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To purchasers generally:
The information currently provided within this White Paper
does not purport to be complete, and is subject to and
qualified in its entirety by reference to the actual text of
the Offering Memorandum, and other relevant documents,
which will be provided, upon request, to each prospective
purchaser that meets the definition of “accredited inves-
tor” under Regulation D under the us Securities Act of 1933,
as amended (the “Securities Act”).
Neither the SAFTs nor ­KODAKCoin issuable thereunder
have been registered under the Securities Act, under the
laws of any US states, or under the laws of any non-US juris-
dictions. Accordingly, WENN ­D­ igital is offering the SAFTs
and the underlying ­KODAKCoin pursuant to the Offering
Memorandum only in exempt transactions to “accredited
investors” (as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D under
the Securities Act) pursuant to Rule 506(c) of Regulation D
under the Secu...

Image protection and monetization secured in the
WENN ­Digital, Inc. (“WENN ­Digital”, “we,” us,” or “our”) and
Eastman Kodak Company (“Kodak”) have entered into a
brand licensing relationship. WENN ­Digital will provide digi-
tal asset management and protection under the ­K­ ODAK
brand for photographers and image related IP hold-
ers worldwide, utilizing blockchain technology. It will be
called the K­­ ODAKOne Image Rights Management Platform
(“­KODAKOne Platform”).
WENN ­Digital is also licensed to use the ­K­ ODAK brand in
the creation of a cryptocurrency to work in connection
with the ­KODAKOne Platform.
In order to raise capital to develop the K­­­­ ODAKOne Plat-
form, WENN ­Digital is offering (i) rights to receive an aggre-
gate of 100,000,000 tokens designated as “­K­­ ODAKCoin”
(each right, an “Option,” and collectively, the “Options”)
pursuant to Simpl...

This White Paper contains forward-looking statements,
including statements relating to WENN Digital’s and the
­K­­­ODAKOne Platform’s operations, financial results, busi-
ness and products. Other statements in this White Paper,
including words such as “anticipate,” “may,” “believe,”
“could,” “should,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “plan,”
“predict,” “potential,” “forecasts,” “project,” and other simi-
lar expressions, also are forward-looking statements.
Forward-looking statements are made based upon
management’s current expectations and beliefs concern-
ing future developments and their potential effects on
WENN Digital, the ­KODAKOne Platform and/or ­KODAKCoin.
Such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of
future performance. The forward-looking statements
include, among other things, statements relating to:
1. Amount, nature and timing of capital expenditures; <...

conducting any offerings relating to K­­­­ODAKCoin and
developing the ­KODAKOne Platform.
10 million Images at Platform Launch
A minimum of 10 million images are targeted to be regis-
tered with the K­­ ODAKOne Platform by the time of the plat-
form launch (Q2 2019 target).
Proven Proprietary Systems
The ­K­­­ODAKOne Platform’s proprietary big data archi-
tecture and SWARM
web crawling technologies, which
Ryde began operating in 2016, are designed to increase
revenues for photographers, agencies and archives from
post-licensing use of protected images.
Development Pipeline
Our development plans for the K­­­­ODAKOne Platform go
well beyond image protection, and include video protec-
tion, real-time IP valuation, and other unique services.
SWARM web crawlers are self-deploying web crawlers that are able to automatically load-balance and spawn new instances in a distributed environment.

The ­K­ ODAKOne Platform: Image protection and moneti-
zation secured in the blockchain.
We believe that our image management platform, with
its proprietary ­K­ ODAKCoin cryptocurrency, will make it
significantly cheaper and faster to register, move and
sell digital images. Therefore, the ­K­ ODAKOne Platform
will offer a simple, transparent blockchain-based world-
wide royalty accounting, licensing and payment system
via its smart contract features.
The ­K­ ODAKOne Platform will enable photographers from
around the world to earn money from diverse new reve-
nue streams and get paid faster. WENN Digital intends
to deliver its immutable blockchain-enabled copyright
protection combined with a high-efficiency “trustless” (no
trust needed) transaction platform for the assured licens-
ing of rights-cleared and protected digital assets. Our aim
is to create a sustainable community of the world’s photo-
graphic supply chain, from photographe...

­WENN ­Digital is led by:
Jan Denecke
Chief Executive Officer
Jan brings over ten years of experience
as a copyright lawyer. He is the found-
ing partner of law firm Denecke, Priess & Partner, which has
handled over 25,000 IP-infringement cases, with a special-
ization in image rights/partnering with different technical
service providers. In 2016, Jan founded Ryde to commercial-
ize the legal tech image recognition web crawling platform
he and his team had been developing. In 2017, the Ryde plat-
form had over a dozen revenue generating clients. Jan then
saw the opportunity to scale the platform using blockchain
technology. Jan now leads the WENN Digital team with oper-
ations across four countries.
Volker Brendel
Chief Technology Officer
Volker brings fifteen years of experi-
ence in recognition technology and
big data environments for global clients. Volker currently
specializes in artificial intelligence driven image...

Strategic Advisors include:
Cameron Chell
Lead Strategic Advisor
Cameron is a serial entrepreneur with
over twenty-five years of experience in
the technology, energy and finance sectors. Cameron is
the founder and co-founder of several ventures, including
Slyce (TSX: SLC), Draganfly, RaptorRig, ColdBore and Urthe-
cast (TSX: UR). Cameron’s primary role is to provide project
and strategic management facilitation while working with
his co-founders, executives, and investors to determine
what is most important and specifically how to get it done.
Chairman of Singularity University, a graduate-level Sili-
con Valley institution that counsels the world’s leaders on
exponentially growing technologies. As an entrepreneur,
Diamandis has started approximately 20 companies. He is
the Co-Founder of Human Longevity Inc. (HLI), a genom-
ics company focused on extending the healthy human
lifespan, Co-Founder & Vice-Chairman of Celularity, Inc., a
Cellular ...

In the blockchain space, Mr. Shapiro is Head of Strategy at
VideoCoin.io, Head of Business Development at Alphabit
Digital Currency Fund, and an Advisor to projects including
WorkCoin and EBoost.
Strategic Partners
WENN Digital’s contracted strategic partners:
ICOX Innovations, Inc.
ICOX (Los Angeles, CA) is in the business of designing and
creating crypto-economies solving real-world problems
with established companies that can benefit and grow
their businesses through the use of blockchain technology
and cryptocurrencies. The ICOX Innovations Regulatory
Compliant Platform combines rigorous strategic planning,
capital structuring, technical integration and token-eco-
nomics model development designed to create sustain-
able economies for its ICO clients.
Eastman ­Kodak Company
Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging, which
provides directly and through partnerships with other inno-
vative companies – hardware, software, consumables and...

KODAKOne Roadmap

Q2 2018
Q2 2018
POC1: Blockchain Registration
POC2: Smart Licensing
Q3 2018
POC3: Big Data
(Start Development of) Platform Services
(Development) Payment Blockchain
Q4 2018
KODAKOne presents at Photoplus Expo in New York
Integration of POCs into Platform
(Development of) ID Management and Blockchain Synchronization Layer
Launch Beta Phase with Agencies
Launch Platform MVP
Video Rights Management
Cameron Chell
Cameron Chell
Serial Entrepreneur, and the Co-founder and CEO of Business Instincts Group
Jan Denecke
Jan Denecke
CEO, Wenn Digital & KodakOne
Volker Brendel
Volker Brendel
Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker
Philipp Köhn
Philipp Köhn
Benedikt Von Dohnanyi
Benedikt Von Dohnanyi