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Mass Vehicle Ledger

PreICO dates
Start date: 26th Apr 2018
End date: 11th May 2018

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-15
End date:

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Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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0. Abstract
1. Introduction
2. MVL Ecosystem
: Integrated Blockchain-based Mobility Ecosystem
What’s the MVL Ecosystem?
MVL Ecosystem’s Scope
MVL Incentive System
New Car Phase- Beginning of Blocks (Open Trust)
Driving Phase - Continuous Recording on Blocks
(Revolutionary Change)
Non-driving Phase - Discrete Recording on Blocks
(Basis of Trust)
Trade Phase - Change of Ownership (New Contribu-
Scrapped Phase - End of Blocks (Infinite Incentive)
3. MVL Coin (MVL) Technology Part
Structure of the MVL Platform
Core Layer (Blockchain Layer)
Service & Component Layer
Application Layer
Basic Blockchain and Data Storage
Data type in MVL Ecosystem
Data Managed on the Blockchain
0. Abstract
Over the past century, the vehicle industry has grown substantially. It has created many jobs in various fields such as the
logistics, distribution, car repair and used-car trade scene. With the rise of technology, the vehicle industry is expected to
continue its expansion. For example, we have in recent years seen the introduction of self-driving vehicles and eco-friendly
electric vehicles. But the mix of the traditional and IT-savvy vehicle market only focuses on a portion of the vehicle industry.
It fails to connect different sectors of this industry together.
Despite the growth and developments of the vehicle industry, old problems still remain. For example, cab drivers with
discourteous service[1], unreliable mechanic shops[2], a lack of consistency and transparency on used-cars by dealers[3],
and accidents caused by reckless driving[4]. Unfortunately, new technology still struggles to address these problems
effectively. What’s worse is that it brings nuisance to th...
1. Introduction
In 2015, around 1.2 billion cars are driven worldwide a day [7], a 2015-data by statista shows. Cars have become essential
in our modern day life. An estimated hundred million new cars[8] are purchased each year, which triggers boost in related
markets, such as the car parts and used-car markets. The vehicle market is also growing with technology which explains
the many ride-sharing, cab-hailing and delivery apps. The car industry will continue to create more jobs and come up with
more innovative ideas like self-driving and eco-friendly vehicles.
What problems do we face in the wake of the rapid growth of the vehicle industry?
We have all encountered unpleasant cab experiences. Many of us were surprised by the expensive quotation provided
by car mechanic shops. It’s worse because we have no way of knowing how well they did their job. We also know how you
feel when you want to sell your car that you took such good care of, only to find the price is lower than what you...
By analyzing each service, we can figure out fundamental problems.
Vehicle-related services are tangled up in the vehicle market because problems such as inefficient data management were
not properly addressed. How can we figure this out?
Most existing services only connect two participants in their own centralized platform, like driver and customer, mechanic
and customer and so on. Each platform solves their own problems and there is no overall system that connects different
platforms to solve bigger problems. But the vehicle-related markets in reality are connected because they all commonly
need vehicles to operate. These markets can create an ecosystem. If we find the common enemy of these existing ser-
vices, we can trace a solution. Let’s look at a big picture to find the fundamental problems.
Heavy regulation
Centralized services
MVL Ideology
Discrete services
Unlimited incentive
for participants
Trusted interaction
tual motivation for people to drive properly because all you need to do is not get caught. Government penalty brings order
to individuals on the road, but too much cost is poured into punishing those who do not heed the laws in place. Campaigns
aren’t effective. We need to bring a different program that will encourage a change. So since the MVL system collects
transparent data, it is a natural way of encouraging safe driving.
Secondly, each service is centralized. For example, in the context of IT-based ride hailing mobile applications, although it
is the drivers and users who fuel the services’ growth, those who receive the benefits and returns of such growth are the
investors, shareholders and founders. The dedication of the drivers and customers are not properly rewarded. This does
not meet the full meaning of shared economy. The more this takes place, the less motivated the participants will be to
Next, the separate service models are disconnected. Let’s take a ...
2. MVL Ecosystem : Integrated Blockchain-based Mobility Ecosystem
2.1. What’s the MVL Ecosystem?
Gathering the data of a vehicle’s lifetime is a great motive that brings separate car services into a single incentive-based
ecosystem. Separate centralized services have their own server where data is managed independently and their focus
were not to collect a vehicle’s lifetime data effectively[11]. To elaborate, repair services only collect data relating to repairs,
and GPS services only gather driving and navigational data. Also, not all the data could be proven to be accurate, unable to
gain trust from the market. Data gathered by mobile applications falls into the ownership of the makers and the contributor
were not given access to it.
MVL Ecosystem will tackle these problems by gathering all data in one centralized database and utilising blockchain
technology. With the MVL Ecosystem, we can maintain records of all activities relating to a particular vehicle for the entire
Lastly, the ecosystem uses MVL Points (MVP), which can be mainly earned by active participation, and MVL Coin (MVL),
which can be earned through the provision of goods and services within the MVL Ecosystem, to prove validity of the data
on the blockchain (agreement protocol). This solves the existing problems caused by existing agreement protocol of POW
and POS method, as this means that those who work hard will be fairly rewarded and trusted. Participants will be motivated
to fuel the growth of this MVL Ecosystem and receive rewards doing so. MVL changes the old ways where only the inves-
tors and makers see the highest returns. We want to create a world where participants who persevere can share wealth
and see the distributed economy system.
MVL Ecosystem will motivate its participants with an effective reward system of MVL Points. The MVL Ecosystem will have
a system that allows participants to evaluate each other to promote reliable data collecting.
2.2. MVL Ecosystem’s Scope
data to the MVL Ecosystem in this phase.
The fourth phase is the used-car trade phase, where the owner of a car changes as a car is bought and sold. The own-
ership of a vehicle can switch from a company, such as a car rental company, to a private individual. The MVL Ecosystem
seeks to ensure the car is accurately priced based on the data uploaded to the MVL Ecosystem in the new car, driving and
non-driving phases.
The final phase contemplates many transactions occurring among individuals and businesses alike. After a vehicle finds
new owners, the vehicle goes through the driving, non-driving and used-car trade phases again until it is eventually
2.3. MVL Incentive System
Record Repair Data
& Get Points
Invite Car Owners to be
MVL Certified & Get Points
Get Reviews
& Publish Ads
Mechanic Shop
Access Repair
& Driving Data
Give Reviews
& Get Points

MVLchain Roadmap

Start Easiway Project
Easiway, ride booking app launches in HK
Easiway, Expand Service Area Coverage
JWT, KPMG HK & Naver ride with us
Rise Conference sponsorship (Joined by 500 Startups)
The 2016 Sovereign Asian Art Prize Sponsorship
EMS, Ride Manager Tool update
Startup Grind HK chat with Gary Vaynerchuk Sponsorship
Easi6, Transformation to Mobility Platform
Expansion to Taiwan, Indonesia & Korea
Introduce Mainnet of MVL
Conversion process from Token to Coin
Introduce Point to Coin exchange function on application
MVL Application Update
A. Mining system official launch
Introduce OBD device v1.0
Introduce MVL API and SDK
Introduce MVL payment
A. Introduce early connected services
B. MVL application update (Payment for Car repair, Gas station and others)
Launch Rent a car/Chauffeur service platform
Enhance car management record function from basic to full function including public data access
Introduce hardware for navigation and data sharing
Launch Used car trading platform
Invite car makers to MVL platform
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