Token: ivmedia

Decentralized Ecosystem for Video Applications

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-15
End date: 2018-04-30

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries None
Soft cap 2,000 ETH
Hard cap 10,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 200,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ivm = 0.0004 ETH
Minimal investment 3 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC
Bonus in ICO
Pre-Sale 50%
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IVM Vision
As the web becomes increasingly cluttered with out of touch content, invalid traffic
and pointless attention based metrics, advertisers, content creators and publishers
struggle to find the proper way to reach consumers. Sensory and content overload
make it almost impossible to captivate and monetize audiences looking for targeted
By introducing the Interactive Video and Experience Protocol
, we look
to reimagine the interactions among the participants involved in the digital experience
ecosystem. The IVM
introduces digital layers which sit on top of any streamable
content on the Internet and overlays hundreds of new
interactive smart objects
and functions
that can be customized in real time to create the next generation
of interactive experiences and significantly increase end user engagement. Nine brands
out of ten expect to compete primarily on customer experience rather than ...

and information. The IVM
introduces a new public platform Application
Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK), that also make
Artificial Intelligence (AI) an excellent candidate to propel interactive experiences to
the next level of smarter human engagement.
The IVMedia
economy will be tokenized and centered around
. A
IVMtoken is a multi-faceted unit of account offered to members of the IVMedia Crypto
Association with various utility, consumptive, trust, governance, transfer, growth
incentive and loyalty attributes. Its holder has the right and limited license to use the
IVMedia protocol together with the underlying services offered by the community
through a newly introduced decentralized application store (dApp Store).
Market Pain Points
The broken link between advertisers, publishers and consumers
Advertising runs the Internet, fortunately and unfortunately. Fortunately,
because it allows t...

clicks, mouse movements, etc..
So, it has become an algorithm race between fake traffic bots and bot filters. Buy on
a Cost per Click (CPC) and sell on a Cost per thousand (CPM) and you define your
breakeven point. Without any real tangible solution, the problem is almost certain to
get worse, spreading to even more areas of life as bots are trained to become better
at mimicking humans. Given the degree to which product reviews have been
swamped by robots (which tend to hand out five stars with abandon), commercial
sabotage in the form of negative bot reviews is not hard to predict. Sadly, a lot of media
companiesandpublishers currently lack a serious financial incentive to do anything
about it.
Fake followers are also a significant problem with peer-to-peer or influencer
marketing, which is becoming increasingly popular. For companies that look to connect
influencers to brands, the number of people that an influencer can reach is an
important part of the initial pitch. Even if there is no g...

economic equation, under the guise of 'free' content and basic service.

Attention marketers (advertisers, sponsors and agents alike) to whom
audience is a key metric must trust third-parties for what they buy.
Incentives between them are rarely aligned: fraudulent charging
mechanisms of traditional platforms not only account for fake traffic, but are
also more permissive with fake traffic when audience is being paid for.
In short, participants in the current video distribution and interaction ecosystem
are effectively disenfranchised and their interests are often misaligned. Properly
incentivizing content creators, developers and publishers for proposing unique
viewing experiences to an audience and transparent and verifiable metrics to
advertisers will be key to nurturing the future of content consumption.
4. The IVMedia solution
Interactivity as the new standard metric
Attention is not the right metric to determine whether content is being effective or
not. Some blockcha...

embrace such an approach. “Real measurable attention” will now be better
captured with the
programmable smart objects and functions, with richer and
addictive features built by the community of developers and designers and with richer
experiences offered by publishers to a world who craves for better online video
experiences on the decentralized web.
Consumers: the drivers of the advertisement industry
Engaging content and experiences is the biggest driver of “real
attention” and brand appreciation.
The IVMedia will offer the first truly exciting
experience for audiences by empowering video content with unlimited interactive
features. With a vast catalogue of programmable smart objects and functions,
publishers will be able to tell better and more captivating stories to their target
We envision a future where, through the IVMedia in a single interactive frame,
consumers will be able to enjoy
“digitally unique...

experiences they are putting together for their audience. With
, creators
will be able to free themselves from the blatant limitations of certain
intermediaryplatforms andprofitdirectlyfromthesalesandviewershipoftheir videos.
New optimized and more transparent business models will emerge from the IVM
economy. Creators will be able to, among other things:

Create exclusive content for paid subscriptions;

Get paid directly, and automatically share royalties with other rights holders in a
transparent manner, upon the sale of items tagged on their content or per any
set interactions;

Raise donations directly from their videos;

Receive tips from avid viewers.
6. IVMedia Trust Scores
The IVMedia introduces a unique Trust Score for every protocol participant, to
measure the behavior of each IVMedia identity and determines how likely the
of the ID is to respect the code of conduct and consistently b...

Mainstream digital media users are accustomed to using apps that are free, fast,
available on their smartphones and have easy access to in-app purchases. Today,
this requires a certain degree of central coordination. Decentralization of the digital
media ecosystem components, particularly on mobile, is a long-term effort requiring
interoperability amongst decentralized networks that will not be at scale for some
years. Additionally, decentralized computing networks are not yet capable of
handling the demands of video streaming, high volume microtransactions and low
latency messaging at scale. Digital media today cannot be achieved through purely
decentralized solutions and we propose a practical implementation path of
decentralization over time.
Our motivation is to create a more balanced and equitable digital media ecosystem
that is not controlled by a few key actors. We will achieve this through tokenization
and decentralization o...

Media Foundation’s Partner Rewards pool.
The Digital Media Foundation will also oversee the development of a shared layer
that allows users to take their identity, relationships and wallet with them between
platforms and apps, contributing to seamless interoperability within the ecosystem.
New platforms and apps that enter the ecosystem will be able to quickly onboard
users who already have accounts, and as they acquire new users, the network will
continue to grow. Over time, the identity layer will transition into a blockchain-based
social graph culminating in an ecosystem that supports both centralized and
decentralized applications that strengthen the network.
Incentivized Economy Powered by IVM
This is achieved by first launching a cryptocurrency called IVM. Contributors are
rewarded with tokens that unlock functionality, value and status within the
community (see more in
Use Cases for IVM
). As a decentralized and transferable...

ivmedia Roadmap

Q4 2017
Idea of IVM.
Q1 2018
Customer development.
Start of Pre-Sale.
Q3 2018
Launch IVMEDIA interactive Mobile App.
Q4 2018
Expand use cases.
Q1 2019
Add additional Partners to ecosystem.
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