Token: MTA

Mit-Ra is an independent association of the United Health Group.

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-06-27
End date: 2018-07-30

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-08-01
End date: 2018-09-30

Registrated in: United Arab Emirates

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Mit-Ra categories
Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cryptocurrency Energy Health Software
Mit-Ra token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap 24,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 280,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Minimal investment 10 USD
Bonus in ICO First stage 50% Second stage 30% Third stage 10%

About Mit-RA

The Mit-Ra Knowledge Base Industries is the first creative project of the United Health Group in the area of converting Non-drinkable water into fresh water.

Why Blockchain

The quality and quantity of water soluble in all parts of the Earth is different. We use Blockchain technology to process and analyze the water type and the waste polluted water instantaneously and the percentage of addition of the substances and minerals needed for each type of water. Base on the ISO14046:2014 standards. Also, the output volume graph of the distribution system will be instantaneously analyzed on the Blockchain network.

Ai-Mit (Intelligent software)

Ai-Mit (running on a LINUX kernel) is a unique and exclusive software developed by the Technical team at the University of Georgia to analyze and evaluate the quality of treated water at any of the Mit-Ra sites.

The temperature sensor, conductivity, chlorine measure, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and PH sensors value are automatically calculated at the completion of every water treatment batch.

Project Profitability

According to World Trade Organization, water trade in the next 20 years will be among the world's 5 most profitable businesses. We created 350 million tokens. Corresponding to a widely accepted standard, ERC20. After the ICO, no coins will be issued, so any inflation is ruled out. The token will use a smart contract written in the Solidity language. According to the business plan and sales strategy and advertising system, MTA token will increase more than 5000% in less than 2 years. Investing in Mit-ra Industries will shortly raise your capital by 50 times.

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Think about how you can multiply your fund
Earn an annual profit and most importantly
SAVE the earth and environment?
If you are looking for answers follow us to the end of
white paper
1 MITRA is ancient god of nature and generosity in the Middle East.
also, MIT means getting help from.... and RA is The ancient god of the sun and
the incarnation of heaven on earth in Egypt

Table of Contents
7 major countries running out of water
The future of the earth
The Mit-Ra team’s resume
The introduction of Mit-Ra Industries
Products and innovations
Details of the Mit-Ra Industries
Why Blockchain?
Ai-Mit Software
Water volume produced
Annual productivity
ICO Procedure
ICO Placement Parameters
Shareholders’ Profit
Corporate Overview
Mit-Ra Industries financial guarantee
Sales systems / Promotional efforts / Distribution
Operations and Facilities
Financial Risks
Key Investment Considerations

7 major countries running out of water
South Africa
The South Africa is expecting ‘Day Zero’ when taps will be switched off in homes and residents
will have to go to collection points for rationed water
Experts have long been warning about water scarcity. The United Nations World Water
Development Report warned that the global demand for fresh water would exceed supply by
40% in 2030.
A 2014 study of the world’s 500 largest cities has also estimated that one in four are experiencing a
strain on water supplies.Due to a combination of climate change, human action and population
growth, water shortages are predicted to become increasingly common in major cities as well as
rural nations. Here are six other major countries across the world at risk of running out of water.
Mexico City’s 21 million residents already experience limited access to drinking water. Many
only have running water for part of the day, while one in five get just a few hours from their
taps a week.

The south Indian city’s water and sewer systems have struggled to keep up since with a population
boom and the rise of new property developments since the Bangalore’s rise as a technological
The city loses more than half its drinking water due to its antiquated plumbing system. Like
Egypt, India also struggles with water pollution.
This country has an area of over 1.6 million kilometers and a population of more than 80
million people.
Although Iran has a gulf with the connection to Indian Ocean in south and Caspian Sea in
north, but it’s one of four country that facing with water crisis and more than two-thirds of
this country is arid desert. However, water consumption in Iran is more than 3 times the global
average, and according to NASA’s 2013 report
, the water crisis in Iran is very serious and this
country will experience the worst water crisis by 2030.
The United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries...

The future of the earth
We all know that three-quarters of the earth,
about 1.4 billion square kilometers of the
planet’s surface, is water
Out of this vast volume, 97.5% is the salty and
unusable water of the oceans and seas, only
2.5% of the Earth’s surface water is drinkable
and usable that Two-thirds of this amount is
also in the Arctic ice and is unavailable
The most important concern for countries by
2030 is the crisis of drought and water shortage
It is evident that one of the most lucrative
and creative business areas is to produce
drinking water and pay attention to improving
environmental conditions
Davie, T. Fundamentals of hydrology, Routed age publication, London, 2002
“Earth’s water distribution”. United States Geological Survey. Retrieved 2009-05-13
Based on the Snapshot report (UNEP, 2016), which provides a comprehensive overview of the curr...

Water depletion status in 2016
Source: Adapted from Corcoran et al. (2016, Fig. 5, p. 21)
According to the picture
What is the common features of these 7 countries?
1. All of these countries are facing with a severe
water crisis and drought.
2. All of the seven countries have access to high
3. All of these seven countries use the wastewater
and waste disposal system.
4. All countries are developing
5. The economic level and quality of life are at a
lower level than developed countries.
6. The conditions are excellent for investing with
large profits and great support.
7. The unemployment rate and the labor of native
or immigrant labor are high in these countries
All of these, in addition to the very low cost of
labor in most of these countries (for example:
annual labor salary in Iran is around 3.2 thousand
U.S. dollars
), made these seven countries into
seven golden positions fo...

The Mit-Ra team’s resume
Mit-Ra is an independent association of the United Health Group.
The management team of Dr. John Dobbin and Dr. Willard Con has 8 years of experience in
the following companies.
1. MMI Holdings Limited company (South Africa)
2. Riovic company (South Africa)
3. Mundi Pharma, Pharmaceutical company (Dubai)
4. Choose Energy (in the field of clean technology and reversible energies)
5. WISErg (hybrid Technology Company)
6. Bkam (Private Company Information in Egypt the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait)
7. Center for Science and Environment (is a not for profit public interest research and
advocacy organization based in India)
The team has a resume of 9 successful startups in the field of artificial intelligence, security
software, soil and environment analysis, intelligent agriculture, global health and decentralized
We gathered for the launch and success of this project a group of young and talented people
in the fields of environment, meteorol...

The introduction of Mit-Ra Industries
The Mit-Ra Knowledge Base Industries is the first creative project of the United Health Group
in the area of converting Non-drinkable water into fresh water.
The research team and the economic and environmental analysis of the considered countries
has begun to work under surveillance of the Georgia University
of America since August 2015.
The focus of the Mit-Ra Industries is to look into the future and finding the problems facing
To prevent global warming there is no irreversible energies and Fossil fuels to use in this project.
We want to launch freshwater refinement and sale sites in more than 700 cities around the
world that face the problem of water scarcity.
Our goal is to create a profitable and early yield Business in the production of freshwater with
the lowest rate of pollution and using renewable and green energies.
We don’t think just about profitability, we want to make the world a better place to live.

Mit-Ra Roadmap

February 2014
The idea of setting up small centers to convert sewage and municipal wastes into drinking water was first introduced by Dr. Willard Con.
April 2014
Patent of carbon pipes for continuous movement using new Nano fiber technology. The Intelligent Recycling patent for upgrading the reverse osmosis filtration to 98%.
September 2014
Launch the Mit-Ra project approved by the UnitedHealth Group. Mit-Ra Industries brand registration and business planning and strategy development by Dr. John Dobbin.
August 2015
The central team in Cape Town began research and data collection in more than 35 countries. The purpose of this study was to identify countries that have a problem with drinking water shortage and to analyze the best position for launching the Mit-Ra sites.
July 2016
Programming the Ai-Mit smart software. Based on SQR-AI02 Artificial intelligence.
December 2016
Complete the Ai-Mit software, synchronize the smart assistant system with the information network and connect to the Mit-Ra site’s physical platform.
January 2017
The first physical and chemical quality of water analyzes device(Error :0.002%) and 8 separate sensors that analyzing more than one cubic meter of water in less than 5 seconds and sending the information to the lab.
March 2017
Launch the completed trial version (physical platform plus full water purification equipment and also connection to the software and send water information by Blockchain technology to the Georgia University Laboratory for analysis)
June 2017
Contract with Dubai Municipality (UAE) to set up Mit-Ra’s site and opening credit fund at Emirates NBD Bank. Guaranteed initial capital of $4 million. We co-operated with the East Rand Mine in South Africa through the Emirate Stock Exchange. Complete the final information from the countries & initial contract with…
February 2018
Design and construction of website and smart contract to raise capital through the sale of tokens (proof of stocks). Design of selling Token strategy and Business valuation. Completed the White Paper.
August 2018
Start ICO Crowdsale. After the ICO, no coins will be issued, so any inflation is ruled out. The token will use a smart contract written in the Solidity language. The principle of open and transparent funds distribution will be observed. (Soft cap: $10M & Hard cap: $24M)
January 2019
Launch the first operational phase of the Mit-Ra sites in the UAE and South Africa based on the capital absorbed at the ICO stage. The Mit-Ra Industries Road Map is designed in 4 phases and 8 stages. Refer to White paper for a detailed study of the steps and schedules.
John Dobbin
Team member John Dobbin Co-Founder & CEO

Willard Con
Team member Willard Con Co-Founder & COO

Jeremy Cuddy
Team member Jeremy Cuddy CCO & CFO

Maks Manturov
Team member Maks Manturov Director business development

Adrianna Kube
Team member Adrianna Kube HR manager

Sarah Wagner
Team member Sarah Wagner CTO & Programmer

Mariam Nufal
Team member Mariam Nufal Programmer

Reona Takamoto
Team member Reona Takamoto Graphic Artist

Sahand Khoshnam
Advisor Sahand Khoshnam Advisor