Token: JCR

Smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions

PreICO dates
Start date: 21st Aug 2017
End date: 28th Aug 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-11-15
End date: 2018-01-31

Registrated in: Cyprus

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Banking Business services Communication Cryptocurrency Platform
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Soft cap 2,500,000 USD
Hard cap 26,600,000 USD
Tokens for sale 26,600,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1.00 USD
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1.1. What is Jincor
Jincor is a wholesome, secure, compliant and breezy to use platform based on Jincor Private
Blockchain, that will allow any business to work with smart contracts and cryptocurrency
payments easily with no legal, technical or operational complications and in a cost-efficient
It will let companies use all the benefits of blockchain-based technologies without having to
develop and implement them on their own. With Jincor, managers and employees will be able
to execute cryptocurrency transactions in various
in a fully transparent way and
meeting all the compliance requirements, as well as to carry out any corporate relations by
creating smart contracts, which will be written to a private blockchain based on Hyperledger
Overall, our goal is to build a private blockchain and the platform that will make it possible
even for smart enough (tech-savvy, heavy iPad user) 5-year-old kid to register in Jincor ...

Smart contracts and crypto wallets in blockchain enable direct payments between companies
and individuals, with no middlemen involved (including Jincor). In terms of revenues, it can
save your business up to between $2700 and 3300 in annual bank account fees.
Another issue, which is even more costly and time-consuming for business than contracts
drafting and payments to other companies, is international trade and settlements. According
McKinsey report,
published in the beginning of 2017, cross-border B2B payments on
blockchain could save businesses about $50-60 billion by 2021 by speeding up of delivery:
while regular international payments usually take between 3 days and 2 weeks, depending on
scope, smart contracts enable real-time settlements, which would reduce liquidity and
operational costs.
1.3. Problems and solutions
While industry leaders are already aware of the benefits, which crypto and smart contracts
may bring to their businesses (full transparency, saving costs and ...

2. Market
2.1. Market overview
As it was stated in the
Harvard Business Review,
blockchain technology has the potential to
become the backbone for recording all transactions and will create new economic value by
dramatically lowering the cost of transactions.
According to a
recent Accenture research,
published at the beginning of 2017, investment
banks alone could save up to $12 billion per year by adopting blockchain and smart contracts.
Gartner estimates
that by 2022, ratified unbundled (that is, defined impact) smart contracts
will be in use by more than 25% of global organizations.
Tractica forecasts
that annual revenue for enterprise applications of blockchain will increase
from roughly $2.5 billion worldwide in 2016 to $19.9 billion in 2025, representing a compound
annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.2%.
A recent
Cambridge University study
estimates between 2.9 million and 5.8 million people
now use cryptocurrency wallets worl...

2.3. Competition
While smart contracts and cryptocurrencies are spreading vastly there are many products
appear that supposed to speed up this process. There are solutions which are trying to solve
one problem or another, like Monetha that is trying to bring easy cryptopayments to retailers
of all sizes, or BlockCat that is trying to simplify smart contracts or Aragon, that is building
digital jurisdiction.
While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at the time, Jincor is a wholesome,
secure, compliant and breezy to use product, that will include smart contracts constructor, 1
click cryptocurrency payments integration, and even digital jurisdiction to work out the right
judgments on unclear matters.
2.4. Business model
There will be a charge-free functionality of the platform that is needed to ease the entry
barriers and let the organizations appraise the usability and benefits of Jincor ecosystem. It
will include company registration, creating data about
company’s <...

Current status
Jincor team has been developing the platform since May 2016, and currently it is undergoing
closed beta testing with over 30 small and medium-sized businesses participating (one of
which has more than 250 employees) across different industries, such as manufacturing,
trading, financial services and others. More than 300 companies from all over the world have
requested access to Jincor beta testing, which is scheduled to begin in November 2017. Since
the platform provides tools for cross-company interaction, Jincor plans to target medium-
sized international companies for initial testing in order to create a necessary network effect
by attracting their partners.
Figure 1. Current project timeline
Currently, Jincor has the following features: company registration, sending invitations to
employees, defining their functional roles within the organization, corporate messaging in
direct chats or end-to-end encrypted public and private channels, editing of

4.1. Overall structure
Jincor ecosystem is a combination of decentralized (dApp) and classic web applications that
let anyone create organizations and manage them on private blockchain based on
Hyperledger technologies without any technical insight.
Jincor plan to provide all the functionality that one might need while doing business, including
instruments for effective management companies and employees, bills in cryptocurrency,
crypto payments, and smart-contracts templates. On top of that, third-party corporate
applications can be connected to the Jincor ecosystem in 'single-screen mode'. More info
about technical details you can find in our Technical Paper. Thus, here we will try to extremely
simple describe the mechanisms of work our applications and modules.
4.2. Companies and participants
Companies module is a web microservice, which includes the profiles of organizations, their
departments and the lists of participants. In Jincor ecosystem this module allows to man...

The public profile (fig.3) is a kind of digital business card, which allows any person or
organization seeking for cooperation with the company to contact it with a single-click ease.
It provides basic information, such as trading name, type of business (private/public
company, non-profit organization, public authority or other), headquarters location, industry,
brief summary, website, contacts and social media links.
Figure 3. A public profile of organization in Jincor
Participants, along with organizations, are able to have individual cryptocurrency accounts,
that can be used for delivering payments, getting wages, dividends or other financial gains.
Regular transactions based on a set of well-defined elements, such as a dividends distribution
policy, labor contracts, loan agreements and etc., can be easily organized on Jincor with the
use of smart-contracts, which allow to eliminate the human mistake factor and build the
utmost transparent and fair relationships between employers, employees and other <...

Jincor Roadmap

July 2017
Performing closed beta testing, launching an ICO campaign
August 2017
Issuing JCR tokens on the Ethereum blockchain
October 2017
Public beta launch
November 2017
Invoicing & billing system implementation. Channel partner program launch
December 2017
Finishing up the crowdfunding campaign and distributing JCR tokens among supporters. Listing on exchange platforms
January 2018
2000+ business customers. Rolling out mobile apps for iOS and Android
April 2018
Getting to the global market, localization. Adding enterprise app integrations, digital verification of companies
June 2018
Enterprise digital signatures integration
Q3 2018
3000+ business customers. Enterprise multisig wallets, blockchain asset transactions, B2E (business-to-employee) payments etc.
Q4 2018
Enterprise smart contracts, decentralized arbitration system, blockchain-based corporate management, stock issuance and shareholders transactions, dividend payments,
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