Token: LTI

Torelant and Fastest with Quantumn Computer

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-24
End date: 2018-06-30

Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 800,000,000
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Price 1 LTI = 0.00001 ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Development of quantum computers began in earnest in 2017. Google,
Mircrosoft, the country, etc. are starting to focus and are conducting research.
At the present stage of January 2018, the quantum computer is far from
practical use, but if it advances research at this pace, it is expected to spread
in full scale in 2020. The greatest threat of this quantum computer is its
computing power. With this computing power, it is possible to decipher all
ciphers that are widely used at the moment.

In this ICO project 'lattice', we developed a new block chain in the quantum
computer age.

Lightweight block chain not broken by quantum computer

The world's fastest block chain using quantum computer

We are currently conducting Lettis's demonstration experiments, but we need
a large scale experiment to put it into practical use, and we will do ICO for its
development cost and penetration costs. In other words, we will d...

Although it may not feel familiar to cryptography, now all things
are closely connected with encryption. For example, wireless
devices such as iPhone and Bluetooth earphone have increased
dramatically. Encryption technology is hiding this radio so as not
to be stolen. Furthermore, the transaction of electronic currency
including SUICA and encryption currency explosively increased
in 2017. However, it is a gift of encryption technology that these
transaction information is safely moving without being tampered
with and hacked.
'Encryption currency is innovative because it runs on next-
generation technology, block chain' is, in other words,
'Encryption currency is innovative because it moves in a form
(block chain) that advanced encryption technology It is possible
to say in the wind.
Thus, the encryption technology is closely related to human life.
However, its encryption technology may be broken by the advent
of quantum computers. Prior to that, we develop an encryption ...

In a quantum computer

Block chain study

In order not to break the encryption, I think to make more complicated encryption,
but at IOTA, I thought it against it. In other words, if it is a simple cryptography,
'neither general computer' nor 'quantum computer' is an approach in which there is
not much di
erence in calculation speed. For example, if you run a 5 meter race,
whichever is earlier if cars and people run. . It is the opinion that development of
such a block chain can be operated also in the quantum computer age. However,
the disadvantage of this block chain is that IOTA utilizes the ternary method, unlike
the program (binary method) that runs personal computers and smartphones. IOTA's
ternary method is ine
cient because all computers use binary. Also, the transaction
of IOTA has 10 KB (transaction of bit coin is 600 B) and it hinds readability.

IOTA is known as alto coin (virtual cu...

Chain using Russian
quantum key
distribution (QKD)
In quantum key distribution (QKD), the sender modulates and sends photons, the
receiver detects the state of the received photons, eliminates bits that may be
eavesdropped, and transmits an absolute secure cryptographic key between the sender
and receiver Share with. Since the trace of the photon level signal that has been
modulated is surely left whenever a measurement operation is performed (Heisenberg's
uncertainty principle), it is a system that uses this principle to detect eavesdropping.

However, this encryption technology is not suitable for practical use. In the first place
there is a limit to the length of the cable of the optical fiber that sends the quantum
and further it is di
cult to make the equipment to observe the quantum itself simple
and compact. We think that it is almost impossible to disseminate it to all the
computers in the world that participate in the block chain. Quan...

We describe the block chain 'Lattice' using our encryption technology. Technical details are
summarized in a separate section. Here, we explain the flow of the main frame. In the first place,
lattice means 'lattice'. Here, it is a lattice of lattice cryptographic meaning, the project 'Lattice'
refers to a new block chain system incorporating lattice cipher into the block chain.

In order to calculate the deviation corresponding to the message from the coordinates of the point
sent by the sender, it is necessary to find the lattice point closest to the coordinates. We know that
this calculation can be done at high speed if we know the shape of the original grid. However, if you
do not know it, calculation is expected to take a very long time, so even if the eavesdropper gets
nearly parallel vector sets and the coordinates of the ciphertext, decrypting the cipher from that
information only It is di
cult, lattice code is considered safe.

Speed up settlement
using quantum
Lattice's initial goal is to develop block chains that are not broken by quantum computers. But by itself, the performance
of the lattice block chain is not improved. What we should aim for is a block chain that is not broken by quantum
computers, and furthermore by using a quantum computer, it is the development of ultra-fast settlement system.

Speed up the routing part of the current block chain with a quantum computer. In the case where the remittance speed
etc is a problem in the current block chain, it takes time for this routing.

Remittance speed and simultaneous processing limit

Routing is a story about how to find Mr. B's route from Mr. A if he wishes to remit money from Mr. A to Mr. B. Block
chains, unlike centralized systems of banks, are always distributed data. Therefore, when transferring money from Mr. A
to Mr. B, I can not go from the node where Mr. A's data exists to the node where Ms. B's data exist...

Purpose of financing in ICO
One is because funds are needed to disseminate block chains
using research funds and lattices. The second is the research and
development day of the quantum computer. The third one is
Fact of research on quantum computers
There are types of 'quantum gate method' and 'quantum Ising model method'.
Quantum computers are divided into these two types. The quantum gate method is
a general-purpose quantum computer and has been developed to solve various
problems. On the other hand, the quantum Ising model method is a method
specialized for solving specific problems.
Quantum computer with block chain study
Research to combine a quantum computer and a block chain is unusual
even in January 2018. However, there is a company IOTA that has done
'development of block chains not broken by quantum computers and
ICO' prior to our company. But IOTA has a decisive drawback.

About Lattice
By incorporating this lattice code into the block chain, we have succeeded in partly developing a block
chain (withstandability) that can be used even in the quantum computer age. Regarding this lattice
cryptography, many studies have been done globally.

Cryptographic technology is very relevant to maintaining security. For example, if all of the current credit
card cryptographic systems are hacked, hacking where payment records do not remain with credit cards
can be realized, and life, economics, security, etc. are all threatened. For that reason, the country actively
studies lattice cryptography and publishes research results.

Lattice's initial goal is to develop block chains that are not broken by quantum computers. But by itself,
the performance of the lattice block chain is not improved. What we should aim for is a block chain that is
not broken by quantum computers, and furthermore by using a quantum computer, it is the development
of ultra-fast se...