Token: NWP

Healthcare Ecosystem

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-30
End date: 2018-06-10

Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


NWPSolution categories
Artificial Intelligence Big Data Health Platform
NWPSolution token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA
Soft cap 33,000,000 USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 40,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 NWP = 0.05 USD
Price in PreICO 1 NWP = 0.01 USD
Acceppting BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1. ICO Overview
2. Project overview
3. Life sciences market
4. NWP Platform Ecosystem
a. Blockchain DataBase
b. Data management system
c. Recommendation System
d. Drugs Distribution system
e. Data MarketPlace
5. Technical Explanation
a. DataBase
b. IoT
c. Cross-platform app
6. Platform use cases
a. SIDS Problem
b. Nite Well Bracelet
7. Data Privacy & Security
8. Business Model
9. Cost impact analysis
10. Risks
11. Road map
12. ICO Description
13. Team
14. Legal Aspects
15. Conclusion
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ICO Overview
The NWP solution is a platform that integrates smart devices and databases into a single network
that provides access to existing healthcare and quality of life services. The platform is built on advanced
technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and data security.
As part of the project, NWP Solution launches the smart bracelet — NiteWell for the monitoring of
the health of newborns from 0 to 12 months. The bracelet collects data on the state of the heart rhythm,
patterns of motion, body temperature and the environment that will form the basis for an active child care
system in the first year of his life.
The platform provides an opportunity for its participants to solve their important tasks — ensuring
their health and the health of their loved ones on the one hand and optimizing the costs of clinical health
care, insurance, or purchase of drugs with another. Smart device owners are given a unique opportunity to
participate in research and development, providing data for t...

Token sale
The distribution of tokens
- 43% ICO Participants
- 31% Future partnership reserve
- 15% Team
- 7% PreICO Participants
- 3% Advisors and partners
- 1% Bounty campaign
Project fund allocation:
- PR&marketing
- Development of DAPP
- Hardware NiteWell
- Operating expenses
- Organization of distribution
- Acquisitions and partnerships for synergistic platform development
- Legal services
- To the founders and the team
NWP Tokens are utility tokens (no pro table) and fully comply with the requirements of government regulation.
The token owner has the following advantages:
- FREE NiteWell bracelet (with investments of more than $ 1000)
- Possibility to pay services on platform (drugs, telemedicine) by tokens NWP
- Possibility for PreICO participants to change tokens for NiteWell bracelet...

Project Overview
The rapid development of information technology and microelectronics provides an opportunity for new
companies to develop and offer the market their solutions for improving the quality of life of people around
the world. The Internet of things, deep machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile communication with
the ubiquitous coverage, open up new opportunities for people and society as a whole to more closely
monitor their health, eat better products and monitor the state of the environment. We are accustomed to
using such devices in everyday life: wearable electronics, smart clocks, indoor air humidifiers, lighting
devices, and all of them can interact directly with your phone and with each other, coordinating the actions
you set.
The quality of a person's life depends first of all on how he moves, what he uses for food, what air he
breathes, what medicines he takes and the main condition of his body as a whole.
The company NWP Solution creates the world's first platform, whic...

Time is changing; huge steps are made in digital technologies and medicine. For healthcare startups in
2016, below are the most funded categories.
Funding to digital health startups has increased every year since 2012, hitting a record of $6.9B in 2016.
And investors remain bullish on the sector, with 2017 on track to hit $10B in disclosed equity funding, which
would set yet another annual record.
Healthcare market is one of the most stable areas in economic growth and exceeds 7,5% of world GDP.
Key markets are North America, European Union and Asia.
The global healthcare market 1 is projected to be valued at 8.7 trillion by 2020 (Deloitte 2017). Of that, the
precision medicine market is valued at USD$ 40 billion at the end of 2016, with a CAGR 10—11%, and by
2025 expected to reach up to 112.6 billion.
The global Blockchain market2 to proposed to grow from USD $210.2 million in 2016 to USD $2,312.5
million by 2021 — at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 61.5%.
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New Era for Healthcare Environment — step to healthy planet:
— Proof of research — the Data stored in the public blockchain NWP platform will be the basis of the
evidence base.
— Protected research — The ability to “scientific research” in a secure format using encrypted key in
blockchain ecosystem.
— Big Data — Global access to the accumulated array of information through an open API interface
with the functionality required to analyze the available data.
— Ecosystem — a single blockchain platform for collecting, storing and analyzing information.
— Smart Blockchain — The possibility of connecting an AI to search for “patterns” for developing new
methods to prevent SIDS.
— NWP Tokens — Usage through interaction within the ecosystem of patients, researchers, Regulator,
CRO, pharmaceutical companies, clinics.
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Technical Explanation
The global goal of the project is to collect the knowledge base inside the intellectual system about the
pathological conditions of the infant with NiteWell Bracelet (NWB), what actions in the first year of life and
during pregnancy lead the infant's body to a critical state in the first years of his life. After collecting a large
amount of data, the system can provide more accurate personalized recommendations for the prevention of
dangerous diseases of infants and not only SIDS.
To built knowledge base, the team created a unique, innovative technical solution that is based on the
following technologies:
1. IoT (Internet of things) — bracelet and a base station that are connected via a secure HTTPS
(SSL) protocol and are part of a distributed database.
2. Deep Learning is a technique and algorithms that allow you to cluster the collected data on normal
and abnormal conditions of infants while taking into account the individual patterns of the baby
(breathing, palpitation,...

Blockchain data base
With the use of Blockchain technologies, data obtained from wearable electronics can participate in the
training of models for the improvement of algorithms, and also are combined between different
organizations, while remaining safe and consistent.
In the NWP network, it is proposed to use the basic tokens as mutual settlements with third parties and
customers in case of participation of these persons in smart contracts.
All data from the individually worn electronics is stored in the base station and remains there until the owner
is asked to include his data in the NWP machine learning system or to sell these data to the research
institutes or the pharmacy. companies. The system provides for two types of smart contracts: the sale of
data and the provision of data to improve the algorithms of machine learning (Fig. 1)
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NWP platform
Data Base update
Data encrypted and

NWPSolution Roadmap

June 2016
Team establishment. Market research.
June 2017
Concept validation. Bracelet prototype.
February 2018
Release Alpha version of NWP platform. Production 10 bracelets for field test.
March 2018
Clinical approval of bracelet.
May 2018
Apply for FDA (510k) clearance.
July 2018
Launch sales in USA.
January 2018
Release Betta version of NWP platform.
December 2018
Launch sales in Australia, Germany and Netherlands.
April 2019
Apply for HIPAA compliance of NWP solution.
Alexander Frolov
Alexander Frolov CEO & Founder and project leader

Dmitry Selkov
Dmitry Selkov Software Developer

Andrey Shipilov
Andrey Shipilov Lead Architect Developer

Omar Chikovani
Omar Chikovani Head of Product

Alexander Preobrazhenskiy
Alexander Preobrazhenskiy GR / Legal Counsel

Vadim Nikolaevich Shvalev
Vadim Nikolaevich Shvalev Medical Consultant

Warren Whitlock
Advisors Warren Whitlock Influence Architect, Top 10 Social Media Influencer

Gene Libov
Advisors Gene Libov San Bruno, CA, United States of America. Adviser

Danil Kislinskiy
Advisors Danil Kislinskiy San Francisco, CA, United States of America. Adviser.

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Alex Linenko
Advisors Alex Linenko Tokenomics, business and financial model, strategy

Sergey Repko
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Alex Linenko
Alex Linenko
Tokenomics, business and financial model, strategy
Tokenomics, business and financial model, strategy.
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Alexander Frolov
Alexander Frolov
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Dmitry Shmakov
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Gene Libov
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