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Connecting ideas, people, and information

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-05
End date: 2018-02-12

Registrated in: Cayman Islands

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC 20

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Mosaic categories
Big Data Platform Smart Contract
Mosaic token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 30000000 USD
Tokens for sale 1,000,000,000
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Cryptoassets, which include cryptocurrencies, network u5lity tokens, digital assets,
and decentralized applica5ons (ĐApps), have emerged as an important asset class
with a total market capitaliza5on of approximately $550 billion as of January 2018.
There are now thousands of cryptoassets, and many leading venture investors,
such as Andreessen Horowitz and others, es5mate that the total number of
cryptoassets will soon be greater than the total number of publicly traded equi5es.
While people are flocking to cryptoassets (e.g., >$4B in >1,000 ICOs in 2017), this
new asset class is missing reliable research and informa5on that is both
accountable and transparent. As a result, today’s cryptoassets purchasers make
decisions based more on hype than on hard facts and rigorous analysis. In contrast,
other asset classes — stocks, bonds, commodi5es, real estate, na5onal currencies —
have well-developed research and informa5on ecosystems. For example, 34 firms
publish o...

As of January 2018, the total market value of cryptoassets was approximately $550
billion. In combina5on with substan5al price vola5lity, this increasing market value
trajectory has a`racted an array of speculators. However, most cryptoasset
research is of poor quality and dubious impar5ality; much of it is oien provided
free by advisers promo5ng ICOs on behalf of clients. Therefore, rather than
focusing on relaying well researched and abundantly substan5ated eviden5ary
support for a token’s u5lity and value, today’s “research” is oien influenced by
compensa5on 5ed to a successful ICO funding campaign.
Furthermore, many speculators oien base decisions on word-of-mouth and are not
accustomed to paying for research. This brand of decision making con5nues even
though they may be aware that others with greater means do pay for research and
oien are more successful. As such, there is a prime opportunity for a pla]orm that
disseminates research and informa5on on cryptoassets. <...

review and choose the top-performing individual analysts. In cryptocurrency
markets, however, trading occurs through crypto exchanges (not broker-dealers),
which predominantly do not fund or produce reliable research at present.
Moreover, we believe the centralized research model is broken. The research
industry and profession is facing an unprecedented crisis due to a shiiing
regulatory landscape, the elimina5on of tradi5onal incen5ve structures, and
technological advances. As the last few years have demonstrated, centralized
research conducted and published by banks and broker-dealers not only risks
crea5ng conflicts of interest, but also oien fails to provide customers with the
informa5on they need. Recent studies show less than one percent of research
reports are read by customers.
The need for a new, decentralized research and
informa5on ecosystem is clear.
The Mosaic [email protected]
Mosaic is helping fill the current void in reliable cryptoassets research, informa5on,

those Analysts who demonstrate the highest caliber and most precise informa5on
to Mosaic pla]orm par5cipants.
Mosaic includes:
Front-end web app where users access research and market data, and
engage in community discussions.
Global decentralized network of analysts who post on Mosaic and are
rewarded based on the rules of Mosaic’s protocol.
We are helping to fill the current

research void by [email protected] a new reliable

research and [email protected] ecosystem
Mosaic’s market intelligence protocol
provides a distributed, immutable, and
transparent ledger of review history that can be u5lized to evaluate over 5me the
quality of research and accuracy of predic5ons produced by Analysts.
MZX token
is the na5ve method for se`lement between par5es and facilitates
access to Mosaic resources. MZX underpins incen5vized ac5vi5es of both Users
and Analysts on the Network.
Users access content by paying a mon...

cryptoassets, industry observers (regulators and policymakers, media, and other
ins5tu5onal stakeholders) also benefit from Mosaic’s research and informa5on.
Management team
Dr. Garrick Hileman
, Co-Founder and CEO / Head of Research.
Garrick is one of the world's most-cited researchers of
cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies. He received
his PhD from the London School of Economics and is a researcher
at the University of Cambridge, where he teaches classes on
cryptocurrencies and distributed leader technologies. He is the
author of the '2017 Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking
Study' (University of Cambridge) and the follow-on '2017 Global
Blockchain Benchmarking Study' (University of Cambridge). He
also created and published the CoinDesk State of Bitcoin and
State of Blockchain reports from 2013-2016. His prior work
experience includes equity research and corporate finance for a
San Francisco investment bank.
Alex Bradford

with a BA in Applied Mathema5cs and a minor in Government. He
also focused on Economics throughout his studies. Alpkaan is
passionate about bringing more clarity and transparency to the
cryptocurrency world.
Technology and product team
Ben Fisch
, Soiware Developer. Ben is currently a PhD candidate
in the computer science department at Stanford University,
working with Dan Boneh and the applied cryptography research
group. His previous research affilia5ons include: the Weizmann
Ins5tute, Columbia University, and Cornell-Tech. His research
spans various topics in cryptography and security, including
cryptocurrencies, secure computa5on, private database search
(see Blind Seer), and applica5ons of hardware security
environments such as Intel SGX. He also has industry experience
as a soiware developer for 1010data and as a consultant for LGS
Innova5ons. He received his bachelor's degree in Mathema5cs
from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2013.
Dr. Greg Wie...

Science degree in Computer Science (Soiware Development) at
the Dnipro Na5onal University (Dnipro city, Ukraine) in 2003.
Eugene Panasenko
, Soiware Developer. His exper5se is in web
and backend development, and also blockchain/cryptocurrency.
For the last nine years he has par5cipated in many different
projects: social networks, financial apps, mul5media and
communica5ons, games, etc. He graduated from Ukrainian State
Chemical Technology University.
Zafar Gilani
, Soiware Developer. Zafar is currently pursuing the
final stages of PhD at the University of Cambridge. The topic of
his research has been understanding the agents of social media
influence, with a par5cular focus on automated social agents (aka
bots). His research has been interdisciplinary involving techniques
from sta5s5cal analysis, computa5onal social science and machine
learning. He has published a number of papers at top conferences
during this 5me. Prior to star5ng his doctoral research he wo...

Mosaic Roadmap

MID October
Began building the Platform.
EARLY November
Began forming the research team.
Launch early research projects.
Develop research projects and finish developing back-end platform.
Early February
Launch Presale.
Alex Bradford
Alex Bradford Co-Founder and Chairman

Dr. Garrick Hileman
Dr. Garrick Hileman Co-Founder and CEO / Head of Research

Alpkaan Celik
Alpkaan Celik Chief Data Scientist

Dr. David Horning, CFA
Dr. David Horning, CFA Chief Financial Officer

Ben Fisch
Ben Fisch Software Developer

Bryan Lemster
Bryan Lemster Software Developer

Andrey Gubar
Andrey Gubar Software Developer

Eugene Panasenko
Eugene Panasenko Software Developer

Zafar Gilani
Zafar Gilani Software Developer

James Larisch
James Larisch Senior Blockchain Researcher

Simon Janin
Simon Janin Blockchain Researcher

Andy Yee
Andy Yee Senior Researcher

Andrew Hawley
Andrew Hawley Contribu6ng Author

Lanre Ige
Lanre Ige Researcher

Dang Du
Dang Du Researcher

Lauren Stephanian
Lauren Stephanian Researcher

Jason Yannos
Jason Yannos Researcher

Reid Tymcio
Reid Tymcio Researcher

Dustin Ares
Dustin Ares Researcher

Ihor Pidruchny
Ihor Pidruchny Software Developer

Andrew Zubko
Andrew Zubko Software Developer

Ilya Cernenko
Ilya Cernenko Software Developer

Yury Smirnov
Yury Smirnov Design Lead

George Vasyagin
George Vasyagin Design Director

Prabhakar Reddy
Prabhakar Reddy
Serial Entrepreneur
Growth Advisor
Investor Accel
Investor at Accel Partners
Andrew Zubko
Andrew Zubko
Software Developer
Blockchain Engineer/Tech Lead
Blockchain Engineer
Senior Blockchain Developer/Tech Lead
Blockchain Engineer
Blockchain Developer
Tech Lead/ Blockchain engineer
Technology Advisor
Ihor Pidruchny
Ihor Pidruchny
Software Developer
Product Design
Technology Advisor
Blockchain Expert/Team Lead
Blockchain Engineer
Blockchain Architect
Blockchain Dev/Lead
Blockchain Engineer
Co-founder and CEO of Applicature
CTO and Team Lead
IT Manager
Business Development Advisor
Andy Yee
Andy Yee
Senior Researcher
BEng MEng MA
Bryan Lemster
Bryan Lemster
Software Developer
Head of Game Development