Token: DAC

Blockchain based platform backed by Hyundai BS&C

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-11-27
End date: 2017-12-22

Registrated in: Switzerland


https://www.hdac.io/ Screenshot
HDAC categories
Cryptocurrency Platform
HDAC token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Price 0.1 BTC = 2200 DAC
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HDAC Roadmap

Hdac Token Generation Event
Hdac consensus algorithm
Hdac operating environment field test
Hardware Wallet
Advanced Security Module
Hdac apps API
Hdac operating environment
Hdac IoT Contract PoC
IoT authentication and device control
Private Blockchain PoC
Smart IoT diffusion PoC
Practical application of Hdac IoT Contract & Smart Home
Practical application of Hdac IoT Contract & Smart Factory
Hdac Hybrid Blockchain
IoT High Speed ??Transaction Distributed Processing Blockchain
Private Blockchain Security Enhancements, Advanced Security Module Ver 2.0
Hdac Hybrid Blockchain Network Live Operation
Mike Costache
Advisors Mike Costache Blockchain Advisor

Eddy Travia
Advisors Eddy Travia Blockchain Advisor

Carlos H. Benvenuti
Advisors Carlos H. Benvenuti Marketing Advisor

Caitlin Connors
Advisors Caitlin Connors Communicative Advisor

Larry Kim
Advisors Larry Kim Blockchain Advisor

Stuart Cobby
Advisors Stuart Cobby Technical Advisor

Patrick Storchenegger
Advisors Patrick Storchenegger Legal Advisor

Dae-Sun Chung
Team Dae-Sun Chung Founder

William Chun
Team William Chun Blockchain Evangelist

Devon Choi
Team Devon Choi Development Director

Jae-Min Lee
Team Jae-Min Lee Development Engineer

Joong-Bum Choi
Team Joong-Bum Choi Development Engineer

Il-hun Chung
Team Il-hun Chung Development Engineer

Jae-Hoon Kim
Team Jae-Hoon Kim Development Engineer

Nak-Jin Kim
Team Nak-Jin Kim Development Engineer

Seung-Jun Ro
Team Seung-Jun Ro Development Engineer

Ho-Young Yang
Team Ho-Young Yang Development Engineer

David Lee
Team David Lee Operating Director

Ji-Hoon Kim
Team Ji-Hoon Kim Strategy Planner

Robert Choi
Team Robert Choi Marketing Director

Bong-Suk Kwak
Team Bong-Suk Kwak Strategy Manager

Mike Noh
Team Mike Noh Marketing Manager

Won Lee
Team Won Lee Marketing Assistant

Steven Kang
Team Steven Kang Marketing Assistant

David Lee
David Lee
Operating Director
Angel Investor and Advisor
CEO of Yello Digital Marketing Group
Founder of Blocform Global
Project Manager
VP, H/F China
Management Support Director
Management Support Director
Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences
VP, H/F China
Eddy Travia
Eddy Travia
Blockchain Advisor
CEO of Coinsilium
Founder & CEO @ Consilium Group
CEO of Consilium
CEO and Co-founder of Coinsilium
CEO and Co-founder of Coinsilium GroupCo-founder at Block Chain Space
Pioneer investor in Blockchain
Pionner investor in Blockchain
Mike Costache
Mike Costache
Blockchain Advisor
Managing Partner at KrowdMentor
Strategy Advisor
Strategy / Investments
Chief Advisor
Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) Pepperdine School Of Law
Managing Partner at KrowdMentor
Patrick Storchenegger
Patrick Storchenegger
Legal Advisor
Bitproperty Legal Advisor
Robert Choi
Robert Choi
Marketing Director