Token: NRX

Rating Analytical Agency

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-01
End date: 2018-11-30

Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20



Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 48 days 8 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
Price: 1 HART = 0.059 USD


Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 17 days 8 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR
Neironix categories
Platform Media/Content Investment Cryptocurrency Business services Big Data
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Neironix token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 1000000 USD
Hard cap 31000000 USD
Tokens for sale 93,100,000
Token distribution in ICO
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting BTC,ETH
Bonus in ICO
Sept 1 - 30 35%
Oct 1 - 31 15%
Nov 1 - 30 5%

Goal of the project is to develop of global methodology for risk-oriented investment process management in blockchain economics. The suggested management is based on statistical analysis of large bulk of data and risk factors.

The rating methodology of Neironix is based on the principles of international risk management standard ISO31000:2018(E), and uses similar risk evaluation approaches for both professional investors and institutional funds belonging to the classic economy. Currently, standard ISO31000:2018(E) is adopted in 88 countries with the highest GDP level, being a guide for risk management that, among other things, suggests variants of risk treatment at various stages of exposure to risk.

Neironix Project Team involves leading specialists in risk management accredited with G31000, an international organization, which is a global leader in the field of corporate risk management: The Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis in Decision Making acts as an external advisor in the project.

In 2019, the project will obtain an international copyright patent on the developed methodology of risk-oriented investment process management in blockchain economics. Subsequently, this methodology will be communicated to market regulators and interested parties.

Neironix Ecosystem

Neironix Ecosystem is based on a set of tools – flows of content and information intended for use in operations with cryptoassets and selection of ICO projects for investments.

The key target audience of Neironix includes private and professional investors, as well as cryptocurrency institutes and ICO projects.

The quantity and completeness of information, as well as the required set of options, are determined by each individual system user and selected on the basis of their own experience, risk tolerance (risk appetite), financial capacity, workload, expediency and potential benefit. The distribution of informational and analytical data is performed in compliance with the chosen tariff of subscription fee.

Neironix for private investors

For private investors, beginners, and other players of cryptocurrency investments market, Neironix provides the following types of analytical data:

  • Results of final rating, multidimensional scoring of ICO projects;
  • Monitoring and notifications about changes in a specific ICO project rating;
  • Monitoring as to the discharge of key Road Map obligations for each implemented ICO project;
  • Cognitive analysis of reports in traditional and social media for each implemented ICO project;
  • Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  • Analytics for financial markets;
  • Access to the system of adjusted notifications dealing with monitoring of financial analytics.

Neironix for professional investors

For professional cryptocurrency investors, cryptocurrency market experts and blockchain analysts, Neironix provides the following types of analytical data:

  • Results of final rating, multidimensional scoring of ICO projects;
  • Dynamic tracking of risk factors and degree of their impact on the resulting rating;
  • Flexible system of monitoring and notifications about deviations from acceptable risk levels with regards to a specific ICO project;
  • Monitoring as to the discharge of key Road Map obligations for each implemented ICO project;
  • Structured analysis of capital for each ICO project at the stages of Token Sale;
  • Structured analysis of major token holders for each implemented ICO project;
  • Cognitive analysis of reports in traditional and social media for each implemented ICO project;
  • Monitoring of probable Pump and Dump for each implemented ICO project;
  • Monitoring of calendars for planned and actual token listing;
  • Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  • Indices and multipliers;
  • Historical data and analytics for financial markets;
  • Market reviews and analytics;
  • Analytics for traditional and social media;
  • Structured data for preparation of professional judgments.

Neironix for ICO

The following Neironix platform functionality is available for ICO projects and blockchain startups:

  • Project management at all stages of the project’s lifecycle;
  • Comparison with other ICO projects, similar in terms of functionality, implementation and idea;
  • Full checklist for ICO preparation;
  • ICO scoring;
  • KYC verification of project stakeholders;
  • ICO blogging on the Neironix platform;
  • Publication of press releases, reports and project news;
  • Analytics for token bidding, notifications about flow of funds for major token holders;
  • Analytics for advertisement sources, automatic selection of sites for placement.
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Random whitepaper excerpts

2 Introduction
3 Market Analysis
3.1 High dynamics of increase in investments
3.2 Drop in share of successful projects
3.3 Insufficient market regulation
3.4 Market development outlook
3.5 Analysis of project’s competitive landscape
3.6 Market demand for Neironix project
4 Description of Neironix
4.1 What is Neironix?
4.2 What is Neironix rating?
5 Advantages of Neironix
5.1 Historical record
5.2 Information transparency
5.3 Neironix as end product
5.4 Team uniqueness
5.5 Neironix develops standards of cryptocurrency market
5.6 Time advance
5.7 Online data analysis
5.8 Online tracking
6 Neironix Ecosystem
6.1 Neironix for private investors
6.2 Neironix for professional investors

7.3 Financial plan
8 Promotion Strategy
8.1 Work with venture funds
9 Issue of NRX Tokens
9.1 Sale of NRX tokens
9.2 Distribution of NRX tokens
9.3 Fund distribution
9.4 Token holding
9.5 Transaction value
9.6 Launch of token at exchange
10 Token Economics
10.1 Token growth strategy
10.2 Token buyback
10.3 Token deflation
11 Equity
12 Neironix Roadmap
13 Project Team
14 Partners
15 Supplement
15.1 Limitations

Neironix is the first independent international rating agency for investment risk evaluation in blockchain
economics, where ratings are assigned to the projects automatically on the basis of mathematical scoring
results, neuron networks, and multidimensional analysis of large bulk of data. The platform is designed for
analysis and subsequent management of risks typical of projects with investments in projects with high
degree of uncertainty.
Neironix mission
is to become a global provider of financial and analytical information about
cryptocurrency markets, required for making carefully weighted investment decisions and building
long-term market strategies.
We are the first developer of global methodology for risk-oriented investment process management in
blockchain economics. The suggested management is based on statistical analysis of large bulk of data and
risk factors.
The rating methodology of Neironix is based on the principles of international risk management ...

Market Analysis
3.1 High dynamics of increase in investments
Digital assets are not only a part of modern financial system, but mark a new stage of the global economic
development as well. The market of investments in technological blockchain startups is not limited by
national boundaries, so a new era of alternative investments has come. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that has
replaced traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the key investment site of digital economics.
All ICO held in 2016 taken together raised $96 million. In 2017, this figure grew to $3.7 billion, while the
capitalization of cryptocurrency market reached $372 billion. The reasons behind such high dynamics of
increase in investments lie in the dramatically growing number of new blockchain startups and rising interest
in investments in blockchain industry.
20 000
14 200 mln $
10 000
96 mln $
3 700 mln $
Figure 1. Amount of investments in the ICO market...

The widespread trend of ICO organizers promising super profits poses a potential threat to investors. The
reason behind the confident start of such projects lies in the fact that the organizers engage celebrities,
experts of cryptocurrency market, and influential stock gamblers in their marketing campaign.
In the context of current situation, the influence of rating agencies present in the market is dramatically rising.
By way of forming subjective opinion, these agencies may create artificial investment attractiveness for such
projects, which is actually based on manipulations and opinions shared by individual specialists of
cryptocurrency market.
Biased approach, prejudiced attitude and personal interest are the main components of the ratings
drawn up on the basis of the experts’ subjective opinions.
3.3 Insufficient market regulation
The disadvantage of cryptocurrency investment market lies in the lack of legal rules and mechanisms for
attracting financial resources denominated in fiat currency adjus...

Thus, there are serious grounds for predicting the torrid growth of cryptocurrency market due to a vast
amount of free fiat resources being available. For instance, the experts estimate the size of Forex currency
market at $5 trillion, while the size of cryptocurrency market is estimated at just $300 billion.
Over the next 5 years, the market is to demonstrate a heady growth rate with explosive growth over the next
2-3 years. The number and quality of stakeholders will increase proportionally to the volumes of investments.
We expect the emergence of large fiat funds and corporations, as well as the movement of major corporate
investments towards the cryptocurrency market.
3.5 Analysis of project’s competitive landscape
In order to make a carefully weighted decision in the world of fiat investments with regards to each issue
project, professional judgment is to be formed. In fact, it is the evaluation of all objective factors capable of
influencing either the return on investment or the loss of invested funds. ...

Description of Neironix
4.1 What is Neironix?
Protect Neironix, as a global aggregator of financial analytics for cryptocurrency markets, it allows
accumulation and classification of the aggregate information into risk factors, which are interpreted for the
subsequent use of scoring for ICO and blockchain projects.
For convenience, the results of scoring are displayed in the form of a streamlined rating scale.
Rating grid
Project risk
Team risk
Financial risk
General risk
of investing in

The main principle of building Neironix ratings is a reduction in the share of experts’ judgments and
increase of the role of algorithmic and methodological constituent parts.
The rating drawing methods by Neironix make it possible to identify a group of factors having impact on the
reliability and investment stability of an ICO project. The rating objectives also include identifying the stability
of such conditions and evaluating their correlation with other parameters in question.
To display the factual results of the rating drawing process, the Neironix project uses streamlined scales. The
main objective of these scales lies in transforming the collected data arrays into a single and compact system
of rating scores that may serve as a guide for potential investors in the development of long-term investment
strategy and making decision as to possible cooperation with a blockchain project being expedient or not.
This system is also a form for displaying the current condition of ICO. The Neironix project uses a singl...

Neironix Roadmap

Q2 2017
Generation of project idea
Q3 2017
Drawing up the project concept; Analyzing market conditions/ project development outlook/ goals and mission of the project/ building financial model of the project; Working out methodology for the identification and management of investment risks typical of ICO and blockchain projects; Building the first version of risk tree and scoring matrices.
Q4 2017
Consulting skilled fiat and institutional investors; Designing the key product modules and databases; Drawing up the first version of White Paper draft.
Q1 2018
Legal architecture; Approval of project stages and functionality/ resource evaluation; Development of automated algorithms for ICO projects analysis; Integration with the sources of required analytics; Attraction of first venture investments for the project; Launch of MVP with ICO listing;
Q1 2018
Involvement of first exchanges and funds in the project; Alpha testing of scoring matrices and rating mechanisms; Identification of risk factors and accumulation of historical data; Continuous monitoring of risk factors/ analysis and identification of statistical relationships.
Q2 2018
Development of marketing strategy; Development of Smart Contract; Implementation of the project’s legal structure; Development of personal ICO account; Linking the required data sources/ aggregation and accumulation; Development and implementation of OLTP architecture/ interpretation and analysis of data accumulated.
Q3 2018
Data updating/ history check; Aggregation and accumulation of historical data; Launch of mobile application for iOS and Android; Development of aggregation concept for data related to financial markets; Launch of Multidimensional Scoring for ICO Projects module/ assigning first ratings; Testing logical-mathematical and process cluster of the system
Q4 2018
Token Sale Scaling of competencies/ HR; Launch of financial model; International project localization; Concluding agreements with data suppliers and exchanges; Launch of partnership programs
Q1 2019
Listing; Data updating; Launch of News and Financial Information module.
Q2 2019
Scaling project geography (opening offices in the USA); Expansion of product range.
Q3 2019
Scaling project geography (opening offices in South Korea and Japan).
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