Token: GTT

Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-01-15
End date: 2018-02-28

Registrated in: Canada

Platform: Ethereum

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GlobeTrotter token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 2,000,000,000 GTT
Tokens for sale 100,000,000
Price 1 GTT = 0.20 USD + 10-50% bonus
Price in PreICO 1 GTT = 0.20 USD + 100% bonus
Acceppting BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

A cryptocurrency gift coin (GTG)
with a “Smarter Contract” also imbedded into it, designed and
created as a gift coin for merchant-run promotion and reward programs.

The first “Smarter Contracts” system
to use and make smart contracts without ANY

GlobeTrotter Wallet
which are an easy to use “Smarter Contracts” imbedded, cryptocurrency
wallet for our GTG & GTC coins.

GlobeTrotter Exchange
which is a blockchain based decentralized exchange to trade GTT to and
from selected altcoins and renting Globies with 10 of the biggest fiat currencies in the World.

GlobeTrotter Debit Card
to be funded by the online GlobeTrotter wallet and able to be used
anywhere Visa & Mastercard are accepted during peoples travels or anywhere else they may want
to purchase something.

placed in airports and other key areas.

GlobeTrotter will h...

Everything GlobeTrotter does/will do will meet the criteria of ‘win-win-win’ where everybody wins and
there is no negative impact anywhere.
Why the travel and tourism industry
It is smarter to focus on one market instead of trying to conquer everything at once. The travel industry is
one of the biggest markets in the world, it is growing at a steady rate year after year and we think that it
is the perfect beginning for our GlobeTrotter system. With the enormous cost of bank transfers, credit
card fees and credit card frauds and the time it takes for payments to clear, we feel that the travel
market is perfect for cryptocurrency integration.
The problems being solved

Cryptocurrencies are volatile right now and are not set-up to be otherwise. By having a
fixed price Globie coin, it will never fluctuate. Its value will always be the same which means
merchants don’t have to worry about losing any value when using or exchanging them at a later
date and customers don...

Most exchanges are either difficult to get started with or use and not every exchange
carries every coin or token. They are often attacked by hackers because they are centralized. We
will have our own decentralized exchange and make it simpler and faster to get set-up to buy,
rent or sell our token and coins or exchange them for other altcoins.

Debit Card:
Regular debit cards are prone to cloning and that is a problem. Cryptocurrency is not
widely accepted yet for everyday purchases so we will have a Globies backed debit card that
people will be able to use for there travel purchases. Our debit cards will be secure and un-
hackable, so no worries about losing money because of using a debit card.

accessing local currency when traveling is usually through cash or credit card. Carrying
cash isn’t always the best idea and using a credit card is usually associated with fees or fraud from
cloning. We will have many of our own strategical...

GlobeTrotter Token (GTT)
5 billion GlobeTrotter collectable membership tokens (GTT) will be issued with 1 billion of those available
for the ICO. They will be tradable 30 days after the end of the Token Sale. The GTT Token is different from
the Globie and will not be used for travel purchases. Each GTT membership token will be worth one
membership point and come with certain privileges, benefits and voting rights. There will be different
levels of memberships depending on how many GTT tokens are owned.
The GlobeTrotter Membership will include:



Direct conversations

Access to the GTC Forum

Free downloads of software, resources and tools

Member news items

Exclusive member only trips/meetups

First people to hear about travel deals
As we enjoy spreading the wealth but offering profit sharing would make our token a security, we will
offer a monthly skill based game ...

Other special privileges unique to GTT holders will be available with time as we work out special deals
with travel vendors.
Globie Coin (GTC)
The price of the Globie will be stable and will have a fixed price
. It will have a fixed price in the 10 most
important currencies in the World. The Globie coins’ value will have zero fluctuation and volatility. No
person or business will ever lose value from owning Globies. This is an extremely important part of the
Globie and should be greatly appreciated. It is the only truly stable cryptocurrency on the market. The
end result of using a Globie will be the same as using cash plus having all the benefits of using Globies.
The Globie coin will have a smart contract imbedded into it using the “Smarter Contract” system (see
section further on for explanation). As an example of the smart contract, the customer can say that the
payment only goes through after he has received a confirmation email for his purchase. There are
limitless possibilities with th...

always receive the exact amount they asked for. If the trip is worth €870 that means it will cost
1005 Globies (1000 Globies for the merchant and 5 Globies for GlobeTrotter to pay for the
benefits). The buyer would rent 1005 Globies from us to pay for the trip and no matter when the
merchants decide to trade or use their 1000 received Globies, they will always be worth €870.
Whichever FIAT currency the Globie will be rented with, will be embedded into the coins’ smart contract
at the time of rental. When someone wants to return a Globie, it will be possible to return it for the same
FIAT used for the original rental, without any fees. The great thing about Globies is that, unlike other
cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to place a “sell” order on an exchange to convert them to FIAT, it is
instantly converted by smart contract on our website. If somebody wants to rent Globies with
cryptocurrencies, they will need to change their cryptocurrency for GTTs and then exchange their GTTs
for Globies on our web...

The Globie is the perfect coin for buying into ICOs, as much for the user as for the companies launching
the ICOs, because:

It is stable and nobody can lose any value

It will be extremely quick for confirmations

It will prevent bottlenecks in the usual Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains that are often caused
during ICOs

It will be cheaper to exchange for FIAT currencies after the ICO than on other exchanges.
Coins normally used for ICOs (Like ETH and BTC) will love us since there won’t be anymore big sell orders
when the ICO companies decide to sell off their coins to finance their projects. BTC and ETH shouldn’t de
as volatile anymore and should grow in value more steadily.
The Globie coin will have a PIN number in each coin to protect it against being used without your
knowledge (more information in the “Security” section).
Why separate tokens?
The fluctuation of cryptocurrencies is often welcomed by investors but not by merchants. Stab...

GlobeTrotter Gift coin (GTG)
The GlobeTrotter Gift coins will be available for FREE to any business to be used as promotions, gifts,
rewards, bonuses, or whatever they decide to call it. One GTG will be equivalent to 1 Globie. The
merchant will decide, through the Smarter Contract, what the conditions for use are. The “Smarter
Contract” allows the businesses that acquires the Gift coins to put in the contract that those Gift coins
can only be used at their business, on/until/after a certain date, for certain products, in conjunction with
spending Globies, etc. The GTG coins will be embedded with a code from the business’ wallet so as to
make it impossible for others to counterfeit gift coins. To redeem Gift coins, they will need to be used
along with Globies. This will encourage people to use Globies if they aren’t already. The beauty of the
GTG gift coin is that merchants can give away as many as they want. It will be an excellent marketing and
promotional tool. Once the merchants acquire GTG gift coins...

GlobeTrotter Roadmap

Q4 2017
- Hire programmers & marketing experts
- Market to travel merchants
- Start marketing to the public
Q1 2018
- Build and test blockchain & wallet
- Issue Globies & GTGs with Smarter Contracts
Q2 2018
- Build exchange
- Test system
- Develop APIs
Q3 2018
- Launch GlobeTrotter Ecosystem
- Prepare ATMs for Globies
Q4 2018
- Build and launch GTC Debit Cards
Alan Shields
Alan Shields Founder & CEO

Ron Hughes
Ron Hughes Co-founder & COO

Richard Symon
Richard Symon Exchange Director & Partner

Sergey Balashevich
Sergey Balashevich Project Manager @ Altoros

Igor Aksinin
Igor Aksinin Director, Business Development at Altoros

Philippe Derudder
Advisors Philippe Derudder Advisor