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Start date: 2018-04-30
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Registrated in: UK

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Important Disclaimer
You are not eligible and you are not to purchase any
tokens in the
Token Sale (as referred to in this
Whitepaper) if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or green
card holder of the United States of America or a resident of the
People’s Republic of China.
There are risks and uncertainties associated with
and/or the Distributor and their respective businesses and
operations, the
tokens, the
Initial Token Sale
and the
App (each as referred to in this Whitepaper). You
can find a description of the risk related to the Token Sale under the
section named Legal, which should be read carefully.
This Whitepaper, any part thereof and any copy thereof must not be
taken or transmitted to any country where distribution or
dissemination of Token Sale or Token Crowdsale like the one

Important Disclaimer
Executive Summary
Objectives Of The Token Protocol
The Opportunity: The Influencer Marketing Boom
The Problem and Current Options
Netcheckr: The Solution
Blockchain Utility
Netcheckr Business Model
The Netcheckr Marketing Push
The Netterium ICO
Netterium Token Distribution
Allocation Of ICO Funds
Token Issuance Model
Our KYC Process

Executive Summary
N e t ch e ck r
is a Blockchain-based online marketplace connecting
social media influencers to businesses worldwide.
be the first platform of its kind to allow advertisers to promote brand
awareness, increase sales and enhance the visibility of their
companies through targeted influencer marketing campaigns.
N et ch ec kr
platform uses
Nett e riu m
, an Ethereum-based
token, as the unified mode of payment between influencers and
companies, in addition to Blockchain-based smart contracts. This will
allow the safe and regulated interaction of all parties, preventing
fraud and the need for third party intermediaries.
N e t c h e c k r ’s
Smart Algorithms help brands select the best
influencers based on various parameters including relevance,
popularity and demographics. The user-friendly interface provides
profile pages for all influencers and quantified marketing campaign

Objectives Of
The Token Protocol

Netcheckr intends to build a Blockchain-based online
marketplace connecting social media influencers to businesses

There is no current platform for influencers to not only maintain
consistent deal flow, with companies that match the profiles they
advertise. There are also no options for companies to interact in
a transparent way with these influencers. Netcheckr does both.

The protocol’s algorithms will assist brands in selecting the best
influencers based on a variety of tested parameters.

Netcheckr is a one-stop solution for the new influencer
marketing boom, and makes monetization safe through the
Netterium token.

The Opportunity:
The Influencer Marketing Boom
In the last 5 years social media influencers have had an increasingly
larger impact on the advertising and marketing industries. Influencer
marketing is now the fastest growing niche in the digital marketing
sector, with global spending expected to
grow from $2 billion in
2017 to $10 billion by 2020:
Lower Spend Forecast
Higher Spend Forecast

Market surveys and analyses point to the various strengths of
influencer marketing, among which:

High ROI
The profitability of influencer marketing sets it apart from that of
other channels, including digital ones. The ROI of influencer
marketing ad spending outperforms that of banner ads
by a factor of
more than 5 times:
2015 survey by Tomoson
highlighted how influencer marketing
can significantly increase sales for brands who engage in it.
Businesses are on average
generating $6.50 in revenues for every
$1 spent
on influencer marketing, with the top 13% of businesses
making more than $20. This compares to an average of only
$2 in
revenues generated by business for every $1 spent
on Google

Stronger Awareness & Higher Engagement
Influencers and their content exert an increasingly stronger influence
on the purchasing decisions of consumers:

92% of people
trust recommendations from individuals
over brands.

Facebook posts and YouTube videos influence 19% and 18% of
consumer purchases respectively, compared to
only 7.4% for TV
ads, 4.7% for print ads and 4.5% for digital ads

40% of Twitter users
have made a purchase as a direct
result of a Tweet from an influencer.
This is even more the case for millennials, who
in 2019 will become
the largest demographic cohort
in the USA, surpassing the baby
boomer generation:

70% of millennials
prefer product endorsements by non-
celebrity bloggers.

An estimated
62% of 18-24 year olds would buy a YouTuber-
endorsed product


The Increasing Interest Of Business
Having noticed developments, brands are allotting a more significant
share of their marketing budgets to influencer marketing:

63% of marketers
increased their influencer marketing
budgets in 2017, compared to
59% in 2016

67% of marketing and communication professionals
with influencers for content promotion.

84% of companies
plan on working with a social media star in
Spending on traditional advertising methods is meanwhile
stagnating. TV ad spending in the US
fell by 3%
in 2017, with
than 30%
of advertisers planning to increase spending in 2018. Print
advertising also shrunk in 2017, by 3.5%, while radio ad spending is
expected to remain virtually
unchanged between 2017 and 2021
While originally influencer marketing affected mainly the film, music,
and gaming sectors, this trend is also ...

Netterium Roadmap

Q2 2018
Complete token distributions to users
Release wallet that will be used on the platform
Complete sale of the Netterium token
Promote token protocol to other startups for integration, such as Status etc.
Q3 2018
Implementation of Netterium as a sole payment solution between influencers and advertisers
Begin marketing to influencers and advertisers for growth of the platform
Allow for open-exchange purchases of the Netterium Token
Q4 2018
Further UI development, API integration & listing on exchanges
Full suite deployment of the platform and integration with the Ethereum public ledger
Continue recruitment of users (companies) and influencers to the platform
Continue facilitating exchange relationships
Q1 2019
Launch of global PR/Marketing campaign
Continue development of the protocol and use feedback to make changes to the platform
Q2 2019
Marketing campaign targeted at top brands & companies worldwide
Vyacheslav Tyutyunkov
Vyacheslav Tyutyunkov Senior Backend Developer

Melissa Vitale
Melissa Vitale Head of PR

Anton Menshickov
Anton Menshickov Front-End Developer

Nihal Patel
Nihal Patel Blockchain Developer

Benanee Remulta
Benanee Remulta SMM Manager

Garret Siegel
Garret Siegel Graphic Designer

Rebeka Schoffer
Rebeka Schoffer SMM Manager

Shikha Mengi
Shikha Mengi SEO Expert

Artem Kobrin
Advisors Artem Kobrin

Omar Zaki
Advisors Omar Zaki

Anton Adamansky
Anton Adamansky
Blockchain Developer
Vyacheslav Tyutyunkov
Vyacheslav Tyutyunkov
Senior Backend Developer
Artem Kobrin
Artem Kobrin
Legal Advisor
Artem Kobrin
Artem Kobrin
Omar Zaki
Omar Zaki
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
CEO of BitTransfer