Token: IDAP

First Complete crypto derivatives exchange with live TestNet:

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-06-25
End date: 2018-07-24

ICO dates
Start date: 2019-02-15
End date: 2019-05-15

Registrated in: Seychelles

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20



Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 262 days 8 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
Price: 1 HART = 0.059 USD


Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 231 days 8 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR categories
Finance Platform whitepaper
Video token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA
Soft cap 200,000,000 IDAP
Hard cap 650,000,000 IDAP
Tokens for sale 650,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting BTC,ETH,LTC,WAN is an International Digital Asset Platform, which aims to provide a complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets, offering Futures, calendar & butterfly spreads, options, and swaps among major trading products. exchange also supports spot trading, P2P lending and ETFs. Additionally, it is providing an ICO venture fund with a focus on retail investors. platform provides a Point-and-Click Ladder based Trading Interface through its Desktop Application. Its simulator tool aids beginners in learning futures trading. will issue its own token, the IDAP token (IDAP), which will be based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC 20). IDAP token holders will get 50% discount in trading and management fees if paid in IDAP tokens. There will be zero trading fee for ICO contributors. Our TestNet is live : news, social search trends in Google
Random whitepaper excerpts

The International Digital Assets Platform (IDAP) is the
first self-contained ecosystem for the
cryptocurrencies derivatives trading market.
Contained within this ecosystem are the IDAP
Exchange, the IDAP Desktop App with advanced trading tools and most importantly, crypto
derivatives instruments by IDAP for trading and investment. By bringing together individuals and
institutions in need of risk management or with an eye at profit via risk acceptance, our goal is to
become the most diverse crypto derivatives marketplace for buyers and sellers.
The volatility of the current crypto market has made it imperative that the issue of risk management
and hedging options for crypto assets be addressed without delay. Traders being free to take long
and short positions and to bet in both the bull and bear run of the market, thus being able to
diversify and optimise their portfolio performance, are all made possible by the introduction of a
highly diverse and wide range of multiple crypto bas...

1 BACKGROUND .........................................................................................................................4
1.1 Current Crypto Market Offerings for Traders
1.1.1 The Lack of Trading Choices
1.1.2 Market Opportunities
1.1.3 Potential for Growth of Cryptocurrency Market
1.1.4 Need for Derivatives Products in Crypto Trading
1.2 Challenges of the Existing Crypto Trading Ecosystem
1.2.1 Lack of Mature Trading Systems
1.2.2 Security Concerns
1.2.3 Poor Customer Support
2 IDAP ECOSYSTEM - THE SOLUTION ..............................................................................8
3 IDAP PRODUCT OFFERINGS ............................................................................................10
3.1 Derivatives Product Offerings
3.1.1 Futures Contract Crypto Trading
‘Options’ Crypto Trading
3.1.3 Crypto ...

5 IDAP EXCHANGE ARCHITECTURE...............................................................................25
5.1 Exchange Features
5.1.1 IDAP Institutional Grade Matching Engine
5.1.2 SOR and TOMS
5.1.3 Advanced APIs and Financial Integration
5.2 Efficiency and Performance
5.3 Security Measures
5.4 Monitoring and Control
5.4.1 Change Management
5.4.2 Problem/Incident Management
5.4.3 Monitoring
5.5 Customer Support
6 IDAP BUSINESS MODEL......................................................................................................31
6.1 Trading Fee and Token Utility
‘Zero Trading Fee’ for ICO Contributors
6.1.2 Trading and Management Fees
6.1.3 50% Discount using IDAP Token
6.1.4 IDAP Token Reference Price
6.1.5 Burning of IDAP Tokens
6.2 Tokenomics

1.1 Current Crypto Market Offerings for Traders
We at IDAP asked ourselves a basic, fundamental question about the crypto trading market
as it exists today:
What does it offer to traders?
1.1.1 The Lack of Trading Choices
A cursory glance into the current crypto trading market revealed a lack of offerings for trading
and little to no freedom to the trader to take a position that stems from a robust strategy
utilising diversified financial instruments, based off of advanced tools that streamline the
With this in mind, we decided to centre our core philosophy on incorporating
the advantages of legacy trading offerings into the current cryptocurrency market via
the introduction of crypto derivatives instruments and powerful trading tools.
Exchanges within the present crypto trading ecosystem fall short on both trading instruments
offered on their platforms as well as operating efficiency in the event of rapid market
fluctuations. The norm for exchanges is t...

trading to help diversify their portfolios, but also enable them to do this in a streamlined
fashion by delivering advanced tools for better and simplified trading, thereby boosting overall
efficiency of our platform. The opportunity to increase choices for crypto traders will translate
into organic market growth and happier customers.
1.1.3 Potential for Growth of Cryptocurrency Market
Despite falling to almost half its value after hitting the $800 billion mark at the turn of last
year, the crypto market never lost its potential to scale new heights. As of now, industry-wide
consensus predicts that the market capitalisation for cryptocurrencies will hit a trillion dollars,
sooner than later. By proffering a high degree of freedom to its traders and investors, the
market can fuel this growth by leaps and strides. Making it easy to take short or long positions,
helping expose traditional investors to cryptos via derivatives trading and overall fostering risk
mitigation by introducing derived financial inst...

1.2 Challenges of the Existing Crypto Trading Ecosystem
An assessment of the existing trade exchanges in the crypto market sheds light on the
challenges they face at the moment. A market’s success is closely tied to the exchanges that
constitute its ecosystem. In case of cryptocurrencies, there are certain challenges that upon
resolution will accelerate the growth of the trading market and redefine user experience when
it comes to crypto trading.
1.2.1 Lack of Mature Trading Systems
The trading systems presently available in the crypto landscape are nowhere close to their
traditional counterparts. The design philosophy of most platforms is a reflection of the lack
of choices available to traders; the prominent form of trading is Spot trading. In traditional
markets, where numerous and varied types of financial instruments exist, trading platforms
have evolved to support complex operations, automation of certain aspects, sanity in
visualisation of different kinds of data, all tied together with la...

1.2.3 Poor Customer Support
Crypto exchanges are infamous for poor customer support. Even the established ones have
been unable to perfect the art of dealing with customer
problems swiftly and efficiently.
Customers find themselves facing challenges more often than not and reaching through to get
resolution is time consuming and frustrating. FAQs and guides only do so much to placate a
customer needing a solution to problems and round the clock customer care services are
unsatisfactory as they remain overwhelmed by the volume of users needing resolution.
White paper v1.1 |

The abovementioned issues affect customers on various levels and in order to shift the
industry normal towards better user experience and greater freedom of choices, innovation is
IDAP is introducing diversified trading and investment instruments with an
institutional grade exchange platform, complete with advanced trading tools,
dedicated 24/7 customer support and top-level security.
Borrowing from the merits of legacy trading systems and coupling them with all the
possibilities lent by the crypto trading environment, we are not merely disrupting the
ecosystem of exchanges, but also creating a new way to approach crypto trading and
Unlike most of the current exchange teams that majorly comprise of techies with limited
exposure to financial markets, the IDAP team and advisors have diverse exposure, comprising
of highly successful traders, technocrats and successful entrepreneurs. Our team possesses
hands-on experience of trading wi... Roadmap

Website launch and Lite Paper release;
White Paper release;
Community building;
IDAP exchange platform development;
Company registration in Estonia;
Release of IDAP demo platform;
License procurement for derivatives trading and asset management;
Public voting for coins/tokens that will be listed on the live exchange;
Start of token sale.
Product architecture development and testing;
Front-end development;
Formation of banking partnerships for fiat integration;
Derivatives market products testing;
Advanced APIs integration and testing;
IDAP Exchange marketing;
Alpha release.
Test run of platform features;
Beta release of the platform;
IDAP Exchange launched, supporting desktop, web & mobile apps;
Listing of top voted coins/tokens on IDAP Exchange;
Gathering of the ICO Venture Fund.
Integration of extended product offerings;
ETF integrated into IDAP platform;
P2P lending functionality enabled;
Crypto Indices integrated into IDAP platform;
Customer feedback collection and analysis.
IDAP’s ICO incubation services launched;
New cryptocurrencies added to exchange listing;
Evolved, improved and new product offerings based on customer feedback;
Integration of live news tracking and analytics tools.
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