Token: DDD

Decentralized Database for Dating

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-08-01
End date: 2018-10-31

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-11-01
End date: 2018-11-30

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

PREMIUM ICO categories
Big Data Infrastructure Platform
Video token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries Singapore
Soft cap 1,200 ETH
Hard cap 12,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 550,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 33,000 DDD
Acceppting ETH
Bonus in ICO Private Sale Bonus (until October 31) = 10% Volume Bonuses: > 10 ETH = 10% > 20 ETH = 20% news, social search trends in Google
Random whitepaper excerpts

We are LoveBlock (LB) – The
Decentralized Database for Dating.
LoveBlock is the most innovative
Blockchain technology solution for
online dating worldwide. Based at our
Singapore Lab, LoveBlock is working
on the future proof solutions that will
revolutionize the dating industry and
LoveBlock solves the problems of
today and tomorrow, whilst opening
up a world of possibilities for a future
of growth, user incentivization and
introducing a cryptocurrency that in
its infancy already has a usable
population of over 2 million people.

Agenda Outline
A Decentralized Database for Dating
Overview - LoveBlock's role in the Future of Online Dating···········03
The LoveBlock Token DDD··········································10
The Concept of LoveBlock··········································20
LoveBlock Usage Scenarios ········································36
The Architecture of LoveBlock······································43
LoveBlock’s Governance Structure··································47
Roadmap, Development & Iteration·································52
Important Disclaimer···············································55
Risk Statement················································...

A Decentralized Database for Dating
Overview - LoveBlock's role in the Future
of Online Dating
LoveBlock Solving the CoreProblems of Online Dating
Fraudulent Activity
With LoveBlock, fraud will easily be identified via
our unique verification system. The information
will be saved and encrypted on the LoveBlock
blockchain allowing the data to be shared with
other DApps. This will expose the scammers, thus
preventing them from creating any more harm
across the whole network.
User Motivation
With LoveBlock, each user’s behavior will be
quantified depending on how valuable their
contribution is to the network. More positive
behavior will result in greater rewards for the
user, thus motivating continued and meaningful
use of LoveBlock indefinitely.
Decentralized Dating
With LoveBlock, no one computer or server will
house user data, preventing the security issues that
have plagued the dating community for too lon...

A Decentralized Database for Dating
Partnership with Luxy
LoveBlock has partnered up with hugely successful dating app Luxy, who
currently have more than 2 million active users across the globe.
Luxy is the Number 1 executive dating app on the planet, where privacy
and security matters are taken more seriously than any other dating
As a result, the partnership of Luxy and LoveBlock is a perfect match.
LoveBlock WhitePaper

A Decentralized Database for Dating
Luxy is a world-renowned dating application having been featured on
Jimmy Kimmel, SNL, CNN, CNBC, The New York Times, The Huffington
Post, Vanity Fair and many more media and entertainment outlets.
Jimmy Kimmel Meets Luxy
LoveBlock WhitePaper
Luxy accepts DDD tokens for
in-platform purchases

A Decentralized Database for Dating
The LoveBlock Token – DDD
The DDD token stands for Decentralized
Database for Dating and it will be
implemented on the ERC20 standard.
DDD will be the sole currency for the
LoveBlock community and used for
transactions across the entire DApp network.
Already DDD is operational as a token for
use on the hugely successful Luxy dating
2100 000 Users 4600 000 Users 8500 000 Users 15 000 000 Users
DDD Token Demand
Number of Users
DDD Token Price
Token Volume
LoveBlock WhitePaper

A Decentralized Database for Dating
LoveBlock Solving the Core Dating Problems
· The Decentralized Database for Dating Services - Unlocking the Value of
· A Secure Data Processing Mechanism with Homophobic Encryption
· A Token with Outstanding Growth Prospects – Integration of DDD into
Successful Dating App Luxy with its 2 Million users
· Opportunity for other DApp integration – All will use DDD as their
Currency, Securing the Future of the DDD Coin
· The Security Standards backed by Blockchain Technology and a Secure
Interlinking Ecosystem will Eliminate
Fraud and Scams on all participating dating services
· Verification and Security Standards
are Lackluster on almost Every Online
Dating Platform. LoveBlock Solves this
Key Issue.
· Keeping dating services competitive
and achieving a higher user
satisfaction on every platform
LoveBlock WhitePaper

A Decentralized Database for Dating
Issues in the Dating Industry call LoveBlock for
Lack of security on dating apps put women
disproportionately at risk.
Fake accounts aren't uncommon on apps like Bumble and
Tinder. I'd been using both on and off for around two years.
I wasn't too fond of the apps, regularly joking that if you
used Tinder as a guy, one-quarter of your matches would be
spam bots or fake cam girls trying to steal your credit card
- 2017
- 2018
Bots account for a huge percentage of traffic.
There are plenty of bots designed for evil
purposes, and there are plenty of accounts like
that on Tinder.
If you've used a dating site or app like OkCupid or
Tinder, you'll have noticed the hundreds of fake profiles
that exist on the sites, seemingly designed to make you
hand over your profile to scammers.
- 2015
- 2018
According to the FBI, romance scams and
similar confi... Roadmap

November 2017
LoveBlock Foundation Limited is officially registered in Singapore
December 2017
LoveBlock Anti-Scam Method is created.
To fight fraud and scammers effectively we developed a unique technique to help dating platforms worldwide
January 2018
The LoveBlock Reward system is designed.
Our Reward System is the key in the LoveBlock ecosystem. It will moderate the exchange between actors and ensures a sound interaction for both companies and users.
February 2018
LoveBlock Development Team established.
March 2018
Starting to develop the EOS Blockchain based LoveBlock v1.0
May 2018
Partnership with Dating App Luxy established.
Luxy will become the first DApp in the LoveBlock network. Further Luxy will integrate the LoveBlock currency DDD and adapt part of its Reward System.
July 2018
Luxy is beginning to accept DDD tokens. Now users can buy Luxy services on the website also with the DDD token
August 2018
Private Sale starting.
Luxy is starting to accept investments form private and institutional Investors.
September 2018
LoveBlock Test Network completed.
The first complete version of a test environment will be finished and available
November 2018
Reward System implemented on Luxy.
November 2018
Crowd-Sale for the LoveBlock project
December 2018
DDD tokens issued and trade-able.
February 2019
LoveBlock version 1.0 launching
February 2019
Integrating fully all partner Dapps to LoveBlock.
March 2019
‘Dating Circles' as a DApp developed by the LoveBlock team will be transferred to functioning test application.
Dating Circles will experience the full power of the LoveBlock Reward System, bring users a social way of Dating and will be completely decentralized.
June 2019
Application based on ‘Dating Circles’ created, established and integrated into LoveBlock.
Jillian Godsil
Advisors Jillian Godsil Advisor

Raffael Krause
LoveBlock Ltd. Raffael Krause Founder & CEO

Brenda Huang
LoveBlock Ltd. Brenda Huang Founder & BD

Anish Narda
LoveBlock Ltd. Anish Narda Founder & Compliance

Tiffany Tang
LoveBlock Ltd. Tiffany Tang Head of Marketing

Li Xiao
LoveBlock Ltd. Li Xiao Operations

Marie Yates
LoveBlock Ltd. Marie Yates Product Manager

Paul Xie
LoveBlock Ltd. Paul Xie Head System Engineer

Hugo Ndau
LoveBlock Ltd. Hugo Ndau Engineer

Tobias Wilms
LoveBlock Ltd. Tobias Wilms Blockchain Security

Ahmad Piraiee
LoveBlock Ltd. Ahmad Piraiee Advisor

Marcio Teruel
LoveBlock Ltd. Marcio Teruel Advisor

Joe Ludewing
LoveBlock Ltd. Joe Ludewing Advisor

Matt Crompton
LoveBlock Ltd. Matt Crompton Engineer

Joram Antwi
LoveBlock Ltd. Joram Antwi Engineer

Jillian Godsil
Jillian Godsil
Advisor. Editor and content writing
PRO Mingo, ICO Advisor, Crypto Journalist, Blockchain Speaker, Broadcaster Dublin City FM
PRO Mingo, ICO Advisor, Crypto Journalist, Blockchain Speaker, Broadcaster DublinCityFM, Law Changer
Business Development Officer & Lead Advisor
PR Advisor
Advisor - Marketing & PR
Márcio Teruel
Márcio Teruel
Brand Ambassador
Márcio Teruel
Márcio Teruel