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New Generation Digital Finance Public Chain

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Registrated in: China

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Hashgard is a distributed, trusted asset management protocol and a high functionality next
generation digital finance public chain.
Hashgard provides a one-stop blockchain solution for asset management in digital finance. Hashgard
has a large number of business modules, including operational-level on-chain data, advanced
versions of asset management autonomous organization, a smart contract system tailored for asset
management, able to systematically support the issuance, management, trusteeship, settlement,
audit, process control, and dispute arbitration of decentralized assets.
Hashgard is an open, highly-expansive ecosystem. We will have in-depth collaboration with other
ecosystems in terms of identity authentication, content distribution, predicting markets, asset lending,
trusted data validation, cross-chain collaboration and so on, to jointly build infrastructure in the digital
finance field and provide complete functional modules for decentralized applications on the chain. We
will ...

Digital Finance
Team and Partners
Industry Status
In recent years, with digital assets such as Bitcoin gradually entering the
mainstream view, its influence has been increasing day by day. It has become an
asset category that institutions and individuals cannot ignore. The total market
value has reached a maximum of 800 billion US dollars. With the gradual
enrichment of digital assets, there are more and more value-creating activities
related to it. The management of digital assets is one of them.
Against this background, the digital assets fund (token fund) has sprung up
around the globe. According to incomplete statistics, the current number of digital
asset funds has reached hundreds worldwide, and the asset management scale
is nearly 5 billion US dollars. We believe that with the institutionalize and
professionalize of investors in the digital asset market, the construction of
infrastructure of this industry will become the focus of market.

Digital Finance
Team and Partners
Reduced threshold
In the era of digital assets, as the access threshold for digital funds is reduced, fund
managers do not have to undergo qualification verification, and only need one wallet
address to accept and manage funds from all over the world, leading to a mixed bag of
chaos in the digital asset management industry
Lack of Regulation
Digital asset fund is an emerging industry. There is no corresponding industry
regulation. The internal operations of funds are not transparent to investors. The lack of
information disclosure and external audit can not effectively protect the legitimate rights
and interests of investors.
Backward Tools
The management tools of digital asset funds are relatively primitive and backward. Most
management teams use basic Office softwares such as Word and Excel and wallet
applications for records. The accounting is inconvenient and the efficiency is very low.
Conflict of ...

Digital Finance
Team and Partners
Regulatory Confusion
Lags and di

in regulations.
Regulatory Di

The formulation of laws and regulations generally lags behind the economic and
social development. Both digital assets and digital asset funds are emerging
industries. The legislative bodies of most countries have not yet issued
corresponding regulations, and even if regulations are introduced, they fail to reach
a consensus.
Digital assets have the property of “self-financing”. In theory, the issuance and
trading of assets can bypass the traditional financial system, and supervision is
High Regulatory Costs
Traditionally, most of the fund's supervision has adopted territorial jurisdiction, but
blockchain technology has such features as cross-temporal, cross-subject, and
international. Fund managers can easily avoid oversight by migrating their
registration sites to third countrie...

Digital Finance
Team and Partners
Origin of Philosophy
'Autonomous organization' refers to a group of interdependent trustees who organize themselves and
conduct self-governance so that they can achieve lasting common benefits in the event that everyone
faces free riders, evades responsibility, or other opportunism. The problem that must be solved is how
to combine the variables, namely (1) increase the initial possibility of autonomous organization; (2)
enhance people's capacity for continuous self-organization; (3) enhance capability to solve the
problem of public ponds by self-organization without some kind of external assistance.
— Elinor Ostrom, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, in “
Governing the Commons
Compared to 'self-governing organizations,' the DAO is a further organizational structure consisting of
a group of people who share the same ideas and have common goals, and operates and self-
governed through 'blockchain' and 'smart contracts.' In t...

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Team团a队n与d 伙Pa伴rtners
Origin of Philosophy
“Crypto-assets, while risky, also brings innovation and can help us
better monitor them. In other words, we can use fire to fight fire.”

Christine lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.
For assets such as digital assets that have a “self-financing” nature,
An effective way of supervision is to use the blockchain technology
that carries it to supervise. This is the meaning of “treating fire with

Digital Finance
Team and Partners

the exploration of
decentralized asset management
Centralized Fund Manager
In the traditional asset management
business, fund managers make profit through
the management of funds from investors.
Advantages: Funds are managed by
experienced professional fund managers with
high operation efficiency.
Disadvantages: The operation of assets is not
transparent, and it is easy to breed corruption
and damage the interests of investors.
In April 2016, the smart contract crowdfunding
application on Ethereum – the DAO – explored
decentralized asset management.
The DAO has designed mechanisms for guardians,
whitelisting, proposals, voting, DAO forks, and fund
transfer to implement decentralized decision-
making for crowdfunding and asset protection for

Digital Finance
Team and Partners

design flaws, eventually aborted
Defect A:
The DAO adopts voting as a decision-making mechanism and lacks a
professional fund manager. The decision-making is inefficient and not
professional enough.
Defect B:
The smart contract of the DAO hosts the user’s funds, and structurally, the use
and hosting of the funds are not separated, which makes it vulnerable to attacks.
Defect C:
The algorithm design of the DAO smart contract is defective, making it in favor of
users who are inclined to up vote and suppress the opposition.
Tom Huang
Tom Huang Co-founder, COO

Charlie Xu
Charlie Xu Founder

Frank Yang
Frank Yang Co-founder, CTO

Cindy Fang
Cindy Fang Financial Manager

Grace Zhong
Grace Zhong Administrative Manager

Iris Li
Iris Li Public Relations Manager

Mika Ye
Mika Ye UI Designer

Victor Wu
Victor Wu Product Manager

Shawn Yang
Shawn Yang Developer

Vicky Wang
Vicky Wang Community Manager

Keren Yin
Keren Yin Business Development Manager

Joe He
Joe He Developer

Bo Shen
Advisors Bo Shen Founding Partner of Fenbushi Capital

Kevin Wu
Advisors Kevin Wu Founding Partner and CEO of PreIPO Capital Partners

Sunny Lu
Advisors Sunny Lu Co-founder and CEO of VeChain

David Lee
Advisors David Lee Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences

Shuo Bai
Advisors Shuo Bai Former Chief Engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange

Min Zhang
Advisors Min Zhang Managing Partner of Heli Investment

Haifeng Xi
Advisors Haifeng Xi Former CTO of WanCloud, co-founder of IRIS

Eva Foo
Advisors Eva Foo Founder of Scry.info

James Gong
Advisors James Gong Founder of CYBEX & ChainB

Huawei Kong
Advisors Huawei Kong Director of the Institute of Computing Technology at CAS, Shanghai

Cindy Deng
Advisors Cindy Deng Associate Professor in Finance at SHUFE

Bo Shen
Bo Shen
Founding Partner of Fenbushi Capital
Fenbushi Capital
Fenbushi Capital - ?????, Founding/Managing Partner
General Partner of Fenbushi Capital
Senior Advisor
Investor & Strategic Advisor Founder, Fenbushi Capital
Founder, Fenbushi Capital & GF Network
FenBuShi Capital, Founding Partner
Fenbushi Capital - 分布式资本, Founding/Managing Partner
Founding Partner of Fenbushi and BlockAsset
Cindy Fang
Cindy Fang
Financial Manager
David Lee
David Lee
Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences
Angel Investor and Advisor
Operating Director
CEO of Yello Digital Marketing Group
Founder of Blocform Global
Project Manager
VP, H/F China
Management Support Director
Management Support Director
VP, H/F China
Frank Yang
Frank Yang
Co-founder, CTO
Haifeng Xi
Haifeng Xi
Former CTO of WanCloud, co-founder of IRIS
Huawei Kong
Huawei Kong
Director of the Institute of Computing Technology at CAS, Shanghai
Iris Li
Iris Li
Public Relations Manager
UX Director
James Gong
James Gong
Founder of CYBEX & ChainB
Founder of ICOAGE
Sunny Lu
Sunny Lu
Co-founder and CEO of VeChain
CEO of VeChain Foundation
Strategic Advisor
CEO & Co-Founder VeChain