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Leap With AliceSTO
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A Leap in Creative Education

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Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: Security (STO)


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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Price 1 LWA = 0.0013157895 ETH
Minimal investment 1 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC, DASH, Fiat
Bonus in ICO

50% Discount May 15 - May 30.

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Table of Contents
1.0 Abstract
2.0 Leap With Alice Vision
3.0 Today’s Challenges
Easy Access, Low Engagement
Students Are Still Left Behind
Immeasurable Value Undervalued
Digital Learning Credibility
Your Data At Risk
4.0 Our Solution for Tomorrow
Leveraging Curiosity, Peaking Interest
Fostering Unique Abilities
Incentivizing Through Interaction
Credibility and Trustlessness
Protecting Teachers and Students
5.0 Market Analysis & Opportunities
6.0 ALICE Token and Exchange
7.0 Alice in Action
The Complete Alice Experience
8.0 The Team
9.0 Road Map
January 2017 - Present
Looking Forward
10.0 Initial Token Distribution
11.0 Disbursement of Funding
12.0 Summary
13.0 Refer...

The token sale period for ALICE tokens will end when the first of the following
two milestones are met:
● Hard Cap has been reached.
● Closing Date: TBD - Specific date and time will be announced before the start of
the Pre-ICO.
Coinciding with the release of the Leap With Alice Demo Application, this White
Paper serves as a Proof of Concept prepared by Leap With Alice, LLC. The ALICE
Token Sale offers the ability to exchange ETH for ALICE, for which the primary use is to
act as a native currency for Leap With Alice. There is a maximum of 2,000,000,000
ALICE tokens available during the token sale.
DISCLAIMER – Not Investment Advice
The information provided in this White Paper should not be viewed as investment
advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice. Do conduct your
own due diligence and consult your financial advisory before making any investment
Leap With Alice will exhaust all means to ensure accuracy of information...

1.0 Abstract
A leap in creative education...
The outdated infrastructure of today’s educational landscape has failed to
introduce new and exciting technologies into the classroom. Teachers and students lack
the tools required to reach their maximum potential. It has become devastatingly normal
for students with unique abilities (such as dyslexia) to be ignored.

Deeply impactful
members of our society are struggling to get by, as an educator’s time and efforts are
often undervalued. The shortcomings surrounding the education system are openly
discussed but solutions have been scarce.
The technology required to create the classroom of the future is readily available.
Shattering the basic routine of classroom activity, educators now have the resources
needed to transform each day into an interactive learning experience. Leap With Alice
provides a free educational tool and a peer-to-peer exchange with the capacity to
create, buy, and sell enhanced educational content. Leap...

2.0 Leap With Alice Vision
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela
Disrupting modern day education and solving the problems that have persisted
for decades, Leap With Alice provides an innovative educational tool. Lighting the spark
that ignites a monumental shift in learning, every student has the personalized
resources they need to realize their true potential. Leap With Alice fosters a society in
which teachers are properly compensated for the monumental role they play in our
future. While initiatives such as “No Child Left Behind” have commendable intentions,
Leap With Alice provides educators and students a tool to achieve those visions on a
much larger scale, with far greater efficiency, and at no cost. Leap With Alice will
become the tool that parents and teachers use to discover each student’s educational
3.0 Today’s Challenges
Easy Access, Low Engagement
In most classrooms, smart devices are...

tools created with unique abilities in mind is essentially non-existent. Despite access to
devices within the classroom, teachers do not have the resources to individualize their
Immeasurable Value Undervalued
A passion for developing young minds is what motivates our educators, not
significant financial gains. 62% of teachers in the United States require a second source
of income to make ends meet. The amount of time and energy required to guide each
student is astronomically high. Paired with financial stress, not only are educators
exhausted but their performance becomes diluted in the classroom.
Digital Learning Credibility
While e-learning continues to grow in popularity, certification validity remains an
issue, as there is no standard accepted by all companies, countries, or institutions.
While many online institutions offer certificates upon completion, most present little
value outside of that given platform. Lack of quality standards, transparency, and trust
play lar...

monitors user and process behavior on the endpoint. 24/7/365 All LWA systems are
monitored by security operation center professionals.
Big Data is becoming a very important market. Companies buy and exchange
data for many different purposes. Through the use of blockchain technology and
identity-aware proxy, identity data isn’t compromised. Through this policy-based
approach the use of the data is transparent and can only be released by the user.
4.0 Our Solution for Tomorrow
Leveraging Curiosity, Peaking Interest
Augmented Reality (AR) provides a level of depth and interaction that has not
been fully utilized in the classroom. The ability to transform the classroom into an
immersive learning environment not only boosts the engagement of students, but allows
the educator to use aids that had once been unimaginable. Partnering with the
University of Central Florida (UCF), our studies have shown increased engagement in
90% of the students observed while using the Leap With Alice AR software. ...

Incentivizing Through Interaction
A distinguishing force that separates Leap With Alice from its peers is the ability
to algorithmically reward quality contributions. Not only will content creators buy and sell
lesson plans via the ALICE Exchange, users will have the ability to earn ALICE tokens
by playing a valuable role in the Leap With Alice community.
Pushing the basic online rating system to the next level, Leap With Alice
incentivizes users to add positive value to the community. Drawing from an incentive
pool, ALICE tokens are distributed to users who help curate content, as well as create it.
Credibility and Trustlessness
Pairing with the incentive model is the ability to build an immutable reputation
that perpetually builds upon itself. When users onboard, they establish a digital identity
that begins recording all academic achievements, securely stored on the Ethereum
blockchain. Teachers and students have the opportunity to build a portfolio of
certifications and recognition, neve...

5.0 Market Analysis & Opportunities
Modern technological innovations have facilitated the integration of smart devices
into the classroom, broadening the potential and scope of education, worldwide.
Students in the United States regularly access smart devices in the classroom, with 1/3
of these devices issued by the school district. Electronic devices in the classroom,
aiding in lesson plans, have proven to greatly increase the engagement and retention of
information for all students. Partnering with the College of Education and Human
Performance at the University of Central Florida, our study shows increased
engagement in 90% of the students observed while using the Leap With Alice software.
In 2015, the e-learning market was estimated to be $165 billion. The industry has
consistently grown and is expected to reach approximately $250 billion by 2023.

This is
especially true in emerging market countries such as India, China, and Malaysia, where
the growth rate is e...

Leap With AliceSTO Roadmap

PHASE I (2017)
In 2017, ALICE was born and hit the ground running. In Q2 of 2017, the University of Central
Florida Reading Clinic used Leap With Alice to study the effects of AR on engagement in the
classroom. Not long after, Alice partnered with SharkTank’s Trobo “The Storytelling Robot” -
plushy robot friends wirelessly connected to your iPad or iPhone. Q4, 2017 was the release of
the LWA Demo, showcasing LWA technology - which resulted in a $10,000 donation from the
OTAB fund. In addition, during this same quarter we engaged the blockchain for our security
protocol and started our ICO (crypto) journey.
PHASE II (2018)
Phase II is the beginning of ALICE’s expedition into educational institutions. Early 2018
will see ALICE conduct a pre-ICO sale and the main initial coin offering (ICO).
Afterwards, ALICE will continue to cultivate partnerships with various learning
institutions - augmenting The Montessori School lesson plans. To close 2018, the
ALICE token will be integrated into multiple exchange networks, deepening its
connection to all of the capabilities that blockchain startup technologies have to offer.
PHASE III (2019)
Phase III will be defined by ALICE’s ability to conquer the e-learning marketplace and
expand throughout developed nations; permanently ingraining Leap With Alice as an
integral part of the new era of education. In 2019, the ALICE platform will provide
complete functionality for all teachers to enhance every day lesson plans, while
receiving the recognition and compensation they deserve.
PHASE IV (2020 & Beyond)
Phase IV will expand ALICE’s reach from developed nations to those that are lacking
the tools to engage the platform. The Leap With Alice Global Initiative Fund will bring
ALICE to every corner of the globe; further building partnerships on the way to make
ALICE the new AR Educational standard (tool) for e-learning, worldwide.
Caesar Medel
Caesar Medel Chief Executive Officer

Alfonso Morales
Alfonso Morales Chief Operations Officer

Manuel Betancourt
Manuel Betancourt Chief Design Officer

Gilbert Pierola
Gilbert Pierola Chief Commercial Officer

Marc McDonald
Marc McDonald Chief Product Officer

Kenneth Medel
Kenneth Medel Chief Marketing Officer

Alfonso Morales
Alfonso Morales
Chief Operations Officer
Caesar Medel
Caesar Medel
Chief Executive Officer
CEO & Co-Founder
Gilbert Pierola
Gilbert Pierola
Chief Commercial Officer
CMO & Co-Founder
Manuel Betancourt
Manuel Betancourt
Chief Design Officer
CDO & Co-Founder