Token: HSHC

Revolutionising HOW You Use Credit & Debit Cards

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-01
End date:

Registrated in: Hong Kong

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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HashCard categories
HashCard token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries China,Hong Kong,Japan,USA
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 9,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 90,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 HSHC = 0.10 USD
Acceppting BTC,ETH
PLEASE READ FOLLOWING ARTICLE BEFORE INVESTING https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3365068.0
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Hash Card Executive Summary
The Hash Card
Example - ETH-funded Purchase with Hash Card
Hash Card Token Benefits
Card Variety
Payment system process
Technology and Security
Token Details
Funds Distribution
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Hash Card Executive Summary
Ease of use and superior functionality makes the Hash Card a must-have card for
anyone who regularly spends money in foreign currency. It is not just for Ether or
Bitcoin holders.
Hash Card is the card that really does work in the everyday world. Many previous
attempts have been made to create a bitcoin card that offers a decentralized bank,
instant conversions and reliable exchange rates. Until Hash Card, this has not been
achieved despite millions of dollars being poured into the concept.
The physical Hash card can be used wherever credit/debit cards are
accepted. It works online and in the bricks and mortar space. It’s just
like a regular credit/debit card with the key difference bring that the
user is spending Ether, Bitcoin and other 25+ altcoins.
A real-time transaction takes place each time the card is swiped. Only
the precise amount spent with the Hash Card is exchanged from ETH/
BTC/Altcoins. The rest of the card owner...

Hash cards are limited to the first 3000 subscribers. Distribution will
be every two weeks in batches.
The Hash Card
To sign up for the Hash Card subscribers need to visit hashcard.io and complete
a very simple, 3-minute onboarding process, including remote KYC. Once this is
completed the Hash Card will be issued and distributed free to customers.
A physical card may be used at more than 30 million merchants globally. It can
be used both online and in bricks and mortar premises for offline purchases.
Precise interbank rates are guaranteed when using the Hash Card. No fees or
additional markups mean that, in real terms, the cardholder receives a saving of
up to 7% when compared to high street banks.
Hash Card accounts can be instantly funded, at no charge, with Ether and Bitcoin.
From Q4, 2018 Fiat funding will also be available to load the Hash Card.
Using the Hash Card to fund purchases is simple. Via the HashApp you can view
the ETH/BTC/ETC/USD balances in your wallet. The only ex...

Example - ETH-funded Purchase with Hash Card
Mary, a day trader closed her XRP/
ETH place to enjoy a 12 ETH profit.
Mary immediately transferred 5ETH to
her Hash Card and booked into her
favourite luxury spa in Paris. She did
not need to wait for the exchange to
send a traditional wire/SEPA transfer.
The funds were instantly available for
her to use on her Hash Card
Example - BTC-funded Purchase with Hash Card Example
Luke is new to all things crypto but wants to
learn, so tried to register for a bitcoin workshop
in London.
Even though this is a crypto workshop, the
organisers won’t accept BTC as a method
payment. Luckily Luke has a Hash Card so he
sends 0.1 BTC to his card and registers online.
Support for other currencies
Because the immediate goal is to bring an operational card to market quickly, we
are starting with the most popular cryptocurrencies – ETH/BTC and those with a
daily volume of $50MM.
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The ultimate goal for Hash Card is to accept as many cryptocurrencies as
The Hash Card vision is to make cryptocurrency a part of people’s daily life via
an iOS and Android user-friendly wallet combined with a debit card. The goal is
to be like Fiat currencies.
The entire cryptocurrency ecology will benefit and by encouraging the user of
cryptocurrencies on a day to day basis, the industry will become more accepted
by regulators that currently remain unconvinced of the merits of cryptocurrency.
With Hash Card both the user and the crypto ecology benefit. Below you will
find an overview of the main added values that we are bringing to the market.
Mission – Creating cryptocurrencies that are fluid through the use and
acceptance of Hash Debit Card worldwide
Instantaneous conversion of Bitcoin and Ethereum and other altcoins
Acceptance of additional cryptocurrencies as the company grows
Demographic – Anyone that is currently or would like ...

Hash Card Token Benefits
Once the HSHC token is launched there will be continual improvements of the
Hash Wallet App and the Hash Card Ecology.
Card Fee Benefits
Physical Card Issue Fee
Annual Card Fee
Renewal Card Fee
Lost/Stolen Card Fee
Free during the initial token crowd sale $100
thereafter which is only payable in HSHC tokens.
Free, providing the annual spending is >$1,000 or
if the user Holds >10,000 HSHC tokens for 6
$25 payable in HSHC tokens
$25 payable in HSHC tokens
Customer Service Support
Hash Card clients
VIP Customers Support
Signature Concierge
10 AM – 6 PM GMT +8 for all
24/7 for customers who hold >15,000 HSHC
tokens (equivalent of $1,500)
24/7 for customers who hold >50,000 HSHC
tokens (equivalent of $5,000)
Increased Miles Bonus
for customers who hold >30,000 HSHC tokens
- Partner airline companies to be announced in Q3, ...

Card Variety
The Hash Standard Card will be the initial release. This card is available to
anyone except Chinese nationals although the card itself will be accepted in
Plans are currently in hand for multiple level cards including Gold, Platinum and
Black in Q3 2018. Each of these new cards will have a lower transaction fee than
the standard card.
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Payment system process
The Hash card allows users to transact real-time payments without first needing
to convert the cryptocurrency in their wallet.
Each time a user spends cryptocurrency or withdraws at an ATM, Hash Card
provides Fiat currencies in exchange for cryptocurrencies. To do this the Hash
Card needs a minimum daily balance to cover the transactions.
The chart below explains the payment flow.
External Crypto
Hash Fiat
Best Rate
Other Crypto
Card Issuer
Main Account
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HashCard Roadmap

Nov 2017
The Hashcard Idea is born.
Dec 2017
Negotiations with Debit card issuer in Asia.
January 2018
First round of investors and partners. Whitepaper
prepared. Debit card confirmed.
February 2018
Card Wallet MVP, Legal structure finalized.
March 2018
Website, wallet and card beta testing.
Public announcement at Blockchain Summit
Zurich 2018.
May 2018
Whitelist and public token sale.
Q3, 2018
NFC Payments.
Q4, 2018
EU card issuer backup, essential licenses, internal
coin exchange.
Q4, 2018
Corporate and Salary cards.
Vasiliy Gulyar
Vasiliy Gulyar Business Development

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