Token: LUK

Provably Fair Online Gambling Platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-30
End date: 2018-07-20

Registrated in: Gibraltar

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

PREMIUM ICO Screenshot
Luckchemy categories
Platform Smart Contract
Luckchemy token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 1,000 ETH
Hard cap 22,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 700,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
70 %
70 %
Price 1 LUK = 0.00004 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Luckchemy is a scalable and provably
fair online gambling platform driven by
a unique combination of blockchain
technology and offchain cryptography.
Our platform will offer turnkey solutions
for a full suite of casino products,
with lottery as our initial product
and the illustrative example used
in this document. Luckchemy will
develop and publish products on the
platform but is designed to anticipate
interactions with a number of entities,
including the 3rd party content
Luckchemy has maintained a strict
discipline of using blockchain
interactions only when absolutely
necessary. We will maintain provable
fairness through off-chain cryptography
and other technologies with minimum
usage of blockchain to maximize scalability and user experience. In the long term, we
intend to move our platform to a decentralized model using local hosting and multiple
data centers to minimize the effect of individual disc...

Luckchemy platform provides a wide range of functionality cover-
ing 3 essential directions:
Own games:
Classic Powerball-like lottery with
a 99% payout to prize fund from
ticket sales, which will attract
larger audience to Luckchemy in
the shortest term;
Real money Scratchers enabling
users to instantly win prizes, as well
as the jackpot;
Free-to-Play Sweepstakes giving
Our Games
Access to fiat
well known
popular games
White Label
the opportunity to win real
prizes for free (based on ad
Holder’s Draw as a unique benefit
for Luckchemy investors - every
Third Party
month randomly chosen LUK
holders will get additional wins;
More games will be created in the
nearest future: slots, bets, dice, etc.
3rd parties:
We want to create a hug...

Luckchemy Token
Token Rules

99% of funds collected from ticket sales will be allocated to the prize pool. The
amount of the prize pool can grow up to dozens of millions of dollars.

Neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be faked. Distribution and payout
procedures are transparent and supported by smart contracts.

The lottery is based on the ETH blockchain. All the parameters of the lottery are
included in the program code. All transactions are secured and verified in order to
avoid fraud practices.

KYC screening are endeavored to prevent unintentional law violations.

Such a lottery provides token holders with a nearly endless income source,
depending on their own luck.
Holders’ Draw - “Luck-Elixir”
0,5% from daily
Third parties
White Label
All LUK holders will be automatically
lottery tickests sales
royalty %
revenue %
involved in a monthly draw, funded by
a mini...

Token Uniqueness
The system assigns a unique identifier for each token. It allows us to ehnance their
applicability for current features (such as the Holders’ Draw and Feedback Polls) and for
future products. All transactions within the platform are virtual, which means our players
won’t have to pay gas for transactions while playing games. As an investor, you will not
lose anything when making small and frequent transactions.
Token Utility
LUK will become available for trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges that we’ll
announce after the coin sale. LUK will use Ethereum ERC-20.
LUK tokens provide a number of significant benefits for all Luckchemy members.

LUK tokens for investors:
You can keep tokens for Holders’ Draw in order to increase your chance of winning.
Tokens can be used for Feedback Polls.

LUK tokens for users:
As a user, you can use LUK tokens to play games on our platform. By getting LUK tokens,
you are automatically selected to...

Luckchemy Lottery Product Example
Daily Lottery - Magnum Opus
Daily lottery is similar to a traditional lottery – players pick five numbers between 1-47
and one between 1-24. A public draw selects the winning combination of 6 numbered
balls and rewards players according to the table below. Our lottery will offer the best
returns in the industry at a 99% return to player, which is far higher than traditional
lotteries and online blockchain alternatives
can offer.
Luckchemy is positioned to drive large
volumes at small margins through
automated provable fairness. Luckchemy
will utilize a combination of server seed
hash and delegated Ethereum blockhash
which will be combined to create a
provably fair result. The process is described
in details in the Provably Fair section.
(X% Prize Pool)
0.4 ETH
0.1 ETH
1 : 36,814,536
1 : 1,600,632
1 : 175,307

Sweepstakes (Free-to-Play)
Free-to-play scratch cards with the chance to win real prizes. Revenue will be generated
via ad monetization in this version, with the potential to add in-app purchases in the
future. Sweepstakes offerings allows us to publish and advertise in additional regions
(including the US app stores), due to lower regulatory requirements than real money
Mobile lottery - Amalgamus
This game was the backbone of Luckchemy
concept back in 2017, when our team started
working out the idea. Based on the concept
of sweepstakes, this game was supposed
to present Luckchemy in countries where
gambling is forbidden. The Amalgamus
Sweepstakes would embrace a series of
overlapping, independent promotional
giveaways, each with a fixed number of
prizes to be awarded over a certain period
of time, during which participants can win
prizes. A prize may come in the form of
money, third-party goods or services, LUK
tokens or other crypt...

Prize Funding
All Luckchemy games are built around replenishing cycles of tickets funding prizes,
while also driving comprehensive marketing campaigns and monthly holders’ draw. The
Prize Pool is initially funded from the ICO and will be constantly replenished through
ongoing bets, wagered on the platform. This will ensure fund sustainability in the future,
even when large jackpots are won.
& Operations
funding returned
Token Holders
Initial funding
maintain min. balance

Provably Fair Platform
Daily Lottery - Magnum Opus
Luckchemy will generate a unique private server seed at the start of each daily lottery.
We will publish a hash of this server seed in the information about the current draw.
Tickets for the draw cannot be purchased after 9 PM GMT. Then, Luckchemy will take
the first block that appears after 10 PM GMT and fits the technical requirements.
A hash of this block is combined with the server seed in an algorithm to generate the 6
winning numbers for the draw. Luckchemy will publish the 6 winning numbers and the
original server seed that had generated the server seed hash in order to prove fairness.
Seed Hash
The 6 winning numbers are generated by breaking the combined hash into sequences
of 4 characters, starting from the tail, and transformed into a number using NHEX base 16.

Luckchemy Roadmap

August-October 2017
Project start; Research and concept development; Team formation; Technical infrastructure creation; Platform logic development
November-December 2017
Product development; Design; Client-side and server-side logic development
January 2017
RNG algorithm development; Smart contracts development
February 2018
Utility token integration; Smart contract and platform tests
March 2018
MVP ready; Private round of investments closing; PR and marketing campaign; Scratch cards release; Token presale
April 2018
Token sale and investments attraction; Product development and improvement; Daily Lottery, Holders Draw release; Bounty program launch
May-June 2018
Companies registration in Gibraltar and Curacao; Token listing on crypto exchanges; Acquiring Curacao license; Referral program launch; Feedback polls release
Q3 2018
Public version of a platform launch; Sweepstakes release; Players attraction; Affiliate marketing program; White Label API development
Q4 2018
White label solution; Acquiring Malta license; Acquiring partnerships; Feedback polls; Multilingual interface; New games release; Secure smart contract for payment processing; Annual report
Q1 2019
New game release; Mobile app release; Multiplayer games; Product Growth & Support; Feedback polls
Q2 2019
Launch first 3rd party content providers; Feedback polls; Billing system development; New game release; Charity incentives
Alex Tatarchuk
Alex Tatarchuk Co-founder and CEO

Alex Topchienko
Alex Topchienko Co-founder and COO

Mark Beck
Mark Beck Chief Marketing Officer

Sergey Shkut
Sergey Shkut Head of Product

Alex Evseev
Alex Evseev Chief Legal Officer

Mikhail Krishtop
Mikhail Krishtop Front-end developers TL

Sergey Kolesnik
Sergey Kolesnik Sr. Back-end developer

Nataliia Nikitiuk
Nataliia Nikitiuk SMM & Product manager

Denys Onopenko
Denys Onopenko Data analyst

Anthony Stepovyi
Anthony Stepovyi Product designer TL

Denis Koronets
Denis Koronets Senior Web developer

Adam Krejcik
Advisor Adam Krejcik Advisor

Patrick Roberts
Advisor Patrick Roberts Advisor

Chris Grove
Advisor Chris Grove Advisor

Todd Eilers
Advisor Todd Eilers Advisor

Chris Grove
Chris Grove
Board of Advisors
Mark Beck
Mark Beck
Chief Marketing Officer
Patrick Roberts
Patrick Roberts
Founder, ABA Technology, ex-IP Australia
Blockchain Architect