Token: HYB

Robust Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-23
End date:

Registrated in: Hong Kong

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


HybridBlock categories
Cryptocurrency Internet Platform Smart Contract
HybridBlock token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, China
Hard cap 50,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 530,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 HYB = 0.30 USD
Price in PreICO 1 HYB = 0.20 USD
Minimal investment 0.25 ETH
Acceppting BTC, ETH, NEO
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1 Introduction
• 1.1 BaseTrade™, HybridExchange™ &
• 1.2 HybridWallet™
• 1.3 HybridFX™
• 1.4 Enhancing Global Economies
• 1.5 Strategic Markets
2 Products
• 2.1 BaseTrade™
• 2.2 HybridExchange™
• 2.3 HybridTerminal™
• 2.4 Advantages
• 2.5 Data Feed
• 2.6 HybridCentral™: Mobile App
3 HybridFX™
• 3.1 Introduction to HybridFX™
• 3.2 HybridFX™ Structure
• 3.3 Reserve Audits
• 3.4 Technology
• 3.5 HybridFX™ Token Lifecycle
• 3.6 Proof of Reserves Process
• 3.7 Use Cases
• 3.8 Role in Developing Economies
• 3.9 Market Efficiency Mechanism
4 HybridWallet™
5 HybridToken™
• 5.1 Transaction Fees & Services
• 5.2 Token Trading
• 5.3 Token Distribution
• 5.4 Use of Proceeds
• 5.5 Token Storage and Security
6 Roadmap
7 Team
8 Advisor...

We stand at the edge of a precipice. While the world-at-large isn’t fully aware yet, people close
to the blockchain community can feel the pending revolution. But this isn’t a sad revolution. It’s a
joyous one.
Throughout human history, we’ve seen the baton of power seized by distinct players across the
shifting eras of our evolution. From churches, to monarchs, to banks, to corporations, and now—to
the ‘collective individual.’
Never before has there been a system that can fuel independent power, somewhat ironically,
through the consensus of strangers who are all part of the same grand, decentralized ecosystem.
Never before has the prospect of borderless banking for the billions of unbanked people in third-
world countries been a potential reality. But here we are at the precipice, staring at the opportuni-
ty across the chasm.
Any paradigm-shifting revolution takes time, and comes with seemingly insurmountable hurdles
to overcome. How do we educate the world to bring ...

1.1 BaseTrade™, HybridExchange™, & HybridTerminal™
We have three distinct trading products that cater to any individual from the most junior to most
• BaseTrade™
- An easy-to-use cryptocurrency platform, where you can buy and sell, along with an
exchange and wallet with funding options tailored to each country in which we operate.
• HybridExchange™
- Our consumer platform, which will allow traders to provide liquidity to our
target markets. This platform will provide a full order book in designated markets and currency
pairs, as well as provide traders with access to third party cryptocurrency exchanges within a sin-
gle interface. Our focus is to optimize liquidity being offered on our platform.
• HybridTerminal™
- In addition to our web client, we are working to release a desktop trading ter-
minal that connects to ours and our partner’s APIs.
Please note that HybridTerminal is scheduled
to be released two months after...

1.3 HybridFX™
HybridFX™ enables the creation of digital tokens backed by fiat currency. These fiat-backed tokens
provide individuals and organizations with a robust and decentralized method of exchanging value
while using a familiar unit of accounting. Blockchain plays a vital role in this technology, providing an
auditable and cryptographically secure global ledger. Asset-backed token issuers and other market
participants can take advantage of blockchain technology, along with embedded consensus
systems, to transact in familiar, less volatile currencies and assets.
In order to maintain accountability and to ensure stability in exchange price, we propose a method
to maintain a one-to-one reserve ratio between a cryptocurrency token, called HFX, and its
associated real-world asset, fiat currency. This method uses the Ethereum blockchain, proof of
reserves and regular audits by accounting firms to
help prove
that issued tokens are properly
backed with sufficient reserves at all times. <...

1.5 Strategic Markets
One of Hybrid’s advantages is its established network within its target markets, primarily in Asia.
HybridBlock™ has longstanding relationships
multiple governments and
including the Philippines, Malaysia, Labuan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and provincial
governments of large cities in China.
HybridBlock™ has already met with regulators in numerous countries to
ensure that we are
compliant with current laws and regulations and will continue to do so in the future.

The HybridBlock™ ecosystem consists of BaseTrade™, the web-based HybridExchange™ and the
standalone platform HybridTerminal™, Hybrid Data Feed, and HybridCentral™, an educational com-
munity platform. In order to execute the build out of these platforms, we have assembled a team
comprised of experienced trading system professionals from both the cryptocurrency industry
and non-crypto Wall Street markets.
2.1 BaseTrade
is a platform that supports the wider HybridBlock™ ecosystem by
creating the easiest way for consumers to enter the cryptocurrency market. Con-
sumers are able to access our platform, and within a few moments of confirming
their identity, can begin to purchase some of the most popular cryptocurrencies
in the market. This process aims to solve the problems that mass markets face in

adopting and accessing cryptocurrency. “How can I buy cryptocurrency?” BaseTrade™ will provide
the simplest on-ramp into the market through an easy-to-use interface. You will be able to buy or
sell multiple cryptocurrencies via a “shopping cart” allowing you to complete the transactions in one
execution, an industry first.
While we are aware that buying and selling cryptocurrencies for the first time can be intimidating, we
at BaseTrade™ aim to make this process simple by providing a team of support specialists. They will
be available by phone or chat, 24/7 in multiple languages, to make the onboard process as seamless
as possible. BaseTrade™ is the world’s simplest way to buy, sell, store and use cryptocurrencies.
Additionally, BaseTrade™ is creating a best in class, compliance, and fraud prevention team to give
consumers better confidence and transparency.
2.2 HybridExchange™
is a web-based product with an intuitive interface that enables
users to par...

Dashboard Features
The dashboard features of the HybridExchange™ platform can be minimized depending on one’s per-
sonal needs. There will be built in functionality for advanced users, but the platform can be custom-
ized in order to be simplified for users who do not need advanced features.
Trade Center
Users of HybridExchange™ can place market and limit order via our platform’s trade center. Buy and
sell orders are the basic orders that will be supported at launch, while we expect to offer advanced
order types in the future.
Order Book
The order book feature will show you the depth of the market bids and offers in an easy to follow
format and customizable views. Order books can be displayed for each currency pair offered on our
platform, with or without smart order routing.
The chart feature will provide candlestick chart analysis of your digital assets and can be at varying
time intervals. From a full day, ful week or full month to intervals ranging from 1 minute to 1...

HybridBlock Roadmap

MAR 17
Research & Development.

MAY 17
HybridBlock™ Concept.

July 1 2017
Whitepaper draft.
July 7 2017
Website launch.

September 28 2017
HybridBlock Press Conference, Hong Kong.
October 14 2017

HybridBlock Pre-Launch Conference, Penang Malaysia.
Macau, October 24 2017
HybridBlock Pre-Launch Conference.
Nov 15 2017

Official Whitepaper Release.
December 1 2017

HybridCentral™ Beta.
December 4 2017
HybridSummit 2017, Macau
January 15 2018

Token Pre-Sale.
January 20 2018
Hybrid Forum Manila, Philippines.
January 28 2017
Hybrid Forum Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

May 23 2018
Public Token Sale.
May 23 2018
BaseTrade™ Beta & HybridExchange™ Beta.

SEP 18
HybridTerminal™ Beta, HybridFX™ Product Launch.
Apolo Ohno
Apolo Ohno Co-Founder

Rod Jao
Rod Jao Co-Founder

Jonathan Bates
Jonathan Bates CEO/Chairman

Luther Jao
Luther Jao Managing Director of Asia Operations

Jonathan Weinberger
Jonathan Weinberger Principal Economic Advisor

Sung Cho
Sung Cho Technology Innovation Officer

Michael Sung
Michael Sung Chief Strategist

Brian Kang
Brian Kang VP of Business Development

Carson Knuth
Carson Knuth VP of Operations

Jeff Dubinsky
Jeff Dubinsky VP of Marketing

Steven Cody Reynolds
Steven Cody Reynolds Head of Strategic Partnerships

Jenny Kim
Jenny Kim Director of Product

Andrew Goncharenko
Andrew Goncharenko Project Manager

Oleg Shevchuk
Oleg Shevchuk Back-End Team Lead

Iegor Ukhanov
Iegor Ukhanov Back-End Developer

Anatoliy Velikokhatskiy
Anatoliy Velikokhatskiy Quality Assurance

Andrey Porubyanskiy
Andrey Porubyanskiy Front-End Team Lead

Reeve Collins
Advisors Reeve Collins Advisor

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Advisors Floria A .Rais Advisor

Andrew Donley
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Sheldon Inwentash
Advisors Sheldon Inwentash Advisor

Andrew Donley
Andrew Donley
Senior Software Architect
Apolo Ohno
Apolo Ohno
8 Time Olympic Medalist / Crypto Entrepreneur
8 Time Olympic Medalist / Crypto Entrepreneur
Brian Kang
Brian Kang
VP of Business Development
Co-Founder @ Fact Block
Investment advisor
Calley Nye
Calley Nye
Marketing Advisor
Marketing Advisor
David Kim
David Kim
CEO, Founder
Advisor - Blockchain Specialist
Biz Development & Investor Relation
Jesse Tevelow
Jesse Tevelow
Koh Kim
Koh Kim
Lauren Biedenharn
Lauren Biedenharn
Lester Lim
Lester Lim
Advisor at Fysical - Advisor for HybridBlock, Dock.io, Coinfi, Ink Protocol, Banca, Selfkey
Michael Sung
Michael Sung
Chief Strategist
Tech Innovation, A.I. and Asia Market Expansion
Reeve Collins
Reeve Collins
Reuben Loo
Reuben Loo
Seonik Jeon
Seonik Jeon
Sheldon Inwentash
Sheldon Inwentash
Simon Bogdanowicz
Simon Bogdanowicz
Sishir Varghese
Sishir Varghese
Company Relations Manager
Steven Cody Reynolds
Steven Cody Reynolds
Head of Strategic Partnerships