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A Blockchain Based Digital Advertising Platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-15
End date: 2018-09-15

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Soft cap 2,500,000 USD
Hard cap 32,000,000 USD
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Price 1 NBC = 0.06 USD
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Nova Browser
1. Abstract
2. Introduction to Internet Browsing
3. The State of the Browsing Market
4. Challenges with current browsers
a. Security and Privacy
b. Speed and Reliability
c. Annoying Ads
d. Data Costs
5. Nova Browser
a. An overview of Nova Browser
b. Benefits of Nova
c. The need for Nova Digital Advertising Platform
d. How it works?
e. The technology behind Nova
i. An overview of the Block Chain technology
ii. Benefits of Block Chain technology
iii. Smart Contracts
6. ICO/Token Details
7. Product Roadmap
8. Team behind the Project
9. Conclusion

Nova Browser
Right from the time when the military safety net-
The Advanced Research Projects Agency
(ARPANET) was transformed to the Civilian Internet to this date, the Internet
technology has been central to every technology innovation. What you need to access this
Internet is a browser. Whether you call it a web browser or an internet browser, a browser
is a software application that lets you access the Internet, view web pages and
download/upload information. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera
and Safari are some of the popular browsers available to users in recent times.
Along with several advantages, current browsers bring many challenges too. While a
browsers takes users into the Internet world, it brings various types of Malware too.
Without proper security solutions, your computer is affected. Second, the security and
privacy is a great concern. As people track user behaviour, they steal the personal data and
perform identity fr...

Nova Browser
Introduction to Internet Browsing
The advent of the World Wide Web has revolutionized the
world, transforming it into a global village. For one to
access the internet and enjoy its services, you need a web
browser that allows all these to take place. A web browser
is a software application that enables people to access the
internet and view web pages. Also, it allows the
downloading or uploading of files. Over the years, the
browsing technology has evolved from perfecting the features that were currently available
to more advanced characteristics that guarantee better results. This may include the speed,
how efficient it is in exploring the internet, its security measures etc.
With increasing enhancements in modern technology, there is an increasing demand for
strong and high speed internet connection. As the adage suggests, ‘necessity is the mother
of all necessities’, more and more web browsers are coming into the market, bettering the
previous ones. For exam...

Nova Browser
The Evolution of Browsing tools
WorldWide Web
In history, the WorldWide Web was the first web browser that came into existence as early
as 1990. It had a graphical user interface but did not display web pages that had embedded
images in them. WorldWide Web was later renamed to Nexus to avoid confusion of the
Web in general.
Released in 1991, Line-Mode web browser was designed to work on any device that was
available at that time. It was then ported to a range of computers from UNIX to Microsoft
DOS. This enabled anyone to access the web.
ViolaWWW was the second browser for UNIX. Built in a powerful language called Viola, it
had advanced features like the ability to display graphics. This was in the year 1992.
Lynx was introduced in 1993 as an internet interface to a programof the same named. It was
the preferred web browser for character mode terminals that had no graphics.
In 1993 Mark and Erick from
The ...

Nova Browser
The browser was developed by a team of researchers in a telecommunication company
from Norway in 1996. This was the best version among existing web browsers of the time.
In 2003, Apple released its own web browser which is used in all Apple computers as the
default browser. Hence, it is mainly known as Apple Safari.
In 1994 Netscape released their first beta version of their browser. They later released a
better version of it in 2004 and is now popularly known as Firefox.
Google made its entrance in 2008 by releasing chrome for the Windows operating system.
In 2009, Google created an open source version of Chrome known as Chromium that
converted Chrome for use on Apple Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft launched this web browser in 2015 to replace Internet Explorer. It comes as a
default component of Windows 10 OS. Named as Spartan in the development stage, Edge is
designed to support multiple pl...

Nova Browser
Browser Market Share
IE & Edge
provides a report of browser usage from Jan 2015 to Feb 2017. According to this
report, the Apple Safari browser owned a market share of 49.82% in Jan 2015. This value
has increased to 51.24% in Sep 2017. Chrome closely follows Safari with values of 34.56% in
Jan 2015 and 39.27% in Sep 2017. And they are pursued by Samsung Internet, Android, UC
Browser and IE Mobile.
Mobile Browser Market Share
(Sep 2017)

Nova Browser
Challenges with Current Browsers
Along with all the benefits, browsers bring certain challenges as well. Google search browser
shares a larger platform than any other browser do, but even that comes with its own share
of challenges.
Slow browsing
There are several reasons why the user’s browser is slow loading web pages. One of the
main reasons are the advertisement networks that are loading along with the page. When a
user clicks a website, the server of that website reaches out to the different servers of the
advertising networks. The problem occurs when the server does not respond to the website
the user attempts to reach. If the advertising network’s server sends back an advertisement
that contains a large file, it will take time for it to load. Google Chrome is faster than its
competition. Yet they deal with ad trackers and slow browsing issues.
Security and Privacy Concerns
With contemporary browsers, security and privacy is a huge concern. For instance, Google ...

Nova Browser
Nova – One Browser with Multiple Benefits
Nova is a new browser that integrates browsing technology with a digital ad platform to
secure the browsing session while concurrently rewarding its users. Nova operates at
lightning speeds, secures your browsing sessions, protects your devices from malware and
rewards its users at the same time. With Nova, you won’t get annoyed by unwanted ads
anymore, nor face issues like sluggish browsing and lagging.
Here are some of the key features of Nova Browser:
Browsing at Lightning Speed
Nova browsing speed is faster than leading browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer,
Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. With Nova browser, your web pages load two
times faster than Chrome on Desktop and 4-8 times faster on mobile devices. Nova tracks
the time saved for its consumers. On average, Nova users save 4-5 seconds of load time per
Say No to Ads
All types of Ads and Ad Trackers are automatically blocked by defaul...

Nova Roadmap

March 2018
Pre Sale
June 2018
Nova Browser coding
September 2018
Nova Browser alpha testing
November 2018
Nova Browser beta testing
January 2019
Nova Browser product launch
March 2019
First share capital paid
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