Token: KUE

Putting The Social Back Into Social Networks

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-10-19
End date: 2018-11-16

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Kuende categories
Communication Entertainment Media Platform
Kuende token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries China,Singapore,Switzerland,USA
Soft cap 4 000 ETH
Hard cap 28 980 ETH
Tokens for sale 1,780,000,000
Price 1 KUE = 0.01 USD
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Kuende: Creating Real Life Experiences
We know that social media has and will continue to change the world. It’s time to use that for the
betterment of every person, group and community. It’s time for Kuende.
The use of modern social media that pushes solely for greater interactions online is an amazingly powerful
force. Users can find, follow and interact with their friends, family and favorite celebrities all from the
comfort of their couch.
Unfortunately, this digital interaction is keeping people on their couches, in their homes and away from
friendly interactions in the real world. Groups that use social media more often, such as Millennials and
Gen-Z, are not only shunning social activities but are also reporting higher levels of isolation and related
Our mission is to use the power of social media to encourage healthy behaviors and offline interactions
through gamification. The Kuende platform will allow users, groups and businesses to create Challenges that
require specific off...

We have raised more than $2.6 million to-date and are targeting an additional $15 million to further
develop our platform and expand our product to a broader audience.
The rise of the ICO has led to millions of everyday people taking an active role in a company’s development
through tokenization of products and services. Startups raised $5.6
billion through ICOs last year.
Kuende will have a successful ICO because we have nurtured a great community that is supportive of our
efforts to transition into a blockchain/crypto friendly platform. Therefore, we aim to raise funds in the most
democratic, fair and open way. The way it should be. The community is an essential part of our vision and
our journey.
ICO Use and Ongoing Revenue
The bulk of the funding we raise through our ICO will be used for the development and furtherance of our
platform, including security reviews, R&D, business development and traditional overhead. All investments
and efforts will specifically target ...

Kuende’s reward system again can take advantage of this desire to meet up for a variety of purposes to lead
to greater interactions.
Tinder, perhaps the best-known service to drive users to meet in the real world, has an estimate of 50
million users, but its use-case is limited. As soon as someone achieves their first desired goal of establishing
a relationship, they pause on the service for some time. By providing a wide range of activities that can
change with a user’s shifts in preferences, family status, location, habits and more, users can stay with us
through this change.
We have also seen a variety of blockchain proposals that are considering functionality similar to ours. Their
roadmaps usually include a product launch in 2019 or 2020, and we don’t think consumers will want to
wait that long to switch to a new social network, especially in the light of growing privacy concerns with
some larger, more established networks.
Others also place a premium on creating entertainment online, without t...

Table of Contents
Motivation - The Mental-Health Problem Of Social Media Addiction
Solution - Unveiling The Vision For A Hybrid Social Media Platform
Kuende - A Hybrid Social Media Platform For Real-World Interaction
Community-Created Challenges
Kuende-Created Challenges
Proof Mechanisms
Examples of Challenges
Achievments & Badges
Key Players in the Kuende Ecosystem
Blockchain - The Way Forward
Incentivize Challenge Creation and Participation
Blockchain Guided By Our User Focus
Blockchain Integration
Points of Trust
Kuende Whitepaper 2018 April

Kuende’s Microeconomy - Kuende Token & Kuende Points
Kuende Token (KUE)
Kuende Points (Kp)
Financial Model
Revenue Streams
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Token Supply & Distribution
Use of Funds
Product Roadmap - Where We’ve Been, Where Are We Going
Our Beginning
Kuende’s Most Important Milestones
Future Development
An Overview Of Our Existing, Traditional Social Media Features
The Kuende Team
Core Members
Advisors & Partners
Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimers
Kuende Whitepaper 2018 April

Motivation -
The Mental-Health
Problem Of Social Media Addiction

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media,
the question is how will we do it?”

Erik Qualman
Over the past decade, social media has allowed us to have global conversation unlike anything we’ve ever
seen. For the first time, people are able to learn anything almost instantly - explore new ideas, try new
hobbies, engage and keep in touch with friends and family members living abroad.
As time passed, we could see that the progress and evolution of social networks came with a cost.
Psychologists and scientists studied and determined that
social media is
becoming increasingly
and, if used as a replacement for real world interaction
is very unhealthy.
The addictive nature is easily explained. After all, when you socialize over the internet, there is less risk of
hurtful rejection or humiliation. Human beings are pro...

Another trend shows how social media can even affect parenting. In a Parents survey of 2,000 people,
79% said they felt other parents overshare their parent-child moments on social media. Yet at the same
time, only 32% felt they themselves overshare these same moments. This goes to show how social
media can work its way into even the most cherished relationships and slowly transition them to the
online world.
all generations that are active on social media are affected by these side effects…
Generation Z
suffer the most. After all, they are the first generations to be born in a world where internet,
smartphones and social media are parts of their daily lives.
They are the only generations that report preferring social media as a way to keep up with family and
friends. We think this is the most revealing fact regarding the magnitude of this issue about Gen Z and
Millennials. By avoiding real-world interaction with their closest companio...

Solution -
Unveiling The Vision For
A Hybrid Social Media Platform

“People use our online platform as a means to spend more
quality time together, offline”

Kuende Vision
We envision a world in which social media nurtures and cares for the true social needs of its users.
A world
where social media creates as much human interaction in real life, as it does digitally.
We believe that, for
the betterment of individuals and society alike, both types of social interaction are properly balanced.
Social platforms should not only provide the means to get connected, entertained and informed, but also
help preserve the value of real life interaction.
They should be used to enhance rather than to replace.
This is what Kuende seeks to provide.
Using gamified challenges and blockchain technology, we seek to create
a network that encourages
dynamic, evolving and socially engaged communities
that gather in the real ...

Kuende Roadmap

Pre-seed Investment - $120.000.
Kuende.com (Alpha & Closed Beta Versions)
Seed Investment - $2.500.000.
Mobile apps for iOS & Android.
Implemented Gamification.
Launched the mobile apps.
Launched Kuende.com (Beta Version).
Web & Mobile Security Audit.
Prepare ICO.
2018 - Q1
Challenge Framework.
54.000+ Users.
20.000+ App Downloads.
2018 - Q2
Create, Participate & Vote Challenges.
Challenge Feed.
GDPR Full Compliance.
Security Audit.
Redesign Web & Mobile Interface.
Launched ICO.
2018 - Q3
Integrate with Civic (for KYC Procedures).
Deposit Kuende Tokens into the Platform.
Anti Fraud Mechanism.
Start generating Kuende Points.
Badging & Reputation System.
Tip Content Creators.
2018 - Q4
Smart Algorithm for Challenge Suggestions.
Check-in Feature.
First Kuende Game.
Encrypted Messages.
500.000 Kuende Users.
2019 - Q1-Q2
Kshop (In-app Purchases & Donations).
Interest Based Groups.
Second Kuende Game.
3.000.000 Kuende Users.
2019 - Q3-4
Influencer Profile.
Group Challenges.
Live Stream.
Third Kuende Game.
10.000.000 Kuende Users.
API for Challenge Creator.
Kshop (Digital Goods).
Business Profiles.
Sponsored Challenges.
Ad related mechanism.
AR Challenges.
50.000.000 Kuende Users.
Pavel Antohe
Pavel Antohe CEO & Founder

Dan Tudor
Dan Tudor CFO & Co-founder

Teodor Pripoae
Teodor Pripoae CTO & Co-founder

Mihnea Rafailescu
Mihnea Rafailescu CDO & Co-founder

Alexandru Tache
Alexandru Tache Senior Software Engineer

Razvan Carstea
Razvan Carstea Lead Mobile Developer

Cosmin Rusu
Cosmin Rusu Senior Software Engineer

Adrian Bogatu
Adrian Bogatu Backend Developer

Alisa Laza
Alisa Laza Full-stack Mobile Developer

Andrei Dumitra
Andrei Dumitra Backend Developer

Andrei Florea
Andrei Florea Full-stack Mobile Developer

Andrei Gherghe
Andrei Gherghe Full-stack Mobile Developer

Armando Ducan
Armando Ducan Content Curator & Tester

Andy Biro
Andy Biro Lead Designer

Bogdan Zlate
Bogdan Zlate Full-stack Developer

Claudiu Cismaru
Claudiu Cismaru Backend Developer

Eugen Dorin
Eugen Dorin Lead Frontend Developer

Felicia Popa
Felicia Popa Social Media Specialist

Fredi Radu
Fredi Radu Community Manager

Marian Tarlungeanu
Marian Tarlungeanu Frontend Developer

Mihai Mucenica
Mihai Mucenica Content Curator & Tester

Stefan Florescu
Stefan Florescu Full-stack Developer

Vlad Platon
Vlad Platon Backend Developer

Andrei Avadanei
Andrei Avadanei
George Bunea
George Bunea
CEO & Co-founder