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Get Your New Car Directly From the Automaker

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-08-15
End date:

Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 17,000,000 USD
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The Concept
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The Concept
GAUS is a worldwide blockchain platform for purchases of goods using
cryptocurrency, guaranteeing payment transaction security up to the
receipt of the ordered goods.
The first focus area of the project is the development of a blockchain
platform for vehicle purchases and the use of a variety of related
services. The cost of vehicles and services purchased via GAUS will
be 20-30% lower than their current retail prices.
Today, a vehicle purchase often requires an advance payment done
by the buyer under a guarantee in the form of a contract. The related
costs increase due to the existence of a long chain of intermediaries
between the manufacturer and the buyer.
In addition, many retailers lack working capital for gray market vehicle
procurements, but are prepared to provide the best services possible
along with low prices, while avoiding expensive bank loans.
The GAUS platform makes a vehicle purchase or a service payment
possible at a significantly lower price...

Anna Gaus,
GAUS Co-Founder
« Together with the development team, we established the GAUS project
back in 2016. My history of familiarity with cryptocurrency market became the
starting point: my colleagues and I decided to become cryptominers, as many
beginner crypto enthusiasts do. It turned out, mining equipment within the
city could be bought only at a double price compared to what it usually costs.
When ordered in advance, the same equipment would cost 50-40% less.
It seemed risky to make a full sum advance payment to a little-known firm
for 5-10 crypto-miners. There are precedents of buyers being cheated
out of their money in such cases, and many of these precedents can
be found in mass media.
I contacted the manufacturer directly and was told that it was possible to procure the equipment from them
at a significantly lower price. However, the supplier was located halfway across the world and the minimum
order they could consider was 100 miners. The factory was not interested in t...

Growth in the goods and services online market’s capitalization has become the global trend of the last
few years. Between 2013 and 2017, this market grew by 248%.
According to the data provided by the Nilsen data analytics company, the number of online buyers grows
by 16-20% on average every year and in 2017, this number reached 1.66 billion.
The volume of the annual global online market is in the trillions of dollars. The leading consumers of online
services are Chinа, the United States, Great Britain and Japan. This data proves the existence of a huge
number of active online services users willing to pay for goods and services online.
According to respondents, the most important factors that influence the choice of payment system for online
shopping are the commission rates, funds and transaction security.
The growth in online trading is accompanied by a significant increase in the use of cryptocurrencies.
The total
cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased by dozens of...

It is impossible to satisfy this demand with merely another payment service. Which is why we came up with the
GAUS project idea — a cryptocurrency, a trading platform and the accompanying program applications. With the
help of partner banks, we will create our own exchange.
The challenge before us now resides in the fact that cryptocurrency has become an investment vehicle and not
a medium of exchange. This phenomenon is well-known to all economists, as Gresham’s law states that nobody
wants to pay with currency the value of which constantly and significantly increases. Would you be content
driving a Toyota bought today for 30 BTC if you knew that in a year, this sum would be equivalent to $3 mln?
At the same time, the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies leads to their poor stability. They become akin to
the shares of a rapidly growing company.
The volatility of cryptocurrencies is a subject of many long-standing arguments often accompanied by such
words as “bubble” and “speculative instrument”. One...

Project Overview
GAUS is a scalable, decentralized online system connecting manufacturers and buyers. This system functions
with significantly less expenses compared to any other existing system, due to its automation and self-
regulation. As a result, GAUS, like any other network project, has an increasing commercial viability model with
an increasing number of users, since all the expenses remain constant. The profit gained through smart contract
fees backs the GAUS token and guarantees steady and controlled growth of the cryptocurrency exchange value.
An international supplier base and an integrated smart contract system solves the issue of delivery across
the world. Formation of contracts on paper becomes unnecessary. GAUS relieves bank transaction expenses
and significantly reduces freight costs. The GAUS system with its multilingual, round-the-clock support team
is independent of timezones and the large industry’s decision-making time. Reduced operating costs make the
goods significantly more affordable ...

The way it works for the buyer
1. Choose the model and vehicle configuration on the Gaus Trade website
2. Register a Personal Account
3. Buy GAUS Tokens for fiat or cryptocurrency through the Personal Account
4. Pay for the selected vehicle
5. The GAUS Tokens will be frozen on the buyer’s Personal Account
at the moment of purchase
6. A popup window containing the date of manufacturing and delivery of the vehicle
will appear on the screen
7. The buyer receives a notice that the vehicle has been delivered to the buyer’s location
8. Activate the vehicle via satellite, check the quality of assembly and the accompanying documentation
9. Once the purchase has been confirmed, the GAUS Tokens are unfrozen and transferred
to the manufacturer’s account

The vehicle’s receipt works the same way it does in a variety of carsharing services. The vehicle is placed on a
special platform of the partner transportation company, the buyer examines it, signs the documents, accepts
the terms and confirms receipt via the GAUS mobile app. After that, a satellite signal activates the vehicle. This
final confirmation also activates the GAUS SMART COINS (GSC) chain and the funds become available for the
interested parties.
In case the buyer has any questions, they can take a photo, upload it into the app and pose their question to the
support team or start an arbitrage procedure.
This receipt method does not require human involvement beyond staff for maintenance and resupply of
vehicle receipt stations. In most cases, it would be the employees of logistics companies partnered with the
manufacturers for each particular region.
The related vehicle documentation either delivered inside the vehicle or sent by mail. In the future, as blockchain
technology is further develop...

Gaus Roadmap

GAUS Consulting won a contract for the development of online configurator and ordering project for Volkswagen AG.
Conception of the Gaus Trade project through the use of smart contracts.
Formation of the development team, development of MVP and smart contract.
Foundation of the company in Estonia.
Platform release, start of vehicle sales.
Token Sale Phase 1.
Project scaling, integration of other vehicle manufacturers into the GAUS Trade system.
Token Sale stage 2.
Further project scaling, introduction of manufacturers of other types of goods.
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