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Decentralized Machine Learning Network

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-20
End date: 2018-05-19

Registrated in: UK

Platform: Ethereum


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MYRIADS.IO Whitepaper v. 0.2.4 beta
1. Summary
2. Market Overview
3. The Problem
3.1. Myriads.IO Solution
3.2. Benefits
4. How does Myriads.IO Work?
4.1. Build and Train a Predictive Model
4.2. Measure Model Accuracy
4.3. Predictor`s Mining Software
4.4. Proof of Work
4.5. API for ML developers
4.6. Nodes in Myriads Network
4.6.1 Machine Learning Nodes (PoW)
4.6.2. Verification Nodes ( PoW + PoS )
4.6.3. Prediction Nodes (PoW)
4.6.4. Spam Prevention
5. Myriads.IO Token Sale
5.1. What is a MRDS Token?
6. Tokens Details
6.1. Time-bonuses for early buyers
6.2. Bounty Program
7. Board of Directors
8. Other Members of Our Team
9. Our Partners
10. Legal Documents

MYRIADS.IO Whitepaper v. 0.2.4 beta
1. Summary
According to a new market research report
'Machine Learning Market by
Vertical (BFSI, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Retail, Telecommunication,
Government and Defense, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities), Deployment
Mode, Service, Organization Size, and Region - Global Forecast to 2022'
published by MarketsandMarkets™, the market size is expected to grow
from USD 1.41 Billion in 2017 to USD 8.81 Billion by 2022, at a Compound
Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 44.1%.
Technological advancement and proliferation in data generation are some of
the major driving factors for global machine learning market. Furthermore,
increasing demand for intelligent business processes and rise in adoption of
modern applications are expected to provide opportunities for the growth of
the machine learning market.
Myriads.IO team is creating new hardware and software approach to
machine learning. It is project that aims to decentralise arti...

MYRIADS.IO Whitepaper v. 0.2.4 beta
2. Market Overview
The various coloured bars reflect the performance of different approaches to
machine learning using a dataset of 80 fundamental and technical factors
about an average of 1,000 listed stocks from December 1989 through to
September 2017.
Figure 1: Stock selection
Computer Vision
Image classification is still a very challenging field in computer vision and
machine learning. According to a
new report from Tractica,
the global
market for computer vision hardware and software will increase from $6.6
billion in 2015 to $48.6 billion annually by 2022.
Language Processing
Challenges in natural language processing frequently involve natural
language understanding, speech recognition, natural language generation,
etc. Natural Language Processing Market worth
16.07 Billion USD by 2021.
2017-2018 © MYRIADS IO LP number SL32410
- Page 4

MYRIADS.IO Whitepaper v. 0.2.4 beta
Pharm & Medicine
McKinsey estimates
that big data and machine learning in pharm and
medicine could generate a value of up to $100B annually, based on better
decision-making, optimized innovation, improved efficiency of research /
clinical trials, and new tool creation for physicians, consumers, insurers,
and regulators.
Fraud Detection
Fraud detection and prevention market worth 41.59 Billion USD by 2022. As
reported in
the Global Forecast to 2022.
ML especially good at recognising
patterns in data and therefore equally good at spotting anomalies in those
patterns. This makes it a great approach for preventing fraud.
Machine learning is perhaps the hottest thing in Silicon Valley right now.
Especially deep learning. The reason why it is so hot is because it can take
over many repetitive, mindless tasks. Every company wants to do machine
learning on a bigger scale and for less cost. Cloud service providers will

MYRIADS.IO Whitepaper v. 0.2.4 beta
3. The Problem
All machine learning GPU machines controlled by centralised cloud services
authorities like Google Cloud, Amazon Machine Learning, Microsoft Azure
Machine Learning. Pricing of machine learning servers is overrated and
corporations earn superprofits and control all industry.
Computation power of centralised services is much lower than possible
GPUs power of decentralised Myriads.IO network with 'myriads' of
computers with GPUs.
Security of centralised platforms depends on governments centralised IT
security and could be controlled by central authority. It could be hacked or
your data could be stolen by employees or hackers.
3.1. Myriads.IO Solution
Myriads.IO is the decentralized protocol producing a distributed machine
learning architecture using blockchain technology. Our system allows idle
GPUs computing power to analyse big data and predict the future, while
rewarding miners for the accuracy of their predictions.

MYRIADS.IO Whitepaper v. 0.2.4 beta
3) Superior Incentivization Structure.
Users pay with MRDS tokens for massive amounts of computational power
for AI learning. Miners earn money through by leasing their
4. How does Myriads.IO Work?
End-Users (individuals and companies) require huge GPU computation
power for machine learning algorithms. They pay with MRDS tokens for
learning network power.
Large models in machine learning can dramatically improve overall
performance. With the advent of deep learning, the field is rapidly
expanding. However, large neural network models face infrastructure
limitations. These limitations can be overcome in several ways. One
approach is to develop more powerful graphical processing units (GPUs) that
can handle the computational load. Another approach is to distribute the
load to clients speaking to a central server for batch training updates. Thus
it is possible to crowdsource the computational power necessary to train ...

MYRIADS.IO Whitepaper v. 0.2.4 beta
End-User send data and machine learning algorithm to Myriads network.
Myriads network generate multiple tasks for all miners over the network,
blockchain algorithm split all data into chunks. A chunk is a portion of an
encrypted data to be stored on Myriads.IO network.
Figure 3: Data chunks
Chunking has a number of advantages to security, performance, privacy and
availability. Files should be encrypted client-side before being chunked.
This protects the data from revealing unauthorized extraction of
information. The data owner retains complete control over the encryption
key, and thus over access to the data.
2017-2018 © MYRIADS IO LP number SL32410
- Page 8

MYRIADS.IO Whitepaper v. 0.2.4 beta
4.1. Build and Train a Predictive Model
End-users can create and train predictive ML models and host own
applications in a scalable Myriads.IO network solution. They will create
machine learning models from data sources, from which users can evaluate
and adjust the ML model's performance, and then use it to generate
Figure 4: End-User Interface
End-users will use the visualization tools and wizards of Myriads.IO ML to
guide through the process of creating a new machine learning model without
having to learn complex ML algorithms and technology.
2017-2018 © MYRIADS IO LP number SL32410
- Page 9

Myriads.IO Roadmap

July 2017
Machine Learning Market Research
September 2017
Business Planning and Additional Research
October 2017
Development of Myriads Application
November 2017
Received VC Funding and Incorporating
International Meetup in Block Show Asia
March - May 2018
ICO Sale
June 2018
International Meetup in Consensus 2018
MRDS Tokens will appear on Crypia, Evercoin, Coinexchange
July 2018
Launch Myriads Network
August 2018
API and Multi-language Support Global Expansion
November 2018
Constant Improvement of Myriads Network UX/UI Upgrades
January 2019
AI frameworks integration Tensorflow, Theano Caffe, Apache Singa, CNTK, Torch
July 2019
Expansion to other blockchain platforms
January 2020
Applications Stability & Support
July 2020
Development of Own Machine Learning Hardware
Liu Peng
Team Liu Peng CEO and Co-founder

Jack Huang
Team Jack Huang CTO, AI and Blockchain Expert

Qiang Qu
Team Qiang Qu CFO, Co-Founder

Jack Huang
Jack Huang
CTO, AI and Blockchain Expert
Consultant at United Nations Office