Token: J8T

Democratizing influence

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-28
End date: 2018-03-14

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Ethereum



Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 233 days 17 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
Price: 1 HART = 0.059 USD


Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 202 days 17 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR Screenshot
JET8 categories
JET8 token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, China
Tokens for sale 150,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
JET8 news, social
JET8 search trends in Google

JET8 Roadmap

July, 2014
JET8 is incorporated in Singapore Platform development begins.
August, 2014
New offices inaugurated in Jakarta, Indonesia.
May, 2015
First partnership with device manufacturer for preinstalls.
New offices inaugurated in Manila, Philippines.
August, 2015
New Singapore Headquarters inaugurated.
JET8 launches in SE Asia.
First unbranded assets published for public use.
February, 2016
First product redeemed from JET8’s mobile Shop using JET8’s JET Points.
April, 2016
First brand rewarding influencers with JET Points in the Philippines.
August, 2016
First brand starts rewarding influencers with JET Points in Vietnam .
September, 2016
Number of posts from Influencers surpasses 1 million.
November, 2016
Tenth brand starts rewarding influencers with JET Points.
December, 2016
JET8’s digital currency circulation reaches 2 Billion through the ecosystem.
January, 2017
New offline redemptions at Shop&Go Vietnam using JET Points.
May, 2017
First brand starts rewarding influencers with JET Points in Indonesia.
July, 2017
JET8 partnership with GroupM for regional expansion.
September, 2017
First offline redemption at 7Eleven network of 3,000 points of sale in Philippines using JET Points.
October, 2017
First offline redemption at Alfamart’s network of 10,000 points of sale in Indonesia using JET Points.
New offices inaugurated in Cape Town, South Africa.
First brand starts rewarding Influencers with JET Points in South Africa.
First offline redemption at ShopRite network of 2,500 points of sale in South Africa and Africa using JETpoints.
November, 2017
JET8 receives Silver at MMA Smarties Awards for Revive Campaign.
JET8 receives Silver at MMA Smarties Awards for Yomost Campaign.
December, 2017
J8T Token Pre-Sale launch.
March, 2018
J8T Tokens Token Distribution Event.
Digital services become available to token owners.
May, 2018
Usage of tokens for the consumption of on and offline retail becomes
available on interconnected apps and Wallets.
October, 2018
Beta testing of J8T Token in JET8 ecosystem including major transactions
on the blockchain.
December, 2018
All pillars of liquidity become fully integrated with the JET8 ecosystem on the blockchain.
January, 2019
Reach of interconnected marketplaces expected to reach 1 billion social accounts worldwide.
Sefi Golan
Advisors Sefi Golan CEO of BlockchainIL

Jon Matonis
Advisors Jon Matonis Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation

Dick van Motman
Advisors Dick van Motman Global President Dentsu Brand Agencies

Aly Madhavji
Advisors Aly Madhavji Founder and CEO of Global DCX

Scott Kronick
Advisors Scott Kronick President & CEO Ogilvy PR Asia Pacific

Uriel Peled
Advisors Uriel Peled CEO of Cointree Capital

Happy Ntshingila
Advisors Happy Ntshingila CMO of Barclays Africa

Mike Rich
Advisors Mike Rich EVP at FOX Networks Group Asia

Jeff Seah
Advisors Jeff Seah CEO Mettle & Salt Partners

Chris Foster
Advisors Chris Foster President of Y&R Asia

KP Unnikrishnan
Advisors KP Unnikrishnan Regional Marketing Director at Palo Alto Networks, Asia Pacific & Japan

Yariv Gilat
Advisors Yariv Gilat Founder of Kaymera Technologies

Lisa Wei
Advisors Lisa Wei CIO of DAN China

Pablo Slough
Advisors Pablo Slough Head of Mkt Solutions at Google

Timothy Chang
Advisors Timothy Chang Private Investor

Iris Xu
Advisors Iris Xu CEO of Jenga Solutions

Hein Brand
Advisors Hein Brand Ex-CEO of Naspers South America

Leah Besa-Jimenez
Advisors Leah Besa-Jimenez Ex CEO Starcom

Romeo Kumalo
Advisors Romeo Kumalo CEO of Washirika Holdings

John Dixon
Advisors John Dixon CEO of Publicis Groupe Africa

Takao Toshishige
Advisors Takao Toshishige MD at Manchester City Tokyo

Han Kao
Advisors Han Kao Founder at

Debby Cheung
Advisors Debby Cheung President at Ogilvy Shanghai

Eyal Herzog
Advisors Eyal Herzog Founder at Bancor

Roger Lim
Advisors Roger Lim Co-Founder @ Webvisions Pte Ltd

Davide de Picciotto
Advisors Davide de Picciotto MD at Nettuno Capital AS

Dror Efrat
Advisors Dror Efrat CEO of

Victor Zabrockis
Team Victor Zabrockis Chief Executive Officer

Santi Corrales
Team Santi Corrales Chief Technology Officer

Shannon Cullum
Team Shannon Cullum Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Allen
Team Mike Allen Chief Commercial Officer

Joshua Thomson
Team Joshua Thomson Chief Strategy Officer

Kirsty Thompson
Team Kirsty Thompson Head of Communications

Victor Lavega
Team Victor Lavega Senior Graphic Designer

Joan Montagut
Team Joan Montagut Head of Back-End

Mae Karl Castillo
Team Mae Karl Castillo Controller

Ridho Hadi Satrio
Team Ridho Hadi Satrio Android Developer

Adrià Bernabeu
Team Adrià Bernabeu Graphic Artist

John Darick Roco
Team John Darick Roco Android Developer

Rodolfo Perich
Team Rodolfo Perich Graphic Artist

Daniel Daverio
Team Daniel Daverio iOS Developer

Cynthia Szeto
Team Cynthia Szeto Finance Manager

Jaume Viñas
Team Jaume Viñas Head of iOS & Solidity

Eva García
Team Eva García Country Manager

Miguel Rivero
Team Miguel Rivero Front-End Developer

Ricard Boned
Team Ricard Boned Back-End Developer

Salva Regas
Team Salva Regas Senior Graphic Designer

Ivan Thomas
Team Ivan Thomas Head of Product

Den Marie Balingit
Team Den Marie Balingit Android Developer

Andzej Selistrovskij
Team Andzej Selistrovskij Head of Motion Graphics

Brian Heinen
Team Brian Heinen Senior Advisor, Community Strategy

Duong Ngoc Tu Quyen
Team Duong Ngoc Tu Quyen Growth Officer (VN)

Nahuel Velazco
Team Nahuel Velazco Solidity & Back-End Developer

Miftah Mubarak
Team Miftah Mubarak Android Developer

Oriol Rodriguez
Team Oriol Rodriguez Head of Front-End

Angel de Franganillo
Team Angel de Franganillo Head of Graphics

Josh Abrams
Team Josh Abrams Head of Production

Ana Pérez Gutiérrez
Team Ana Pérez Gutiérrez Graphic Artist

Brian Heinen
Brian Heinen
Senior Advisor, Community Strategy
Director of Communications
Dror Efrat
Dror Efrat
CEO of
Roger Lim
Roger Lim
Co-Founder @ Webvisions Pte Ltd
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investor
Neo Global Capital
Eyal Herzog
Eyal Herzog
Founder at Bancor
Crypto-economics Advisor
Han Kao
Han Kao
Founder at
Iris Xu
Iris Xu
CEO of Jenga Solutions
Marketing and business developer
Jeff Seah
Jeff Seah
CEO Mettle & Salt Partners
Uriel Peled
Uriel Peled
CEO of Cointree Capital
Aly Madhavji
Aly Madhavji
Founder and CEO of Global DCX
Senior Advisor
Advisor / Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund
Dick van Motman
Dick van Motman
Global President Dentsu Brand Agencies
Global President Dentsu Creative Agencies
Jon Matonis
Jon Matonis
Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation
Chairman, Strategic Adviser Bitcoin & Blockchain, Entrepreneur
Founder of Bitcoin Foundation
Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation. CEO of Hushmail. Startup Team at RSA's VeriSign.
Blockchain advisor
Head of Advisory Board