Token: GOX

Mobile Game is Mobile Mining

ICO dates
Start date: 2019-01-01
End date:

Registrated in: Japan

Platform: EOS
Type: Utility


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries none
Tokens for sale 500,000,000
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Ⅰ. Purpose of Development
1. Background of Gstar Development
2. Gstar(GOX) Vision
Ⅱ. Technical Framework Of GOX(GOX Technology)
1. Basic Architecture
2. Definition
3. Block chain Transaction
4. Node
5. Payments via Mining
6. Block chain for Transaction Verification
7. Block chain for Prevention of Counterfeiting/Tampering
8. GOX System Structure
9. GOX Technology Development
10. Concept of Mobile Mining
11. Improved Privacy and Security from Hacking
12. Benefits for the Mining and Electric Power
Ⅲ. Application and Function of GOX
Ⅳ. Business Implementation Plan
Ⅴ. Conclusion

Ⅰ. Purpose of Development
1. Background of Gstar Development
The monetary system used by mankind has a long history. Perhaps the monetary
system is one of the best inventions mankind has devised. The monetary system has
many convenient aspects, but there are also a few limitations. We have seen the
collapse of the Bretton Woods System in international financial markets and continued
issuance of money without any specific counter measure in some countries suffering
from hyperinflation. Some financial experts question whether the US dollar is no
exception and whether this monetary system will continue into the future.
Concerns about these monetary systems induced a necessity for developing new
monetary system and Bitcoin emerged shortly after the financial crisis caused by the
bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.
It is expected that the concept of ‘block chain technology’ and ‘decentralization’
brought by Bitcoin in 2009 will not only result in appearance of various virtual

As can be seen in some white papers, unrealistic rosy blueprints of some coins like
‘exchangeable with gold’, ‘applicable to electric cars’ or ‘builds a platform for
exchanging personal biometric information’ that cannot be realized even after 5 years
paralyze our rationality.
Gstar (hereinafter referred to as 'GOX') began with disappointment of these claims and
regrets over the coin environment. Our GOX has been developed to preempt the
cryptocurrency market as coin in practical use with a concrete business plan that can be
realized within months or a year, unlike an unrealistic rosy blueprint plan that cannot
be realized within short period of time that many other coin white papers show .
2. Gstar(GOX) Vision
1) Vision
We intend to clarify the actual market of GOX and its future by structuring and
extending the GOX ecosystem in the mobile environment, centered on the creative
industry in the real world.
More than 2,000 cryptocurrencies are now traded on the exchange. Mos...

2) GOX Ecosystem
We bring the various sectors (communities) of the Creative Industry in the real world
into smart mobile phones and connect them to GOX to structure the GOX ecosystem.
The GOX will flow like blood through the ecosystem that we have constructed and will
play a role in linking and revitalizing within community, between community and the
ecosystem and the real world.
Community 1
We launch a web-based mobile game using GOX. Web-based mobile games do not
need to be downloaded from Google or the Apple store, unlike application-based ones,
so gamers can enjoy games anywhere in the world. We are competitive as we
implement games with our own technology and knowhow. Our smartphone games can
be started from simple games anyone can play, regardless of age, to more complex
casino games.
We will develop a new ecosystem of mobile by launching and deploying games at
surprising speed for everyone in the world by applying block chain technology. We
have developed and have a cryp...

Community 2
We run a global audition program in conjunction with many broadcasting stations in
various countries. This audition program is expected to attract more than 3 million
applicants per year, which will be held bi-annually in five countries, including China. All
related income and expenditure, including advertising costs, participation fees, support
costs, and event costs, are paid in GOX. A total of 3 million young audiences a year, as
well as family and friends who support them, will be users who use and support GOX.
Our team members include global audition program planners and participants. Unlike past
programs, this audition program will be delivered in a 'smart way' using YouTube and SNS.

Community 3
We build a new internet broadcasting community using GOX. Internet broadcasting is a
one-person media and many people are participating. Viewers give paid gift or reward
to their favorite BJ, and GOX will replace it. As viewers pay GOX directly to BJ without
going through the agency, BJ does not have to take the risk of settlement, which will
make he/she to immerse in broadcasting, and viewers have a belief that their coins are
delivered 100% securely to BJ.
In addition, it provides an opportunity for the potential stars who made it through the
final stage of audition to appeal themselves to get closer to the public by providing an
entertainment permanent stage in the internet broadcasting. These star casting and
GOX payment methods will go beyond the borders and contribute to invigorating the
internet broadcasting industry.
Our team members include internet broadcasting program planners and participants.

GOX Ecosystem
We will announce three communities of games, audition programs, and Internet
broadcasts in sequence and organize them into one GOX Ecosystem. Each community
works independently and connects to GOX simultaneously.
The GOX will be created and used by each community and will flow into other
communities and work together to create synergies. For example, the GOX purchased
from the exchange may be injected into the GOX Ecosystem, and the GOX mined from
the mobile phone may be used for game, audition program fee, or as a gift to Internet
broadcast BJ.
Various other communities including donations, lottery tickets, tourism, fund raising,
and others will be added to the GOX Ecosystem in the future. Each community will
evolve itself, and expand the ecosystem through interconnectedness.

Ⅱ. Technical Framework Of GOX (GOX technology)
. Basic Architecture
Gstar is a block chain based cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. While Bitcoin updates the
ledger every 10 minutes, GOX is renewed every minute. Of course, at the beginning,
coins will be sent and ledger will be updated within a few seconds. However, it is
anticipated that the speed will slow down to an average of 1 minute as it gets more
globalized. If the exchange slows down the authentication, the transfer time of the
coin will of course take that long. It is a matter of operation at the exchange.
The total mining capacity of GOX is 10 billion, and initially it will be supplied to the
market 5 billion. Since GOX will be used immediately in the GOX ecosystem, pre-
mining is necessary. The remaining 50% are supplied to the market through mobile
mining and some are designed to be mined over 150 years.
< The amount of coin mining for 150 years >
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