Token: HYC

Clean energy for the blockchain era

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-01-01
End date: 2018-03-31

Registrated in: Germany

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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HydroCoin categories
Cryptocurrency Energy Infrastructure Investment
HydroCoin token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 20,000,000 HYC
Hard cap 500,000,000 HYC
Tokens for sale 500,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 HYC = 0.001 ETH
Price in PreICO 1 HYC = 0.0009 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC, EUR, USD
Bonus in ICO
Pre-ICO 10%
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01. Executive Summary
02. Introduction
03. Market overview
04. Strategy
05. The Blockchain Case
06. Building an Infrastructure for HydroCoin
07. HydroCoin - certificate for clean fuels
08. The HydroCoin-Token
09. Community Token Advantages
10. Hydrogen Future Foundation
11. Road Map
12. Token distribution
13. Our Team
14. Legal notice
15. Risk factors

1. Executive Summary
We design and create HydroCoin to be the currency for the hydrogen age. It will
ensure that future clean technology will be used with clean fuel only, without the need for
the use of fossil energy. HydroCoin will be the first currency that enables the owners to
decide what technologies will be supported by the community. When products appear from
such technologies (i.e. gas, hydrogen, electricity etc.) the owners of HydroCoin will be able
to buy energy-products from all supported technologies using HydroCoin as a currency. So
this currency and its market price will reflect the current development-phase of clean
energy, and the availability of clean fuel.
For Technology providers
the HydroCoin will be a way to become certified as a clean


technology by the community. Companies that are providing clean technologies
can buy HydroCoin to collect votes, and participate in new clean technologies.
For Energy provi...

2. Introduction
The world is lagging behind the transformation of the transportation sector to more
regenerative fuels to lower the emission of CO
and more or less toxical hydrocarbons.
During the last few months cities in germany, china, california are dicussing the
banishment of diesel cars from their centres. Countries like France and Great Britain are
demanding the end of combustion engines by 2040. German green party claims the end of
combustion engines until 2030 in current ongoing coalition talks.
We see that manufacturers are developing electric cars using batteries. The range of such
electric vehicles (EV) is increasing, but the time to recharge batteries is limiting that
technology. Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) using hydrogen as fuel are already
available for customers. FCEV are provding a long range in combination with short
recharging time. This technology is available for mass-production, but the problem for
further distribution is the missing infrastructure with...

HydroCoin is designed to become the world-wide currency for hydrogen as a clean fuel.
3. Market Overview
Current political situation in many countries forces the traffic-sector to change to cleaner
vehicles. Combustion-engines are already reaching the maximum pollution-level, as the
latest „Diesel
- scandal indicated.
Electric vehicles (EV) using batteries are available for customers, and the range of some
models is already compareable to cars with combustion engine.
But the long time to charge the batteries is still a limitation of this technology.
EV using fuel-cell technology with hydrogen as fuel are an alternative.
In the last decade
vehicles with fuel cell became more important. Public facilities like municipal services,
transportation services, hospitals, fire alarms, and many more already started to change
their fleet to fuel-cell based electric vehicles. Many of those public services announced to
think about such a change within the next 5 years. <...

photovoltaic and an electrolytic system the reaction is in just one step, it can be made
more efficient.
At the same time the market of crypto currencies has exceeded US $200 bln. Thought
leaders in the cryptocurrency field such as
William Mougayar talk about “vanity metrics” –
the breaking of records at each “Next Big” ICO launch that only seem important to those in
the cryptocurrency industry. In this blockchain world, a big launch party is confused with
as-yet-unproven success in the field. We are going to change this, while we are adressing
a completelly different community. The community members that we are going to adress
- manufacturers of clean hydrogen technology
- people that cannot wait to drive long distance without the use of fossil sources, and with
short re-fuelling time
- investors from the blockchain-community
- startups with ideas for clean-energy
HydroCoin will be backed by a real world economy idea of hydrogen industry. Everybody,
who s...

4. Strategy
Hydrogen as a clean fuel is used for vehicles with fuel-cell and electric drive. The current
amount of available vehicles is very low. The technology for passenger cars is ready for
mass-production. But manufacturers are still waiting for an infrastructure for hydrogen. As
stated before, some oil-companies are already preparing an infrastructure of hydrogen-
stations in many countries. This is a good development. Although the production from
fossil natural gas is not what we like to see. Our strategy is to change this situation as
soon as possible.
The most likely technology to produce enough regenerative hydrogen is the combination of
electrolysis using wind- and solar-energy, and biomass-gasification.
Biomass-gasification is the technology that can be used world-wide with crop from farming.
Especially the technology of Absorbtion Enhanced Reforming (AER) is our key technology.
While actual systems for biomass gasification can only handle one dedicated sort of
biomass, our techn...

An additional core strategy is to store produced hydrogen in a organic liquid without high
The challenge:
Hydrogen is a gas with extremely low density and high storage densities
are difficult to achieve. At ambient conditions it takes 11 cubic meter to store 1 kilogram of
hydrogen. Conventional hydrogen storage only works under very high pressures
(compressed hydrogen: 700+ bars) or very low temperatures (liquefied hydrogen: minus
253 °C). This generates additional risks and requires energy intensive compression and
liquefaction procedures.
The solution:
The safe and efficient storage of hydrogen in Liquid Organic Hydrogen
Carriers (LOHC). LOHC can be stored and transported under ambient conditions in the
existing fuel infrastructure without the need for high pressures or low temperatures. One
cubic meter of LOHC can store more than 600 cubic meters of hydrogen gas.
This innovation is currently under development. HydroCoin will make this technology
become available...

5. The Blockchain Case
Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) acts like a battery. This liquid battery can be
loaded with hydrogen via hydrogenation. The state of the liquid battery is now loaded.
Loaded LOHC can be stored, carried to destination,and unloaded from hydrogen via
dehydrogenation. Loaded LOHC must not mixed with unloaded LOHC. The use of
seperate tanks for loaded and unloaded LOHC is mandatory. This limitation can be
abandoned when using a tank with integrated moving barrier to seperate loaded LOHC
from unloaded LOHC.
The actual state-of-art for the hydrogenation / dehydrogenation is with container-sized
systems. With such 1st generation technology the distribution of LOHC will be in closed
environments only. We want to use this first generation technology to develop a block-
chain-based management method for LOHC. We expect the next generation technology
for hydrogenation / dehydrogenation to be of much smaller size. Then this technology can
be integrated onboard of bigger util...

HydroCoin Roadmap

Start of pre ICO
End of pre ICO
Start of ICO
Start of Research and Development Absorption Enhanced Biomass Gasification
End of ICO
After 01.10. 2018
HYC will be placed on trading platforms
Investment in technologies to produce clean hydrogen and sell it on gas-stations
Investment in development of new technologies to produce clean fuel
First release of HYC NFC card
First release of HYC mobile app
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