Token: MOK

Platform for Gaming and Investing

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-01
End date: 2018-06-30

Registrated in: England

Platform: Wave
Type: Wave

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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 800,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 USD = 100 MOK
Acceppting BTC, ETH, WAVE, ZEC
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1. What is MoneyKing?
1-1. Summary
1-2. Goal
1-3. MoneyKing’s promise
1-4. MoneyKing's ideas and innovations
2. MoneyKing Platform
2-1. Platform Definition
2-2. Platform approach perspective
2-2-1. User Perspective
2-2-2. Business Perspective
2-2-3. Trading Perspective
3. Team
4. Roadmap
5. MOK Token
5-1. The future of MOK token
5-2. Wave-based MOK token
5-3. MOK token distribution
References 1. Escape clause
References 2. Legal considerations
References 3. MOK Token Management Policy
References 4. MOK Token Sales Policy

1. What is MoneyKing?
1-1. Summary
We have a strategy to jump into business whatever we can legally make money while
observing the market. We currently have over 300 diversified strategies. This time, we
will use the power of the block chain to advance into the game market and even more
risky financial products. When a block chain is combined, there is an unthinkable force
that is rewarded to us.
1-2. Goal
At present, we are aware of the importance of information in a rapidly changing society.
In the past, if people who have acquired knowledge have made money, now
knowledge is of course important, but in addition to this, people who acquire and deal
with information quickly become better.
If everyone has the same information, you know that it is not worth the information.
Currently, the block chain technology is already on the way to life. But I can not say
that everyone has accepted the coin as the same information yet, some accept it and
some do not accept it. This can be see...

1-3. MoneyKing’s promise
1) Transparency - disclosure of revenue
After the platform is commercialized, MoneyKing is audited annually by designating a
globally trusted accounting firm. Based on this, we issue annual financial reports.
2) Reliability - Communication with participants
Important notes or updates can be shared on the homepage or on the e-mail address
of the participant.
3) Introduction of sustainable revenue-generating strategies
When introducing the new strategy is expected to listen to the different opinions by the
website it is also scheduled to hear you advice about the new strategy.
4) Budget Usage
The budget must be strictly managed to operate and manage it without additional funds
for more than two years.
1-4. MoneyKing's ideas and innovations
The MOK token is the token name of MoneyKing.
MOK tokens will be innovative and different from other coins with the investment ideas
and know-how of Steve Chang of MoneyKing team. The contents are as follows. <...

2. MoneyKing Platform
2-1. Platform Definition
MoneyKing Game Platform
MoneyKing is honored to announce its online gaming platform.
I want to create a gaming platform using wave-based technology. Currently there are
too many Ethereum based tokens, which is disadvantageous for many things such as
gas cost or transaction speed. Wave also supports distributed exchanges within the
platform via DEX. Therefore, it is possible to trade through DEX before listing on other
Features of the MoneyKing gaming platform include:
- Lightweight game not heavy
- Game operation with a simple click
- Fast response time and fast transaction
Built-in to MoneyKing Platform Token (MOK)
- A game that anyone can easily access
(First introduced game platform to apply the

Bustabit game

. We will use a fair hash
There is no other vendor challenge for the platform we are still pursuing, and we know
how to approach it for launch. We p...

2-2. Platform approach perspective
MoneyKing is based on MOK.
MoneyKing's token, MOK, is a coin in the MoneyKing platform area. It is the basic way
to interact with MoneyKing Smart Contract. MOK is used in several ways.
• MOK is the only way to enjoy games powered by MoneyKing technology, as it is the
only token used to purchase credit within games.
• Game producers in the game production market are paid at MOK.
2-2-1. User Perspective
1) MoneyKing as a single platform for all games and investments (investment and
games available at the same time)
Finally, we will make MoneyKing all games and investments possible on one platform.
So you can invest in MOK coins and play games on one platform. In other words, we
want to collect those who want to make money into our MoneyKing platform.
2) Build and design high level of reliability
We are going to be systematically based on various strategies to achieve high level of
trust. The strategy includes platform development as well as ...

2-2-2. Business Perspective
1) Issuing tokens and promoting fast listing
We will strive to develop MOK tokens as soon as we develop platforms for quick listing.
It will be listed on as many exchanges as possible and will be convenient for token
holders. Wave's Dex is also available for low transaction costs, so we've considered it
to be handy.
2) Payment system connection
The nominal currency earned from games and investments within the platform is also
interchangeable with the tokens, and the MOK tokens will actually be used like money.
3) Have a strategy for the value of tokens
MoneyKing has a strategy to increase the value of tokens. MoneyKing will make money
for coin holders with a lot of strategies. First, we will buy coins in the market at a certain
rate of net income earned to increase the value of coins. This will increase the value of
coins, as well as allow more games and investments on the MoneyKing platform.
These coins are exchanged for the nominal currency of the person ...

3. Team
Steve Chang and Mason John are leading MoneyKing and are investing and doing
business using legitimate differences across countries. We are implementing it through
diversified strategies and numerous strategies, and we seek more than we know in the
Steve Chang is in charge of planning, designing and conducting the project, and
Mason Johnis in charge of marketing and sales.
Steve Chang has been engaged in major financial institutions for more than five years,
producing stock analysis programs and enjoying casino games. Mason John also has a
career in Internet gaming, and he knows what parts of the game will attract users.
Also, a computer programmer(Brian Park) who has developed a Smartphone video
chat application and a program that shows the result of the video with the still-cut
image of the video against the video playback screen is now joined by the engineer.
Steve Chang
Planning & Designing
Steve Chang has worked at MoneyKing for over 1 yea...

4. Roadmap
Future Plan (RoadMap)
1. First Plan: Bustabit Game Platform Schedule
2018.1Q March- white paper published
2018.2Q April- ICO Start (TBA)
1st Pre-Sale: 4.1 - 4.15
2nd Pre-Sale: 4.16 - 4.30
Public Sale: 5.1 - 6.30
June- ICO Termination and MOK Token Distribution
2018.3Q July- Started development of MoneyKing platform
2018.4Q October- Development Status Interim Report
December- MoneyKing Platform Beta Release Target
2019.1Q March- Commercialization of MoneyKing platform
2. Follow-up Plan (2019 ~)
After completing the first plan,
1) Baccarat game, sports betting game platform production and integration
2) Reviewing production of binary options and various optional product investment
* Future schedule announcement

MoneyKing Roadmap

Q1, 2018
White paper published.
Q2, 2018
ICO Start (TBA).ICO Termination and MOK Token Distribution.
Q3, 2018
- Started development of MoneyKing platform.Development Status Interim Report.- MoneyKing Platform Beta Release Target.

Q1, 2019
Commercialization of MoneyKing platform.
Steve Chang
Steve Chang Founder Planning & Designing

Mason John
Mason John Marketing & Sales

Brian Park
Brian Park Programming

Brian Park
Brian Park
Blockchain Developer
CEO & Founder