Token: JCO

Solution For eCommerce And Manufacturers

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-15
End date: 2018-05-01

Registrated in: Japan

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


JCoin categories
Big Data Business services Communication Cryptocurrency Manufacturing Retail
JCoin token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 9,957,897 JCO
Hard cap 14,700,000 JCO
Tokens for sale 14,700,000
Price 1 ETH = 1,500 JCO
Minimal investment 0.01 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC, LTC
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Welcome to the JCOIN Token white paper. The first car manufacturers and e-
commerce global payment solution, this contract has the potentiality to
revolutionize the car manufacturers and e-commerce payment systems, banks
and financial sectors. With the innovative business model solution created by
blockchain, Electric currency, otherwise known as cryptocurrency, is slowly but
steadily replacing traditional payment methods. It is inevitable that
cryptocurrency will become a vital part in the future e-commerce world. We
believe that the main purpose of cryptocurrencies is to make payments, in
particular, with the aim of making transactions relating to the purchase and sale
of goods and services, which is the key aspect of human economic activity. So
we make it our task to not only make life easier for internet users but also to
increase loyalty and drive up demand for cryptocurrencies at large.
In accordance to our projected road map, the JCOIN project plans to positively up set the <...

Table of Content
What is JCoin Token
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Features of JCoin Token
The use cases of JCoin Token
Fund Distribution
Legal aspects/ disclaimer
What is JCoin?
JCOIN is the first car manufacturer, e-commerce Blockchain solution that was
specifically made for global payment transactions, and financial services. Which
when integrated has a potential to speed boat transactions and make service
delivery more efficient and reduce the difficulty experienced by when using fiat
currency transaction
JCOIN Token the first car manuf...

We are in the biggest currency shift in human history and In JCOIN, people and
businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. Shorten the
distance between buyers and sellers through the JCOIN in a completely new method.
It is expected that JCOIN will become a major token in funding and develop automobile
applications and projects, similar to the way ETHs are used for current ICO generation.
JCOIN’s vision is to become a token that is accepted as a payment for car manufacturers,
car import/export , e-commerce transactions for Amazon, Alibaba. Customers will use
JCOIN, JCOIN visa/master card to pay for goods.
Furthermore, JCOIN will launch e-commerce platform called jcoinshoping.com in
which customers can use JCOIN to purchase goods, services and other benefits.
We live in a period of rapid technological advancements that has shaped how
businesses are done and what business means. The upcoming generation will
need a fast and reliable means of transaction. They desire authe...

enterprises (SMEs) to get bank loans. Lately, with economic conditions highly
uncertain in the Japan, banks are tightening their pockets. This is where jcoin
will come to play, replacing bank financing and loan
Currency volatility
Since car import & export companies need to make and receive constant
overseas payments, exchange rates are highly significant in their financial
planning. Unfortunately, exchange rates are volatile, and even small
fluctuations can make a big difference. When you’re dealing in millions, as
big corporations are, a few cents one way or another amount to significant
losses. When trading with regions that have more volatile currencies, there
can be big changes on a day-to-day basis. In the aftermath of Brexit, the
Japan has become one of those regions, with the Yen on very uncertain
footing for the foreseeable future. This means that you can import or export
the same amount of units in consecutive months, but get paid significantly
different pri...

Everyone dreads bureaucracy and taxes. But car import/export companies
face the biggest challenges. They’re dealing within the limitations of trade
agreements and if procedures are not carefully handled, they can end up in
hot water. Tax is a tricky subject, seeing as different tax laws apply to different
locations. Ultimately, you end up with masses of documentation, along with
associated costs
Charges of import duty, fuel prices, and other independent variables
One of the more difficult challenges to deal with is the impact independent
variables have on prices. Countries often hike import duties. Fuel prices are
often changing, increasing the costs of transport. Other factors affecting
prices in countries with which you’re dealing can increase costs of transport
and goods. These are factors you have no control over.
Features Of JCoin
Blockchain technology
Blockchain is the foundation of the JCOIN
and is the next “industrial revolution”.
It ...

does not require supplementary security solutions to protect the authenticity of
transactions. Blockchain’s decentralized and p2p nature means that the ledger eliminates
the need for a data-Centre and a disaster recovery Centre (DRC) or intermediaries that
houses core systems.
The JCOIN Protocol efficiency limits are up to 100,000 transactions per second, The formation
of a new block takes 3 seconds as compared to 10 minutes for Bitcoin. Low transaction fees
which get reduced even further in proportion to the growth of the token price. JCOIN is a
cryptocurrency that is built upon blockchain, which is underpinned by the consensus
mechanism called the Proof-of-work (POW)/ proof of stake (POS). The POW is similar to Proof-
of-Stake (POS) with the main difference being that it integrates behavior trusted to be positive
for the entire economy, while POS derives importance from the user‘s account balance.
major algorithm is that of Proof-of-Stake (POS), because it does not req...

JCoin Roadmap

Start of the JCOIN Token Platform Development.
Over 100 merchants on site
Partnership with Major Car Manufacturing companies
ICO preparation & Press Tour
Start Token Sale Round (1)
Partnership for the future EcoSystem
Our team set-up and commercial preparation
Priority opening for Token holder
Start Token Sale Round (2)
JCOIN Blockchain usage announcement in Japan for global Network
official Operational Launch in Japan to general
Tatsuya Benjiro
Tatsuya Benjiro CEO & Lead Blockchain

Kiyoshi Denji
Kiyoshi Denji CTO & Senior Developer

Tomohiro Eito
Tomohiro Eito Blochain App Developer

Abidin Dagoberto
Abidin Dagoberto Community Management

Chibi Noriko
Advisors Chibi Noriko

Tatsuya Doi
Advisors Tatsuya Doi

Rai Kazu
Advisors Rai Kazu