Token: GGR

GG Rocket protocol opens unlimited opportunities for utilizing gaming data.

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-10-30
End date: 2018-11-14

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: EOS
Type: EOS


GGRocket categories
Artificial Intelligence Big Data Gaming/AR/VR Infrastructure
GGRocket token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries Afghanistan,Burundi,Congo,Cuba,Iceland,Iran,Iraq,Korea,Lebanon,Liberia,Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,New Zealand,Rwanda,Sierra Leone,Somalia,Sudan,Syrian Arab Republic,Tanzania,Thailand,Uganda,USA,Zaire
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 GGR = 0.15 USD
Price in PreICO 1 GGR = 0.1 USD
Acceppting BTC,ETH,FIAT
The GGRocket protocol has been evolving for over two years and has turned from a marketplace for gamers, into a high tech company, that uses data analysis and machine learning technologies to produce high-quality target advertisement and mechanism for rewarding users.

GGRocket is the first tri-function blockchain protocol:
Proof of Data: Rewards dApps for recording gamer’s data on blockchain
Proof of Trade: rewards Users for recording their trading data on blockchain
Proof of Judgement: rewards community members for resolving trading disputes
Different ways of use are appropriate depending on who you are:

- Use dApps to easily record purchases to your blockchain ID and earn tokens.
- Encrypt your data, open access to it in one click and get paid by advertisers.
- Use tokens to safely purchase gaming assets, services, activation keys, gaming devices and more.
- Become a judge and earn tokens for disputes resolution between other players and sellers.

dApp developer
- Scale your dApp faster with a unique protocol that rewards users.
- Easy to build dApp with a growing base of SDKs and Open-sourced solutions.
- Enough of verified data to train your AI.
- Monetize existing IDs in GG Rocket If you don’t have your own user base.

Publisher / Marketplace
- Spend your marketing budget much more effectively to acquire new users
- Integrate tools of GG Rocket ecosystem to raise up your ARPPU
- Use clear market analysis to make decisions that change your business
- Build community of developers around your platform

Gaming community / eSports platforms
- Monetize your audience more effectively with easy to integrate solutions and SDKs.
- Use open-sourced solutions of GG Rocket ecosystem to increase your audience engagement.
- Use GG Token or create your own with to implement additional instruments of monetizing.

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Table of contents
1.1.2 SWOT Analysis
2.0 Market review
2.0.1 Gaming industry
2.0.2 Market overview
2.0.2 Cryptocurrency market
2.1 Services developed around online games
2.1.1 Account boosting and coaching
2.1.2 In-game goods trading and collectables
2.2 Market problems
2.3 GG Rocket Background
2.3.1 The Decision to implement blockchain
3.0 GG Blockchain Ecosystem
3.1 GG Chain
3.1.1 Smart contract example
3.1.2 Identification
3.2. The Community
3.2.1 Buyers and Sellers
3.2.2 Juries
3.2.3 Rating
3.3 GG Guard
3.3.1 API
3.3.2 Video Recognition
3.3.3 GG Guard Data
3.4 Legio...

1.0 Abstract
The GG Rocket project has been evolving for over two years and has turned from a
marketplace for gamers, to a high tech company, that uses data analysis and
machine learning technologies to produce high-quality target advertisement. GG
Rocket introduced auto escrow, reliant on video recognition and game API
interaction. All these highly valuable and complex technologies do not work to their
100% without an intermediary that can bring them together.
We have analysed the blockchain industry and decided that blockchain can be the
heart of the GG Rocket ecosystem. Blockchain will bring user's, information,
video recognition as a part of machine learning process, all together and
increase the productivity of our system to a previously unreachable level.
Moreover users - the most critical part of any decentralised project
(and we aim to be one) - will be able to benefit from their interaction with the system
directly through GGT.
The GG Rocket blockchain ecosystem will change h...

Current trends in gaming development, support players in their willingness to pay for
premium/ high-quality content and cosmetics/skins. And, development of mechanics
that encourage gamers to communicate and build communities within games.
The global trend of two-way communication between business and consumer allows
companies to stay flexible and more concurrent to the need of their customers by
customising products to their needs.
2.0.2 Market overview
The global video game market has reached $62 990 million in 2017 and is
expected to overcome a revenue of $81 597 million by 2022.

According to the charts above, the industry has great prospects for growth. On
average, the total value grows by 5.24% yearly.
700 million out of 1.2 billion gamers play online games. MOBA style games
shooters and MMOs being the three most widely played genres.
h​ ttps://

7 out of 9 most popular games are competitive based. Knowledge of game
mechanics divides players by their skill rating. And in order to improve that rating
and enhance the gaming experience, the community created an industry worth
$10 000 000 000 around the gaming services.
2.0.2 Cryptocurrency market
Statistics show that the worldwide blockchain technology market as been
growing by 61% on average each year since 2015, resulting in a $324 billion
overall capitalisation.
2.1 Services developed around online games
2.1.1 Account boosting and coaching
Account boosting (also known as MMR


lo Boosting
)​ is an act where a
player (The Booster) logs into another player's

(The Booster) to play
ranked games. In order to improve the rating.
Experienced players provide their skill and knowledge to improve
someone's account statistics. About 15% of all competitive games acc...

Ingame achievements
Ingame ranking
PvP competitions
PVE scenarios
2.1.2 In-game goods trading and collectables
About 500 000 000 gamers are involved in trading digital goods and services
within games. For instance: In World of Warcraft high-level players generate in-
game gold or rare items that they sell to less professional players for USD
Digital assets lack liquidity and it is hard or impossible to convert them into another
valuable asset. Although there is demand for rare collectables and items. People
host buying or selling auctions based on forums or group chats which is an
insecure way of making deals and does not prevent 3rd party prejudice. Such
auctions are based on the user/provider reputation and it is very time-consuming to
gain community trust.
2.2 Market problems

Developers do not support nor forbid in-game trading. Sometimes it
happens to break in game mechanics and create disbalance, however, there...

costs of each trade (On average escrow services cost 5% to 15% of the trading

High commissions from traditional payment systems. E.g PayPal - 5% (in order
to secure deals we began to use PayPal for its customer protection policy.

Automation is hard to implement and in case of disputes, there is no central
or trusted decision maker for resolving such disputes that have specific
knowledge of game mechanics. There is no single specific payment provider
with the focus on that kind of deals.

2.3 GG Rocket Background
Trends and problems described above provide evidence that market of GG Rocket
operations is unregulated, operates “underground” with a large number of
isolated providers that focus on satisfying demand for 3rd party services described in
section 2.1.
GG Rocket has been in development and operation for over two years and has
undergone a series of structural and ideological changes.
The business started under the name “MMOGuard” and it became obvious to
develop an online marketplace for in-game goods and services
The team has gone through two startup accelerations of the “IIDF” (11th and 13th
accelerations) and at the moment has 26 members of staff in employment.
Over the two years of operation we have developed: - The marketplace for in-game goods and services Since the
first sales in 2017, the company had annual turnover more than $1 million.

GG Robot - A mechanism that utilises big data and machine learning <...

GGRocket Roadmap

Q4 2018
GG Robot & Guard dApps in the test net
Q1 2019
GG Robot & Guard dApps MVP in the main net (EOS fork) 30k user IDs with transaction history 5+ advertisers 5+ marketplaces accept payments in GGR
Q2 2019
GG Rocket protocol test net 100k user IDs with transaction history 20+ advertisers 20+ marketplaces accept payments in GGR
Q4 2019
GG Rocket protocol main net 5+ dApps built on GG Rocket 250k user IDs with transaction history
20+ dApps built on GG Rocket 500k user IDs with transaction history
Alexey Belyankin
Alexey Belyankin CEO & Founder. Business development

Alexander Yurganov
Alexander Yurganov CTO & Co-founder. Development and technical architecture

Viktoria Lipatova
Viktoria Lipatova Strategy development

Denis Bondarenko
Denis Bondarenko Machine learning developer

Ivan Sankov
Ivan Sankov Data scientist

Emin Aliekperov
Emin Aliekperov СМО/Product & Co-founder. Marketing strategy and realization product management

Anastasia Galgashova
Anastasia Galgashova Investor & Public Relations

Michael Kim
Advisors Michael Kim CEO & Founder of CoinInside Former executive of EA, Microsoft, Blizzard, Wargaming, and Havok

Kirill Chuvakov
Advisors Kirill Chuvakov Product manager GOSU.AI

Ha Youngsup
Ha Youngsup Founder of ABLEX Co., co-founder of Itemmania Co

Irwin Chi
Irwin Chi Investor Relations

Coco Ong
Coco Ong PR Manager

Faith Lew
Faith Lew Project manager

Ankur Maheshwari
Ankur Maheshwari Blockchain Development Teamlead

Jeremy Kho
Jeremy Kho Chief Marketer

Max Gravitt
Max Gravitt Lead developer

Ankur Maheshwari
Ankur Maheshwari
Blockchain Development Teamlead
Michael Kim
Michael Kim
CEO & Founder of CoinInside Former executive of EA, Microsoft, Blizzard, Wargaming, and Havok
CEO and Founder of CoinInside
Product Development
CTO, Co-Founder
CTO, Co-Founder
Full-stack Developer
Business Development Advisor
CEO & Founder of CoinInside
CTO, Co-Founder