Moms Avenue
Moms Avenue
Token: M.O.M.

Innovative Solution to Learn Entrepreneurship

ICO dates
Start date:
End date:

Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Moms Avenue categories
Software Education Communication
Moms Avenue token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 880,000,000
Price 1 ETH = 8600 MOM
Acceppting ETH
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Moms Avenue Roadmap

Mid 2017
Market research and concept validation

Market research.
Concept validation.
Technologies selection.
Late 2017
Create core functionality for further platform development

Moms Avenue platform Alpha release.
Creation of M.O.M Token on Ethereum Blockchain.
M.O.M. Token Pre-ICO.
Mid 2018
Token Enablement
Enable M.O.M. Token payments in Moms Avenue platform

M.O.M. Token payments for Marketplace and Individual orders.
New modules - Tokens wallet, Reviews module, Job board, Individual orders.
Late 2018
Value Sustainability
Enable democracy principles and complete value lifecycle for M.O.M. Token

Moms Congress ( Social Entrepreneurship Decentralized Autonomous Organization ).
Token payments for jobs board.
Token reward system for quality reviews and knowledgebase.
New modules - Entrepreneurship school, Charity, Kick off business.
Mid/Late 2019
Global Coverage
Translate into five additional languages to involve the wider community in emerging markets.

Additional languages - Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, German.
Advertising module will be introduced which will be additional value stream for platform.
Milda Dzidolikienė
Advisors Milda Dzidolikienė Management advisor

Asta Sendonaris
Advisors Asta Sendonaris Economic Consultant

Wulf Kaal
Advisors Wulf Kaal Token Model Advisor

Trevor Basserabie
Advisors Trevor Basserabie Investment Management Advisor

Richard Kastelein
Advisors Richard Kastelein Communication Advisor

Martynas Savickas
Advisors Martynas Savickas Information and IT security advisor.

Dainius Kenstavičius
Advisors Dainius Kenstavičius Legal advisor

Evelina Bajorūnė
Team Evelina Bajorūnė Founder and CEO of Moms Avenue

Milda Maslauskaitė
Team Milda Maslauskaitė Business Development

Eglė Kuzmienė
Team Eglė Kuzmienė Communications expert.

Dovilė Paulavičienė
Team Dovilė Paulavičienė Community Development

Marius Bajorūnas
Team Marius Bajorūnas Smart Contracts Developer

Mindaugas Baranauskas
Team Mindaugas Baranauskas Software Engineer

Kęstutis Bajorūnas
Team Kęstutis Bajorūnas Products Expert

Giedrius Paulavičius
Team Giedrius Paulavičius Developer and Processes Expert

Vincentas Vitkauskas
Team Vincentas Vitkauskas Business Development

Vilma Misiukoniene
Vilma Misiukoniene
EU & Public Affairs | Digital policy
Wulf Kaal
Wulf Kaal
Token Model Advisor
Advisor (Blockchain Tech), HighTechBlock
Entrepreneur, Technologist, Professor
Blockchain advisor
?rypto economics, blockchain innovation and law expert. Advisor to several EU and US crypto companies. Ex-Goldman Sachs, Cravath.
Advisor. PR and Social Outreach
Blockchain Expert
Blockchain Expert
Trevor Basserabie
Trevor Basserabie
Investment Management Advisor
Investor Relationship
Richard Kastelein
Richard Kastelein
Communication Advisor
Publisher, Entrepreneur, Tokonomist
Publisher and Founder at The Blockchain News
Blockchain News Publisher
Leading Crypto-News Writer, Founder of Blockchain News
Founder, Blockchain News Writer, Publisher, & Entrepreneur
Blockchain Media Advisor
Co-founder of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) company CryptoAsset Design Group
Project Ambassador
Founder of the Blockchain News
ICO Advisor