Token: KRT

Limitless possibilities

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-10-03
End date: 2018-01-03

Registrated in: India

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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KredX token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 43,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 440,000,000
Price 0.10 USD
Minimal investment 100 KRT
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

KredX: “
Limitless Potential”
This Whitepaper was authored as a base document for “Kredits”, detailing
the features, functionality and research behind the new anonymous
Cryptocurrency, as well as providing insight into its usage and
implementation. Our Solution is based off of the CryptoNote code base
platform, and incorporates multi-signature outputs and encrypted ring
The Kredit Project is based on CryptoNote technology.

KredX: “
Limitless Potential”
Table of Contents
Introduction – Page 4
1- Kredits’ Usage – Page 5
1.1- As the Base Currency of the KredX App – Page 5
1.2- As Incentive for 3rd Party Miners – Page 6
1.3- As a Regular Cryptocurrency - Page 7
1.4- As a User to User Alternative for Cash – Page 8
1.5- As a Long-Term Investment Vehicle – Page 9
1.6- As a Daily Usage Currency – Page 10
2- Kredits’ Features – Page 11
2.1- Fungiblity – Page 11
2.2- Security – Page 13
2.3- Privacy – Page 15
2.4- Feasibility – Page 17
2.5- Sustainability – Page 19
2.6- Speed – Page 20
3- Kredit Technology – Page 21
3.1- Untraceable payments – Page 21
3.2- Double spending proof – Page 24
3.3- Unlinkable Transactions – Page 26
3.4- Blockchain analysis resistance – Page 29
3.5- Egalitarian proof of work – Page 31
3.6- Adaptive parameters – Page 33
Conclusion – Page 35

KredX: “
Limitless Potential”
Kredits is a Crytpocurrency that will be developed by The KredX Team aimed
at bringing numerous benefits and financial freedom to its users one its own,
and by contributing to KredX by providing a stable currency for the expansive,
dynamic, and integrated network that is KredX. Kredits is Blockchain based,
open-source Technology, and is publicly available to anyone at any given time.
Using Kredits is:

With transactions occurring instantaneously, removing the need to
wait for Bank transfers to be confirmed or sent through. Payment is as
instant and final as touching a button.

Apart from being a Cryptographically secured payment method on
the forefront of security, users will now no longer have to divulge any
payment information to third parties along the lines of Banking Details.

Kredits will be able to be transacted 24/7 with no exceptions,

KredX: “
Limitless Potential”
1- Kredits’ Usage
A Cryptocurrency gets its value from how and where it can be used. By creating
and identifying possible uses for Kredits we’ve ensured its value.
1.1- As the Base Currency of the KredX App
Kredits will be the base and encouraged currency for use within the KredX
All purchases and micro-purchases made from the KredX App will be made
using Kredits, this streamlines the process and makes the currency uniform for
all features and functions of the App.

KredX: “
Limitless Potential”
1.2- As Incentive for 3
Party Miners
Every aspect and feature of the KredX App is Blockchain based and therefore
needs to be mined.
Kredits will be used to incentivise and encourage external miners to use their
hashing power to maintain and speed up the KredX Decentralized network.
Miners will not only be getting well compensated for their efforts, but are also
making an active investment in themselves and the value of Kredits as a fast,
functional Network will ensure a steady userbase creating usage and therefore
value for Kredits.

KredX: “
Limitless Potential”
1.3- As a Regular Cryptocurrency
Kredits can be used just like any Cryptocurrency, and the usage of which is not
bound to the KredX app exclusively.
Users are encouraged to use Kredits across multiple platforms and even develop
their own external frameworks, platforms, and applications implementing
Kredits. Any Users wanting to do this will receive the full support,
encouragement, and guidance of the KredX team.
Take everything away and Kredits is an anonymous, functional, and value
orientated Cryptocurrency that should be used on every level.

KredX: “
Limitless Potential”
1.4- As a User to User Alternative for Cash
KredX will foster the trading and exchange of Cryptocurrency for Goods and
services on a User to User level.
Users are encouraged to shed the risks of using Fiat Currency between each
other and instead use Kredits as they ensure safety and value on every level.
Kredits transactions will be conducted on multiple levels of use from large
corporations to small businesses, to individual users. Its the directive of the
KredX Team to make sure that no area of use is neglected and Kredits use is
fostered on all levels of use.

KredX: “
Limitless Potential”
1.5- As a Long-Term Investment Vehicle
Kredits is the fundamental opposite of Fiat currency when it comes to the
storage of value.
Users can easily make long-term investments with large returns as Kredits is
anti-inflatory and gains value over time. Dynamic Block sizes scalable
difficulty and steady rewards mean that Kredits will be built on value, and the
increase thereof.
So whether you’re purposefully saving an investment holding of Kredits or not,
the price and value of Kredits is guaranteed to rise overtime by design creating
many a millionaire along the way, will you be one of them?

KredX Roadmap

03/10/2017 - ICO STARTS
The Token Sale is live !
11/30/2017 - KRT TOKENS
The KRX Blockchain will be live and you can exchange KRT for KRX.
03/01/2018 - ICO CLOSES
ICO ends on 03/01/2018 or when tokens are sold out.
03/06/2018 - KREDX APP
Download the app and exchange KRT for KRX.
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