurants

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-11-03
End date: 2018-12-15

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-12-16
End date: 2019-01-30

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


GastroAdvisor categories
Platform Software
GastroAdvisor token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap $1170000
Hard cap $26000400
Tokens for sale 100,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 2000 FORK
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 2600 FORK
Acceppting BTC,ETH
Bonus in ICO Price during Pre ICO: Phase 1: 2600 FORK/ 1 ETH (+30% bonus) Price during ICO: Phase 1: 2400 FORK/ 1 ETH (+20% bonus) Phase 2: 2200 FORK/ 1 ETH (+10% bonus) Phase 3: 2000 FORK/ 1 ETH (+0% bonus)
The mission of GastroAdvisor is primarily to help restaurant owners and users to improve their online experience and to introduce them to accept and allow payments of a consumption through Cryptocurrency. There are many problems in this sector because of fake reviews flooding the Web with a few solutions dedicated to restaurant owners and online exisisting gastronomies, to date Cryptocurrency as Bitcoin and Ethereum are exchanged and accepted at thousands of sites online, but you can hardly use it for daily expenses and real activities. GastroAdvisor is trying to make real use and payment in Crypto. Thousands of companies will be able to take advantage of the dedicated awards noting the online booking service and accepting payment via BTC, ETH, FORK.
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No specialization in the gastronomic sector.
A platform dedicated exclusively to
Information overcharge.
An intelligent platform that
learns from you
Check reviews / ratings.
Classic certified reviews,
also certified with blockchain
(bronze, silver, gold)
Limited allowance of Cryptocurrencies.
Targeted system for gastronomic
Acquisition of new customers
and system online booking.
Online booking and
FORK Rewards

Web platform/mobile app
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Review Users functions
SocialFood Users functions
Users Profile functions
SocialFood Users functions
Restaurateurs functions
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*The numbers indicate the chapters
in sequential order

GastroAdvisor(GA) is a trademark born in 2016. The project is the creation of a
platform to search, recommend and book restaurants and gastronomic venues.
For over two years we made a re
search to develop a prototype
and a first Alpha version of the product which can solve the problems linked to
the online gastronomic sector and provide useful solutions to the users and the
hospitality and gastronomic businesses.
GastroAdvisor wants to help people around the world to easily find restaurants
and venues that match their personal taste, making it easier for the gastronomic
businesses to find new customers and to grow in the web market. The token of
GastroAdvisor (FORK) will be used as a reward for the users who, by booking and
reviewing, contribute to the GA community, while some rewards will be donated
to the hospitality employers who will affiliate to GA, contributing to get proper
information and accepting tokens at the counter.
In addition to the search browser...

GastroAdvisors first mission is to help restaurateurs and users to make their
online experience better by introducing them to FORK token use and
The problems in this sector are plenty, from the fake reviews spreading the web
to the few restaurateurs and gastronomic oriented solutions online.
Nowadays the main Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, are traded and
accepted by thousands of online websites but it is almost impossible to use
them for daily purchases or real activities.
Thousands of companies will be able to take advantage of the reward system
putting their own business on the website, activating the online booking service
and accepting BTC, ETH payment or FORK vouchers.
The difficulty of the blockchain system and Cryptocurrencies is their
implementation in everyday life. We believe simplicity can be the solution.
For this reason, our vision is to realize a blockchain and digital currency
application, making the booking ...

1. Specialization in the Gastronomic Sector
There are over 15.000.000 gastronomic businesses in the world, including new
restaurants opening and shutting everyday, 3.000.000 of them just in Europe.To
sustain such an amount of information about the food business is very complex.
Google Places and many other services have been trying to sustain this database over
the years, but timesheet adjustments, name changes, businesses closings, wrong GPS
positions and countless problems make it very hard for the database to guarantee
trustworthy informations.
However, average users find themselves lost when they visit a new country and seek
restaurant recommendations because they are not familiar with local services.
Currently, both Google Places and TripAdvisor offer restaurant search capabilities all
over the world, but these services are not specialized in the restaurant discovery
1. A platform exclusively dedicated to Gastronomy
GastroAdvisor creates ...

2. Informations Overcharge
In nowadays societies, the internet instantly connects people, providing answers to
nearly all questions, but when restaurant search services list hundreds of suggested
places, the result could be dissatisfying due to the excessive amount of
informations.This is particularly true in big cities, for example by searching 'Pizza in
Naples” you will get 1000 results, many of which will be disappointing! Many people
have probably experienced to scroll through countless pages, ending up tired or
disappointed being brought to a place which is not fulfilling the expectations. Having
tried every single page on the list for more details just to end up tired or being
disappointed brought to a place which is not fulfilling your expectations.
2. A smart platform that learns from you
GastroAdvisor analyses restaurant ratings, the chronology of the views, likes, searches,
followers and other actions of each user within the platform to learn about their...

3. Reviews/Rate Checks
Many restaurant search and review services evaluate user reviews based on a
proprietary algorithm or a hidden formula, while others show only vague reviews or
reviews from the 'best' users. These systems cause indecision for people looking for
restaurants and frustration for the restaurateurs 'confused' by their rank or their
Both, the users and the restaurants, are often worried because of fake reviewers who
can compromise the chart or their rate, releasing incorrect ratings or informations, not
matching the reality. Until today many have tried to find the solution to have certified
and truthful reviews but with poor results, thousands of business owners constantly
fight against this phenomenon. A brief search on the web is enough to understand the
problem of these unreliable systems, controlled and manipulated by the big internet

3. Classic reviews, certified with blockchain
(bronze, silver, gold) .
The GastroAdvisor team has studied simple and smart solutions that can be certain
and clear. The GA platform allows to review a venue on three different levels of
For all of the three modes, the reviews will be based on individual ratings only, from 1
to 5 stars and 1 to 10 points for the kitchen, the environment and the service.
1. Classic review -
Everyone, once signed in, will be able to review any venue and provide their own verdict
and opinion about it. This review will never be able to guarantee the trustworthiness of
the informations anyway, but GastroAdvisor’s policy will evaluate to eliminate fake
reviewers through a certification system with a few steps, while a team of experts and
moderators will constantly keep this activities under control, safeguarding an optimal
experience towards the users and in the meanwhile offering a quality service to the ...

GastroAdvisor Roadmap

Q3 - Q4 2016
Concept, prototype and trademark registration.
Q3-Q4 2017
The implementation of smart contracts with solidity.
Q2 2018
Announcement ICO.
Q3 2018
Pre ICO start.
Q4 2018
Alpha version of the platform. Ability to create and manage a restaurant. Ability to create a user account and search restaurants.
Q4 2018
ICO, Token distribution.
Q1 2019
Launch token in exchange.Booking online. Wallet creation and management.
Q2 2019
Beta version of the platform. Ability to pay with FORK. Review system with certified review on blockchain.
Q3 2019
Social food. Beta iOS and Android App.
Q4 2019
Integrated exchange.
Q1- Q2 2020
Platform and App enhancement with ADS, menu management and more. Store and marketplace for off-chain GA services (payable with FORK).
Q3 2020
Final GastroAdvisor platform and App release.
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