Token: H2PWR


ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-17
End date: 2018-05-01

Registrated in: Czech Republic

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


H2SOL categories
Cryptocurrency Energy Infrastructure Investment Smart Contract
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H2SOL token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries None
Hard cap 4,000,000 H2PWR
Tokens for sale 2,000,000
Price 1 H2PWR = 10 USD
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Random whitepaper excerpts

This document and any other documents published in association with this
whitepaper relate to a token offering of H2PWR Token to persons (purchasers)
and in respect of the intended development and use of H2SOL Securities
ecosystem by various participants.
No offer of regulated products:
this document does not constitute an offer or
solicitation of securities or any other regulated product, nor a promotion, invitation
or solicitation for investment purposes. The terms of the purchase are not
intended to be a financial service offering document or a prospectus. The H2PWR
Tokens do not represent equity, shares, units, royalties or rights to capital, profit,
returns or income in the platform or software or in H2SOL Limited or any other
company or intellectual property associated with the platform or any other public
or private enterprise, corporation, foundation or other entity in any jurisdiction. The
H2PWR Tokens are not intended to represent a security or similar lega...

Public participation in this unique established business - with all the upside of
crypto, but the baseline guarantees of a traditional established business – is
undeniably viewed by the regulators as a Security. That translates to time
and money. We have always positively embraced regulation, always been de-
risking and always prioritized corporate hygiene. However, to ensure maximum,
uninterrupted return, what we need to do is apply for Securities Licensing in five
(5) key jurisdictions to be able to offer the H2SOL security token to the public.
In order to complete this time and fund-consuming process we have decided to
issue an H2PWR token, which provides funding for the licensing process. The
H2PWR utility token purchase is essentially a “pre-sale” for the future security
H2SOL token by allowing the H2PWR holders to be the first to get their hands on
the H2SOL security token and enjoy that dividend generating token at a generous
discount the latecomers won´t be able to get.
So –...

At a glance, benefits of H2PWR Utility token Ownership:
1. Be first in line for the pending H2SOL Security Token Sale
2. Enjoy 25% Discount on your H2SOL Tokens. We’ll sell those for $100 initially
so you’ve financially positive based on a $10 token sale here.
3. Enjoy 25% Perpetual Discount on our other planned Tokenization Events
4. Enjoy Trading opportunities on Great Exchanges!
5. Enjoy championing planet-saving green mining operations
6. Enjoy a front-row seat in Securities Tokenization space
So who is behind H2SOL? Our foundations are strong. We’re a scion of
a pioneering $150m IPP (Independent Power Producer) exceeding yield
expectations on over 40MWp of utility-scale solar and hydro energy plants across
Central and Eastern Europe.
We’ve always been innovative, constantly pushing the envelope on new technology
to solve real-world problems. For example we were one of the first IPPs to
introduce battery storage to solve the in...

Once we’re licensed (process in works already) to issue, you can join us and
receive instant payouts as we populate our existing renewable energy estate with
latest-spec, optimized-basket, mining rigs with a safety net of to-the-grid selling
revenues as explained further below.
In summary:
Starting 2008 when we have build our first Solar Plant, through 2010 with 30
MWp developed & invested till now with over 100 MWp of installed power running
24/7 thanks to batteries.
Starting 2017 we have invested in, optimized and operated our own mining
Our business generates regular, hourly cash flow from multiple streams with
guaranteed sales (to the Grid) of clean energy and crypto-mining activities
As regulators deem the token a Security, we have determined the legal framework
to operate within
With H2PWR token (pre-sale of H2SOL) we are raising capital to offer dividend
generating token to the public
With H2SOL token we will be raising capital to scale our alread...

What’s in it for you?
H2PWR Token Holders will have exclusive rights to get invited for sale of the
H2SOL Securities Token with a generous discount of 25% to boot. As we build the
global story and start to excite the community for H2SOL, we are confident that
the demand for front-row seats on this pioneering Securities Token will be high so
we’ll ensure you can advance-capitalize on that – should you wish – via trading on
some popular exchanges.
Liquidity: Exchanges
Investors’ liquidity options are important to us. We have researched geographies
and demographics and as a result have advanced arrangements to list post-sale
on the following exchanges:
Token Issuing Company
The H2PWR token will be issued by H2SOL Project SE (European Company) on
behalf of H2SOL Limited whose registered office is at 61 Saint Assam's Park,
Raheny, Dublin 5, D05 W3C8. The company’s director is Jose...

Community Support
To learn more about H2SOL and engage with our community please join us in any
of our following forums:
Please be sure to sign up here
to get regular updates
regarding our token sale.
Jurisdiction & Governance
We have retained best-in-class independent legal and strategic advisors to ensure
that we have put in place a strong governance policy, and have the appropriate
legal structure in a robust jurisdiction with respect to international regulation of
H2PWR initial coin sale.
We have formed a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to issue the tokens to
participants and to collect and hold the participants’ contr...

The above does not apply to the Cornerstone/Seed and Early Bird rounds, when
fiat currency is accepted. These funds will reside in the company’s financial
accounts held at a third party financial organization.
Terms & Conditions
All token sale participants are required to review, understand and agree to our
terms and conditions to be eligible to participate in the offering event, also known
as the token sale.
These terms and conditions can be found on our website at
We will continue the Application process for a Securities License in each of the
jurisdictions selected.
We will also enhance liquidity options by listing on the most apt exchanges. We
will run an Investor-grade Roadshow focusing on best-in-class events at key
Any tokens not allocated to Holders or the Community share program will be
burned. Out of the maximum 2 million tokens, Token Holders participate with ...

US license
Switzerland license
Ireland license
Gibraltar license
Malta license
Singapore license
Australia license
Listing on major Exchanges
H2SOL Marketing
H2SOL Roadshow
H2PWR is a way to make an exciting and sustainable crypto mining platform
accessible to all. H2SOL Token is the cure to today´s costly and unfeasible
cryptocurrency mining. Below you can find the details about these proven
and existing operations that are planning to give a “slice of the pie” to all. The
description below details the H2SOL project.
Co-Located Mining on Renewable
Energy Platforms
Once upon a time our clean power plants were hailed as planet-saving providers
of clean energy to householders and businesses via the Grid into which we fed
our power into for a ...
Karolína Kachlíková
Karolína Kachlíková Chief Marketing Officer

Jan Rasocha
Jan Rasocha Chief Acquisition Officer

Dušan Karafiát
Dušan Karafiát O&M Energy Lead

David Žákovský
David Žákovský H2SOL Project Manager

Vítězslav Skopal
Advisor Vítězslav Skopal Advisor Energy & Finance

Julien Chen
Advisor Julien Chen Advisor for HW – Asia

Jan Hladký
Advisor Jan Hladký Internal Counsel

Ondřej Valníček
Advisor Ondřej Valníček Advisor Strategy & Energy

Joseph Deignan
Joseph Deignan
Mentor, member of the board Faba Invest