Token: HEC

Decentralized BookingEngine Runs in the BlockChain

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-01
End date: 2018-07-30

Registrated in: Turkey

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


HotEngine categories
HotEngine token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 2,500 HEC
Minimal investment 0.2 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1.Executive Summary
We are in the business of designing and building a decentralized open source booking
environment for hotels (the decentralized HEC Ledger).
HotEngine will be one of the first systems whereby people who need to connect to each
other, such as end customers or even hotel owners can do so without paying any commis-
sion. We will not only stop there, we will also create a which will be amongst
the first applications that will connect with a decentralized blockchain (The HotEngine white
label booking agency, HotEngine Booking Engine and HotEngine channel manager, and that’s
in the beginning); which will hold the HEC booking ledger which is the core of the engine.
The applications that we all know today, are taking fees and commissions from either the end
customers or hotel owners (, AirBnB, Expedia, hotels etc.). We will ensure that
all transactional parameters made on our platform will be decentralized on the Ethereum
BlockChain thereby eliminating the nee...

Crypto-currencies are in their infancy and the technology to support it, BlockChain opens
up a world of various other areas where this technology can be applied and by applying it
into this sector we can eliminate the unnecessary cost and cut out the middle-man, giving
the savings back to you. The first integrated marketplace that uses a decentralized HEC
Ledger, will be a world leader with a ZERO commission policy in the accom-
modation and hotel booking.
Just to try and put into perspective how big this market is:
Total world hotel revenue is close to
This figure is increasing.
a year
The world of crypto currency is a yet unproven technology fraught with danger but as each
passing day goes by the market is expanding, and new players and technologies are moving
into the market.
The imbalance between the complexity of the technical aspects of the project and the actual
business use of the services are the sole reason we have waited unt...

3.The Decentralized HotEngine
The decentralized HotEngine
is the core
that controls the relationship between
customers and hotel owners.
It has built-in rules and its operations are
governed by what we refer to as smart
contracts. These will be enabled within the
Ethereum Virtual Machine.
The HEC Ledger keeps a record of all trans-
actions and regulates the interaction
between client and hotel through the use of
smart triggers.
The HEC Ledger will run with the native
HEC token and any application that wishes
to do so can connect to the engine. Addi-
tional services such as payment methods
can be used and converted into HEC at
booking time.
These are a few of the operations the
HEC Ledge will oversee:
-Booking placement
-Booking confirmation
-Deposit holding
-Deposit release
-Dispute terms
-Deposit withhold
An internal algorithm will run and convert

Why Blockchain Technology is
critical for the success of this
The success of the venture depends entirely
upon the use of blockchain technology.
User Support.
Speed and user-friendliness of the system
combined with reliability
Information contained in the database
(listings, content size and quality)
The HEC engine will be viewed and accept-
ed by participants as a “neutral environ-
ment”, what is meant is that participants will
trust it. It is an autonomous application
favoring neither side.
The Decentralized HEC Ledger will be the
All of this will be achieved through the use
of software which has been programmed
to handle the interaction between customer
and property host. This relationship has
been programmed to handle the complex
relationship through its use of native utility
token (HEC token).
In the HEC Ledger you have a ...

Look at the model we use and then take a look at the internet. There is a synonymous rela-
tionship in that the internet as it is a marketplace which people add content to, just like our
model. There is no ownership. The value of the internet depends on the content and what
you can achieve with it, like our model. The internet is a neutral environment owned by
everyone. As is our model. The value of the internet would decline if there was a centralized
dependency, applications and content would be censored. As in our case a decentralized
approach increases the value of our model to anyone who participates, because it belongs to
The HEC Ledger is autonomous uncensored, guided by software rules and most importantly
will not charge commission, which of course will lead to lower prices.
The HEC Ledger is autonomous uncensored, guided by software rules
and most importantly will not charge commission, which of course
will lead to lower prices.
Like the internet, you cannot shutdown this...

4.HotEngine White Label Booking Agency‘s is a white label booking agency and a simple booking engine with a direct
connection to the decentralized HEC Ledger.
20,5 cm
Blockchain technology will be the first independent platform which will
allow customer and property owners to deal with each other on a zero
commission basis, without any other fees.
Existing booking platforms all charge fees, or some sort of commission. The middlemen who
are the payment processors end up getting a large fee. All listings and deal parameters on
Blockchain will be decentralized on the Ethereum blockchain VM. All middlemen are therefore
eliminated. This allows transparent and impartial transactions to take place.
Property owners will have access to an easy-to-use interface that easily allows them to edit or
list their property on the Blockchain and will have a very simple booking engine that they will
be able to add their website to without any commission. Simple and easy ...

Business Model behind Blockhain
Our aim is to o er the free decentral-
ized blockchain technology so that it
can be more useful and reduce the
cost by creating free tools to be used
with it. We will ensure that our
model will transform the current
booking model business model into
a totally free premium model. All the
middlemen costs will be given back
to the customer.
There may be some additional payments for extra services and comfort features but those will
be selectable for the end customer based upon their needs. Our model will compete directly
with the current OTA and will o er better services and costs.
A property owner can list for free, when your property is booked you will get 100% of the
money (except the minor validation fee paid to the miners), If you see fit you can pay a small
amount for highlighting your listing, or to put your listing in a better position. Extra pictures
can also be uploaded at an extra cost. Statistics and dashboards can be util...

Blockchain consists of 4 layers:
User Layer
White label
booking agency
Backend Layer
Blockchain Layer
1) User Layer
- Mobile and web apps with for computers and smart phones available on di er-
ent platforms.
2) Backend Layer
- HotEngine will keep pictures and heavy data on a server, and the central
backend will maintain a mirror database of the decentralized HEC ledger. All transaction will be
executed in the blockchain as the use of the HEC ledger and self-executed smart contracts.
3) White label booking agency
HotEngine booking engine and HotEngine API so many more
developers, companies and partners will be creating new applications using HotEngine on top
of the blockchain technology.
4) Blockchain Layer
– Through the use of Ethereum VM, Blockchain will keep a record of all
transactions and listings (payment rules of all property deals). Open sourced and free to every-
one. If more applications use it, the HEC token usage sc...

HotEngine Roadmap

February 2018
Development Started.
ICO web site, HotEngine's decentralized booking engine - based on the Ethereum VM (ERC20), and prototype demo application development started.
March 2018
1st Generation Prototype.
HEC Blockchain and smart contrats prototype private release, blockchain and smart contracts technology integration throughout the platform. Development for Android and iOS apps starts.
April 2018
2nd Generation Prototype.
HotEngine application demo will be ready to public tests and First Hotels and Agencies will be connected to HotEngine (10 supportive partner hotels already included. The Hotels will be listed here later) Offer API integration to local third-party service providers.
May 2018
1st Public ICO Starts.
First ICO round starts with %70 earlybird discounts.
June 2018
2nd ICO round starts
Second ICO round - HEC Offering starts with %50 discounts.
July 2018
Final ICO round starts.
Third ICO round starts with %30 discounts.
September 2018
Listing on Crypto Exchanges.
Listing of HEC (HotEngine Coin) tokens on crypto exchanges.
Q4 2018
Hotels and Partnership Integration.
100 Hotels and 2 hotel booking agency integration.
Q1 2019
Legal framework for market expansion.
* Business terms of service * Consumer terms of service * Global launch * Fast expansion * Concentrate on service quality and promotion.
Q2 2019
Open-source software, API for 3rd parties and Marketing strategy Open-source software.
Core microservices as open-source software Open API for 3rd parties. API to connect with 3rd party services and business services Marketing strategy. Global and country based marketing strategy. Finalise product offering. Prepare marketing materials.
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Nimet Kurt Project Manager and Coordinator

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