Token: KLT

Decentralized datacenter.

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-05
End date: 2018-04-30

Registrated in: Slovak Republic

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


KELTA categories
Platform Investment Infrastructure Big Data
KELTA token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 2,000,000 KLT
Hard cap 10,000,000 KLT
Tokens for sale 10,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 KLT = 0.00565 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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UNIT 1: The KELTA ICO — Quick Overview
1.1 The KLT token
1.2 Token Benefits
1.3 ICO Overview
1.4 Mobile Application
1.5 Website and Community
UNIT 2: Data center Background
2.1 What is KELTA?
2.2 Why Slovakia?
2.3 The KELTA Facility
2.4 Liquid immersion cooling
UNIT 3: Use Cases
3.1 Scientific Research
3.2 Network mining
3.3 Token Rental
3.4 Fee structure
UNIT 4: The Initial Coin Offering
4.1 Basic information
4.2 Utilization of the Ethereum Network
4.3 Terms of Payment
4.4 Notes regarding fund distribution
4.5 Project roadmap
4.6 The KELTA Team
4.7 Our Advisor
UNIT 5: Legal Considerations
5.1 Disclaimer
5.2 Jurisdiction
5.3 Notes on translation
5.4 Risk Factors
Contact Information
White Paper

UNIT 1: The KELTA ICO — Quick Overview
White Paper
In today’s world, science has advanced to such a point that home computers are just not capable of making
the calculations necessary for even the most basic of scientific research. Cryptocurrency mining, a process
which also requires advanced calculations and large amounts of computing power, is impossible for people
using home computers.
Until recently, advanced research calculations have been out of reach to everyone except scientists with ac-
cess to large supercomputers. Cloud computing has recently become a popular alternative. Cloud computing
platforms, however, are difficult to maneuver for those scientists who do not specialize in network systems.
A streamlined, user-friendly, platform offered by a large data center may just be the solution. KELTA, a multi-
functional data center located in Slovakia, is preparing to offer users just such a platform.
KELTA’s mission is to increase the accessibility of datacenter services worldwide.

White Paper
1.1 The KLT Token
Scientific researchers, cryptocurrency miners, and other types of users may gain access to the KELTA data
center by purchasing the KLT token. This token is a utility token that enables users to use the KELTA platform.
The KLT token
does not
represent a stake in the company, the right to decisions regarding KELTA’s direction, or
any right to dividends, profits, or investment revenue.
The KLT token is an ERC20 standard utility token emitted on the Ethereum blockchain network. Ownership of
one token gives the token holder unlimited access to one watt of the KELTA data center’s capacity. The amount
of watts to which the user has access is equivalent to the number of KLT tokens he or she possesses.
1.2 Token Benefits
KELTA data center users will enjoy the following benefits from KLT token ownership:
• Continuous access to 1 watt of data center capacity over the course of 50 years.
• Access to the streamlined KELTA app (and web portal) which makes it ...

White Paper
1.3 ICO Overview
KLT tokens will be available for purchase for a limited time during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Tokens will be
available for sale for 57 days, starting March 5th, 2018 and ending April 30th, 2018.
The price of tokens will increase gradually week by week (see figure 1.2)
A total of 12,500,000 KLT will be issued. During the token sale, 10,000,000 KLT will be available for purchase.
KELTA follows a fairly unique token distribution procedure. For every 100 KLT tokens sold during the ICO, 25
surplus will be issued. These 25 tokens will be distributed between KELTA team members, advisors, partners,
and the recovery fund
Distribution of KLT Tokens
Bounty + Referral program
Future upgrades
Token holders
Figure 1.1: Distribution of tokens as a percentage of the 12,500,000 that are to be issued

White Paper
Token price:
The KLT token price is set to increase every two weeks of the token sale.
Week 1,2
Week 3,4
Week 5,6
Week 7,8
Cost of token
0.00495 ETH
0.00565 ETH
0.00595 ETH
0.00625 ETH
0.00655 ETH
During the token sale, there will be a soft cap set at 2,000,000 KLT tokens. The hard cap is 10,000,000 tokens.
20% of all tokens will be allocated to the pre-sale.
KLT Token Price Increases During the ICO
$ 4.45
$ 4.35
$ 4.25
$ 4.15
$ 3.45
Week 7
Week 5,6
Week 3,4
Week 1,2
Figure 1.2: Increase in token price over the duration of the token sale
Interested purchasers will be able to participate in the ICO via KELTA’s official website —
It will be possible to acquire KLT tokens in exchange for ETH, as well as other cryptocurrencies presented on
the official website from time to time.

White Paper
1.4 Mobile Application
In order for token holders to simply and easily access the data center and its computing power, a software
product is being developed. Token holders will not be able to access the the data center until AFTER the the
application’s development is completed.
The KELTA application will be released in two versions: As a desktop and a mobile application.
Figure 1.3: Concept for the mobile application (design and functionality is subject to change).
When the user logs into the app, a menu will appear where he or she chooses the kind of operation to perform:
Scientific Research
Network mining
Token rental
The user will have full access to the management of these operations via the app. There will be pathways
by which the user may contact KELTA personnel when in need of technical or some other kind of support.
Within the app, under the “facility power” menu, users will be able to see the number of tokens they own
(or ...

White Paper
From there, the user can select the currency to mine. Preliminarily, there will be five currencies available for
mining: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), and Pascalcoin (PASC).
1.5 Website and Community
Interested individuals and potential corporate partners are invited to visit KELTA’s official corporate website —
The KELTA organization is in the process of launching a blog — which will serve as a
center for the community, providing the latest in cryptocurrency news and updates on advancements in min-
ing technology.

UNIT 2: Data Center Background
White Paper
2.1 What is KELTA?
KELTA is a data center built to empower scientific researchers, scholars, and cryptocurrency miners by provid-
ing industrial grade computing capabilities at affordable rates.
KELTA is a member of the AGEM DATA family, a group of companies specializing in the provision of computing
power. AGEM DATA is the owner of the data center building, while KELTA Capital, S.R.O.. is its operator as well as
the vendor of the KLT token. KELTA was formed as a substantive entity exclusively for the purpose of the ICO.
2.2 Why Slovakia?
Datacenters have three major needs. Power, cooling, and a high bandwidth connection to the ‘backbone’ of
the internet. All three of these are potential bottlenecks, with the first two being the most important.
High load tasks such as cryptocurrency mining use a lot of electricity, and, to maximize the returns, it is most
efficient to use specially designed and constructed architectures found in data centers. Cryptocur...

KELTA Roadmap

ICO Preparation.
Presentation Release.
White paper published on the website.
MARCH 5th, 2018
Token pre-sale.
MARCH 12th, 2018
General token sale.

APRIL 9th, 2018
Mobile application lunch.
APRIL 30th, 2018
Token sale completed.
MAY 7th, 2018
Token distribution to tokenholders.
JUNE 11th, 2018
Projected construction.
JULY 30th, 2018
Projected construction
AUGUST 28th, 2018
Projected construction
Eva Micháliková
Eva Micháliková Communications Director

Rebecca Mac
Rebecca Mac Operations Manager

Igor Kalig
Igor Kalig Support Manager

Milos Ubovic
Milos Ubovic Operations Supervisor

Ľuboslav Janovec
Ľuboslav Janovec Software Architect

Igor Rattaj
Advisors Igor Rattaj Owner at Tatry Mountain Resorts