Token: GER

CryptoToken Made In Germany.

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-18
End date: 2018-06-10

Registrated in: Germany

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Germoney categories
Cryptocurrency Education
Germoney token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, China
Soft cap 2,000,000 GER
Hard cap 31,000,000 GER
Tokens for sale 31,000,000
Price 1 ETH = 30,000 GER
Acceppting ETH
Bonus in ICO

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Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we see currency due to its lack of
a central point of control, making it independent from decisions made by central banks
or governments. Like with any new technology, looking for example at the invention
of the internet, most of the people were skeptical at first and did not believe in the
lasting of this technology. Bitcoin however, the first currency build on blockchain
technology in 2009 has proven the success of this new technology and many
companies like Microsoft, Whole Foods and Subway
have accepted it as method of
payment since. In addition, some countries even officially accepted its use or are in
favor like Japan, the Scandinavian countries and Canada.
According to many experts
around the finance market Bitcoin with its value of more than $10,000 is now seen as
an appropriate form to store value, comparable to gold during times of high degree of
Although seeing the huge...

Table of content
1. Overview
1.1. Blockchains and Ethereum Platform
1.2. Benefits and Risks of Blockchains
2. Why Germoney
2.1. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Market Worldwide
2.2. Cryptocurrency Market Worldwide
3. Main Goal of Germoney
3.1. Making Germany Cryptofit
3.2. Role of Germoney
3.3. Benefits of Germoney
4. Potential for Germoney
5. Coin Distribution Plan
6. Roadmap
7. References

ERC20 Plain

Vanilla Token
Initiators: Frank Apfelbacher (CMO), Steven Wendebaum (CTO)
Whitepaper: 22 Pages
Crypto token made in Germany. Simple, safe and fast.
Develop German blockchain- and crypto-awareness.
August 2017
Website: December 2017
Whitepaper: January 2018
March 2018

Blockchains and Ethereum Platform
When first introduced as the first cryptocurrency in 2009, Bitcoin and the blockchain
technology remained unknown for the general public for a long time. It was generally
only used by the tech-savvy and most people disbelieved in its success. Bitcoin has
since risen in value from a price of just a few cents per unit to nearly $20.000.
change indicated a shift in awareness: the general public is beginning to realize the
benefit of cryptocurrencies, reminding us of the rapid growth of the internet in the
nineties as a parallel. Blockchain technology, which is fundamental to
cryptocurrencies, is changing how individuals and corporations conduct global
transactions as they are faster and more economical than traditional transfers.
This is how these transactions work: every transaction is recorded on a type of public
ledger called a blockchain, which is then independently verified by multiple, separate
parties to ensure legitimacy. These parties, w...

Benefits and Risks of Blockchains
Blockchains are politically decentralized, meaning that no one controls them and
changes to the way a blockchain is handled has to be voted on and accepted by all
the users in the community, or else a new independent blockchain will be created.
Moreover, blockchains are architecturally decentralized, meaning that there is no
infrastructural central point of failure. The whole information in the blockchain is
stored on every node in the network making it nearly impossible for hackers to change
the information as it would require to change the blockchain at every single node
simultaneously. However, they are logically centralized, meaning that there is one
commonly agreed state and the system behaves like a single computer.
The safety
advantages of modern blockchain technology are therefore undisputed.
Furthermore, blockchain is a disruptive technology that has the potential to change
industry sectors as a whole. Although blo...

deployment of blockchain enables authentication of users and devices without
password protection. The decentralization of the network helps in generating
consensus between different parties for verification through blockchain-based SSL
certificates. The distributed and decentralized nature of the network that verifies the
integrity of the transactions and associated account balances makes a successful
attack mathematically impossible.
The future possibilities in the use of blockchain technology seem almost unlimited.
Nonetheless, the dominant real application today is the exchange of so-called
cryptocurrencies. These can be traded and exchanged in the form of coins or tokens
in the market. That's why Germoney is being developed as a digital, cryptic token.
The plain vanilla token is intended to be used as a means of exchange for other token
and coins.
There are many risks involved with launching and deploying any new decentralized
currency. Some of the risks that would be involv...

Why Germoney
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Market Worldwide
In recent years, blockchain has experienced a veritable boom. After Bitcoin being the
first digital currency build on blockchain technology and publicly traded in 2009, the
market for other digital applications and currencies has increased rapidly. An entire
industry with numerous stock exchanges and other service providers in the digital
industry has emerged. Today, there are a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens on
different platforms which try to offer diverse problem solving alternatives.
The rapid performance of digital currencies is reflected by the increasing market
capitalization (see chart below). Following the strong price rally of established coins
such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, digital coins from the second and third series, like
Ripple and IOTA, are increasingly being established on the market. The reasons for
this are on the one hand new technologies but also published corporations with large
companies. Santander a...

Fig. 1: Market Capitalization, Source:
In addition to the increasing interest of private investors and the economy in
cryptocurrencies, more and more states are dealing with the topic. This does not
happen only in regulatory terms. Technologically leading states such as Israel and
Estonia are considering adopting their own state crypto currencies. This seems like a
smart move since the technological advantages are undeniable. Overall, one can
speak of a maturing of the market and also regulations in trading with crypto
currencies do not lead to an impairment of these. On the contrary, regulation can be
useful to protect investors. In summary, it can be said that overall interest in
cryptocurrency has risen sharply and is likely to pick up further. The following chart
visualizes t
he development of the global search volume for “Cryptocurrencies” on
Google until January 2018.
Fig. 2: Search Interest in Google worldwide, Source:

Germoney Roadmap

Idea incubation. Market research.
Detailed concept
Whitepaper V1.0
Website online. Whitepaper V1.1
Whitepaper V2.0.
Social media channels.
GERMONEY Token creation.
Concept PR & marketing.
ICO platform registration.
Start PR & marketing (B2C).
Exchange listings.
ICO (end 2018-10-06).
Start PR & marketing (B2B)
Further development strategy.
Enlarge team capacity.
Strategic partners aquisition.
Frank Apfelbacher
Frank Apfelbacher Chief Marketing Officer, Initiator & Visionary, Co-Founder

Steven Wendebaum
Steven Wendebaum Chief Technology Officer, Head of Finance, Co-Founder