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Edutainment Token

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-07-16
End date:

Registrated in: China

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 5,000 ETH
Hard cap 70,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 660,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 8,000 IXE
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Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary/Market Overview
2. Product Overview
3. Target Audience
4. Integration of Blockchain Technology
5. Blockchain in Education
6. Blockchain use cases in Little Detective
7. System flow diagram
8. Token details, allocation & subscription fee structure
9. Token Sale Details
10. Sample Pages
11. Management team
12. Roadmap

In today’s
volatile and complex world, the rapid transformation of the global economy has created
extreme competition and yet regional economies have become interdependent in order to reap
maximum benefits from various international alliances. Globalization has exponentially sped up the
development of information and communication technologies, with a plethora of networks.
Unfortunately, all of these often exist in silos with no structured organization or centralized
management. As these emerging technologies evolve, however, the future will inevitably become
more dependent on the knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness of its people, thereby creating new
opportunities and challenges for education, forcing society to be increasingly nimble and adaptable
with learning as its modus operandi.
Education, already the main priority for most at present will be even more valued and we will see
increased investments in varied educational ventures. Greater emphasis w...

In this Paper, we feature our product,
“Little Detective”, an interactive edutainment platform,
which takes current multimedia education formats a step further. Targeted at preschool to lower
primary school children from 3 to 8 years of age, the blockchain-
powered “Little Detective” can be
accessed conveniently through various devices on multiple platforms anywhere in the world as
long as there is connectivity. Some of the key unique selling propositions of the product include:

First edutainment platform available on the blockchain;

Robust IP protection provided by the blockchain infrastructure;

Unique bounty sharing scheme rewarding quality

Advanced software features;

Covers critical features of a quality preschool curriculum, and

Endorsement by Early Childhood Education professional.

We want our preschool children to enjoy observing, exploring and discovering
the world. To cultivate thinking and life-long learners, we need to nurture our
children to learn to think and to think to learn from an early age.
Technological advancements have opened up novel vistas for their use in
creating educational platforms that have evolved over the years to engage
learners through their fascinating features.
“Little Detective” is an interactive
edutainment concept that promises to eclipse other multimedia education
formats given its unique selling propositions.
The specially designed curriculum adheres to the Kindergarten Curriculum
Framework developed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Other than
giving children the important head start in our technology-driven society, the
platform also motivates children to develop motor and speech skills through its
interactive nature. The curriculum is also designed to exercise the whole brain,
with diff...

Why the Singapore Curriculum?
Singapore has, over the years, developed a strong public education system with
high standards in teaching and learning. Our edutainment portal is
benchmarked against the same world-class standards and the endorsements by
distinguished academics within the field of early childhood education can serve
as testimonials to the quality of our product.
Parents need to be convinced that the educational software is an authentic and
well-researched product created to be a high quality resource and does indeed
help to improve their children’s knowledge and performance in school.
This can
be achieved through endorsements by federal regulatory bodies, such as each
country’s ministry of educa
tion. The endorsement of a reputable figure in the
field of early childhood education or a relatable celebrity can also help to
reinforce the efficacy of the product. In addition, we can leverage the
“Singapore brand” to market our product, as Singapore
is ...

to make sense of their environment and sharpen their thinking, observation
and communication skills.
d) Parents as Interested Supporters in Learning
While the children safely explore the world through the platform, parents
must be supportive and sensitive enough to recognize
moments of
frustration with certain activities due to difficulty levels and guide the
children to overcome such obstacles independently. The goal is for the
children to experience small successes and eventually gain the confidence to
take on greater challenges.
e) Play as a Medium for Learning
Play, a practical vehicle to encourage exploration, discovery, and risk-taking,
is vital to children’s learning. While it is important to encourage
spontaneous and imaginative play in children, opportunities for structured
play involving the rich use of language should be provided.
Our curriculum is planned to promote process-oriented, experience-centered
learning experiences for children. It is designed to ...

Content Premise
Tim is a little detective who is always on little secret missions to uncover
mysteries or to embark on some exciting adventures. He has a magical
magnifying glass which allows him to discover valuable clues. The magnifying
glass also acts as a portal where he can be transported to various locations and
talk to the most unthinkable animals or objects. But the most special feature of
all is four small gems on the nape of this magnifying glass from which four fairies
emerge to provide guidance and help Tim out of sticky situations.
Subjects covered
The full curriculum will cover the following skill-sets:

Language and Literacy

Numbers and Math

Environment and Social Studies

A total of 6 levels will be made available

1 level for each year of age.
1.1. Learning System

The curriculum is designed into Quests and each quest will comprise of
a unique adventure...

1.1.2. Downloadable Content

Downloadable print-outs for hands-on activities (e.g. coloring) and
decorative purposes may also be made available.
1.1.3. National Competitions

Quarterly competitions based on the program may be held for local
students to put their newly learned knowledge to the test.
1.2. Monitoring of Results

hildren earn points known as ‘Gems’ which can be earned through the
successful completion of quests.

A ranking system allows parents to monitor their child’s progress in
comparison with his/her peers. The system can further be broken down
into ‘worldwide’, ‘country
wide’, and ‘city
wide’ categories.
1.3. Rewards & Badges

“Gems” may be exchanged in a redemption scheme with partnering

Children may also earn “badges” for achieving outstanding performa
in various areas of the program.
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Alan Bek Chief Executive Officer

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