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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-28
End date: 2018-03-15

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Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Hard cap 70000000 MNL
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Price 1 ETH = 500 MNL
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What is the MoonLite Project
Mission Statement
Strengths and Core Competencies
The Opportunity
The Market
Simplified Business Model
Data Centre Details
Capital Distribution
Critical Success Factors and Assumptions
Simplified Team Structure
Operational Plan
The MoonLite Project Milestones
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Capital Distribution Graph
Profit Distribution Graph
Token Buy-Back Information
Core Team
Board of Advisors
Why did we choose Iceland
Why Choose The Moonlite Project?
Value Offering to Investors
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What is the MoonLite Project?
The MoonLite Project will operate in the Crypto-Currency Mining space, and plans to begin
by mining predominantly Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH & Litecoin on an industrial scale.
Operations are set to begin in August 2018, and aims to be in time, one of the larger global
crypto-mining companies.
We will establish our data centres in countries where the contractual electricity supply is
clean & green, reliable, costs are the lowest, and that are politically stable. Our first data
centre is planned to be in the country of Iceland, where the average tariff for an industrial
connection is around 0.045 USD per kWh.
We have the best operational team to oversee and maintain effective operations of our
data centres, and we have the most experienced and qualified board of advisers to assist in
planning and executing a smooth launch. We are very selective of who we invite to be part
of our team, and only engage with the best talent.
MoonLite will combine a number of...

Mission Statement
MoonLite Mining aims to add value to all token holders by employing the latest technology,
rolled out in the most efficient manner, and run by the most suitable team in order to meet
and exceed all performance and growth targets.
MoonLite will embrace youth, technology, fun, and aims to be a preferred employer of the
best talent available.
We embrace Blockchain Technology, and will continue to advance the company and
teams in parallel.
We invite you to make history in the crypto currency and mining space by investing in the
creation of the one of the largest and most unique mining farm in the world. The
uniqueness of our mine will help us solve a number of mining problems, such as cooling,
power consumption and construction of capital facilities.
MoonLite will issue the MoonLite Tokens (MNL) via an audited and tested Smart Contract
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Strengths and Core Competencies
Strength will be attained in introduction and maintenance of security and redundancy

Multiple stable currencies mined

Multiple pools managed, as well as local nodes

Multiple power supplies and internet connections

Multiple mining sites

Backup servers

Multiple hot and cold storage wallets

Backup PSU’s, hardware, and systems
Only the best talent will be invited to be part of the team, and will be experienced in all
parts of cryptography, networking, and hardware maintenance.
The company will be highly capitalised, and highly liquid, while generating a significant
operational profit under an effective and goal orientated management team.
This places the company well, as it will be able to keep up-to-date with the latest
technology allowing for agile and profitable operations. We will be able to take immediate
advantage of opportunities to upgrade h...

The Opportunity
Crypto-currencies have developed over the last 9 years, and have grown from a concept to
a relatively stable investment for many. The establishment and certainty of the market and
currencies is proven.
With the release of ASIC and other high performance mining equipment, it has become
possible to mine crypto-currencies efficiently and profitably. The opportunity lies in the
ability to generate significant profit from a large scale mining farm because the ‘difficulty’
level has somewhat stabilised for many currencies. Other currencies are still on
comparatively low difficulty levels and that represents a fantastic opportunity for new
miners with a suitably sized operation.
MoonLite will have dedicated ASIC and specialised equipment to mine:

Bitcoin, and bitcoin derivative’s

DASH (former Dark Coin)


Ethereum, depending on profitability at the time
The company aims to continue mining high value, proven a...

The Market
Market Capitalisation for the currencies we will be mining:
Bitcoin Cash: $41,558,084,293
Ethereum: $93,405,070,461
DASH: $8,964,815,433
*correct at date of publication*
These figures are growing hourly and thereby present the opportunity to partake in this
growth market by providing the processing power to the network in return for financial
The currency, once mined, will be broken down as described previously. The portion of
currency to be liquidated will be sold on the exchanges as there is an ever increasing
supply of individuals and corporations requesting to purchase crypto currencies for trade
and investment. This demand is not expected to die down.
Our mining operation will not have a significant market share in global mining operations;
however will be by far the largest mining operation in Southern Africa, we will easily be able
to expand further due to the well capital...


Mine the largest and most stable currencies using the most efficient equipment

Mine on an industrial scale and capitalise on the economies of scale and
proportionately reduced overhead costs

Aggressive expansion and equipment replacement policy

Mining in several pools, and local in-house nodes for each currency

Power and HR costs kept to a minimum – mining in areas with low power cost

Redundancy built into every system

Proceeds split into a 60:20:20 ratio
Profits arise from:

Currency will be liquidated into fiat currency and invested traditionally, and through
the investment arm of the group.

Static un-allocated currency will be invested through crypto-hedge-funds

Increase in the retained currency value

Income from the active crypto-currency trading by our dedicated trading team

Sell currency when price is high, Purchase equi...

Simplified Business Model
Revenue will be generated by means of:
1) Establishing data centres in locations where there is a suitable and stable supply of
energy at cost effective rates. Data centres may be consolidated or moved to more
suitable locations as the business expands. Each data centre will be an independent
facility with its own operational staff, power source, high speed fibre internet
connection, servers etc.
2) Equipment will be configured to mine in the most efficient manner, using a
combination of public mining pools, and dedicated nodes (part of a pool) setup
within our local network. Machines will be reconfigured to mine in different pools
depending on profitability and latency.
3) Every machine will be monitored and operated using specialised mining
management software. This allows for easy and effective performance monitoring
on a local and remote basis, and the mass adjustment of miner settings (such as
stratum info). A minimum of 90% operational uptime is require...

Moonlite Roadmap

February 2017
Concept and Business Plan Development
November 2017
White Paper Release & Pre-Swap Opens
December 2017
Pre-Sale Phase 1 Begins : 100%-300% Token Bonus
January 2018
Smart Contract Audit Completed by ‘Smart Dec’
Pre-Sale Phase 1 ends at 23:59 GMT
Pre-Sale Phase 2 begins : 50% Token Bonus
February 2018
Pre-Sale Phase 2 – Ends at 11:59 GMT
ICO Opens – 50% Bonus During First 12 hours
March 2018
ICO Closes
April 2018
Begin Data Center Construction and Fitting
July 2018
Mining equipment to arrive and be installed
August 2018
Data Center to officially open and commence operations
Shahar Namer
Advisors Shahar Namer

Simon Cocking
Advisors Simon Cocking

Sean Kirtz
Advisors Sean Kirtz

Eric Krige
Team Eric Krige Founder and Group CEO

Martin Krige
Team Martin Krige CFO

Steven Ndlovu
Team Steven Ndlovu Head of Legal

Wayne Reece
Team Wayne Reece Non Executive Chairman

Jaco Potgieter
Team Jaco Potgieter Community Manager and Design Head

Nathan Christian
Nathan Christian
ICO Advisor
Technical experts in blockchain-based accounting and financial applications
Blockchain & ICO Advisor
Blockchain Technology Consultant | End to End ICO Solutions |ICO Advisor
Blockchain Expert
Senior ICO-Advisor
Director of Marketing
Business Development & Strategy Adviser
Strategic Advisor
Strategic Advisor
Advisor, Technology consultant San Diego, California
Senior ICO-Advisor
Sean Kirtz
Sean Kirtz
Fintech Solution Architect & Marketing Specialist
Shahar Namer
Shahar Namer
CEO – The ICO Rocket Group
Founder of ICO Rocket and early Bitcoin investor
Simon Cocking
Simon Cocking
Senior Advisor Twitter
Chief Marketing Advisor
Editor in Chief at Cryptocoin.News, Advisor. Experience: Mentor & Advisor in 20+ Successful ICOs.
Advisor and Board Member
Writer, editor, ITO advisor, business mentor
Blockchain Influencer, Irish Tech News
Media & Global Partnerships Advisor
Editor at CryptoCoinNews, Irish Tech News, Top 1 member of the ICO Bench Experts. Business mentor.
Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews
Business mentor and advisor
Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews
Adviser to the Board of Quasa
Marketing Advisor
Digital Marketing Advisor
Digital Marketing
Marketing Advisor
Chief editor. Renowned business mentor, fundraiser and public speaker.
Strategic Advisor
Cryptocurrency Advisor
Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews
Chief Strategy & Public Relations
Chief ICO Advisor
International Blockchain Community Advisor
PR advisor
Board Advisor
World’s #1 Blockchain influencer
Editor in Chief Irish Tech News | CryptocoinNews 1 ranked advisor on ICObench for three months
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